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U-S Government “a Ponzi Scheme”

Posted by msrb on March 1, 2011

Sometimes Even the Criminals Tell the Truth …

Quote of the Day

“It’s unbelievable. Goldman … no one has any criminal convictions—the whole new regulatory reform is a joke. The whole government is a Ponzi scheme.”  Bernard L. Madoff

Bernard Lawrence Madoff (Bankster Bernie), former chairman of the NASDAQ stock exchange. Photo: AP. Image may be subject to copyright.

The Securities and Exchange Commission “looks terrible in this thing,” he said in the New York magazine interview.

“The chairman of Banco Santander came to see me, the chairman of Credit Suisse came down, chairman of UBS came down,” Madoff said.

Madoff is serving a 150-year prison sentence in Butner, North Carolina, having pleaded guilty to fraud charges in 2009.

Selected investors have profited handsomely from Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.

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Fidel Castro: Uncle Sam Did it!

Posted by msrb on July 13, 2010

The Laws of Cause and Effect Rule Out Foul Play by N. Korea!

United States Sank South Korea’s Cheonan That Killed 46 Sailors: Fidel Castro

The Gulf of Tonkin Incident … Sinking of Cheonan … Predictable Screenplays from the Same Tired, Old School of False-Flag Operations

“Castro suggested that Washington was behind the mysterious destruction of the South Korean corvette Cheonan, which exploded and sank March 26 near the disputed maritime border between North and South Korea in the Yellow Sea, killing all 46 crew members.” Indo-Asian News reported.

Fidel Castro 86, former leader of Cuba.

In The War Racket: Okinawa Base Lives, our colleagues at FEWW wrote:

Okinawa Base Lives, Thanks to North Korea

Did North Korea Torpedo Hatoyama’s Okinawa Base Pledge?

Mr. Hatoyama’s Democratic Party of Japan won a landslide election victory in August on the back of a single promise: To shut down the U.S. Okinawa base.

Then, presumably,  North Korea decided they couldn’t live without the U.S. troops based in Okinawa, so they torpedoed the deal, forcing Hatoyama to withdraw his promise.

How utterly AMAZING!

The following issues should concern the survivors:

  • What percentage of the world’s stockpiles of exotic, nuclear, biological and conventional weapons will be left behind unused after the collapse, posing additional life threats to the survivors?
  • How can those weapons be defused or otherwise neutralized by ordinary people?

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Big Oil and “Homeland Security”

Posted by msrb on June 8, 2010

When Enough of an Incompetent President is Enough!

Obama is wasting hundreds of billions of dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan, in part to protect the Big Oil, yet he is losing the war  to Big Oil at home

Executive Branch Lacks the Worst Case Scenario Toolkit to Protect American People

By Ralph Nader [Nader.Org]

When the Executive Branch does not have worst case scenario planning for each kind of energy source—oil, gas, coal, nuclear, wind, solar and efficiency—the people are not protected.

Enter the 24/7 oil gusher-leak by BP and Transocean – the rig operator – and the impotence of the federal government to do anything but wait and see if BP can find ways to close off the biggest and growing oil leak in American history. Where is the emergency planning or industry knowhow?

Of course, we all saw Barack Obama’s first full press conference in ten months where he said, “In case you were wondering who’s responsible? I take responsibility. It is my job to make sure everything is done to shut this down…The federal government is fully engaged, and I’m fully engaged. Personally, I’m briefed every day. And I probably had more meetings on this issue than just about any issue since we did our Afghan review.”

Sure, so he’s being kept informed. Those are not the words of leadership five weeks after the preventable blowout on the Deepwater Horizon 40 miles off the Louisiana coast. His problem is how long it took for the White House to see this as a national disaster not just a corporate disaster for BP to contain.

That default was not just failing to determine the size of the spill (over ten times greater than BP originally estimated) or the farcical non-regulation, under Republicans and Democrats, by the Minerals Management Service of the Interior Department. It was a failure to realize that our government has no capability, no technology to take control of such disasters or even to find out whether solutions exist elsewhere in the oil and geologic industries. It’s like a spreading fire where the perpetrator of the fire has the primary responsibility to put the fire out because there Is no properly equipped public fire department.

He wouldn’t know the difference!

James Carville, an Obama loyalist and defender, called out his champion from new Orleans, where he now lives, and told him: “Man, you got to get down here and take control of this!” With what? Obama has a 16 month long record of turning his back on advice from the Cajuns of Louisiana to environmental groups in Washington, DC. He shook off warnings about the pathetic federal regulators, so called, cushy with the oil industry. During his campaigns, he allowed McCain’s “drill, baby, drill” to turn him more overtly toward favoring offshore drilling, instead of turning onto offshore windpower.

As the multi-directional and multi-depth oil swarm keeps encircling the Gulf of Mexico, strangling the livelihood of its people, the life of its flora and fauna, with its implacably deadly effect, Obama and his supposedly street smart advisors, led by Rahm Emanuel, started out with a political blunder. Presidential specialist, Professor Paul Light at New York University put his finger on it when he said: “The White House made a deliberate political calculation to stand off…to sort of distance themselves from BP, and they’ve been hammered on that.”

The White House Action Comedy: A Roomful of Voyeurs

We thought we voted in a hands-on President and all we got was a roomful of voyeurs. [U.S. President Barack Obama (C) listens during a briefing about the situation along the Gulf Coast following the BP oil spill, at the Coast Guard Venice Center, in Venice, Louisiana, in this White House handout photo taken on May 2, 2010 and released on June 7, 2010.]

Early on, Defense Secretary Robert Gates told him that the federal government does not possess superior technology to BP. And BP CEO Tony Hayward admitted that BP was not prepared for such a blowout. He said “What is undoubtedly true is that we did not have the tools you would want in your tool kit.” Gates really meant that Uncle Sam had nothing superior to nothing or, in less charitable words, was completely out to lunch with the chronic deregulators who still infect our national government.

Obama’s cool is turning cold. He is not reacting fast enough to the public rage that is building up and over-riding his vacuous statements about taking responsibility and being briefed daily. Much of this public rage, incidentally, is coming from the southern Gulf rim, whose elected politicians consistently opposed any regulation of their campaign contributing oil companies in order to avert just these kinds of disasters. Only Florida’s Congressional delegation said—stay out of Florida’s waters.

Politico reported that “Obama skipped the memorial service for the 11 workers killed on the rig earlier this week, instead flying to California, where he collected $1.7 million for Democrats and toured a solar panel plant. On the day that the significant clots of oil started appearing on the Louisiana coast, Obama was sitting down for an interview to talk hoops with TNT’s Marv Albert.”

He must move to properly sequester all the assets of BP and Transocean to fully pay for their damage, thus assuring Americans that BP will not be able to concoct another Exxon/Valdez escape strategy. He must scour the world of knowledge and experience regarding capping underseas oil blowouts, and not just wait week after week for BP to come up with something.

Nobody says that being president is an easy job, even in the best of times. But a President, who can go all out spending hundreds of billions of dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan in ways that bleed the taxpayers and breed more anti-American fighters, in part to protect Big Oil in the Middle East, better come back home and stop Big Oil’s war here in the Gulf of Mexico. That’s how he’d better start defining “homeland security.” (See for more on BP.)

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World’s Top 5 Arms Exporters, Clients

Posted by msrb on April 14, 2010

The top 5 weapons exporters are also permanent members of the UN security council

No 1. The United-States of America is the world’s largest exporter of conventional weapons, according to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

The US accounted for 30% of global weapons sales for the period 2005-2009, SIPRI reported.

U.S. Top Sales
Between 2005 to 2009, U.S. sold to

  • South Korea: 15%
  • Israel: 13%
  • United Arab Emirates: 11%

No 2. Russia is the second largest supplier of weapons with 23% of the global arms exports, the SIPRI data shows.

Russia Top Sales
Between 2005 to 2009, Russia’s main clients were:

  • China: 40%
  • India: 20%
  • Algeria: 8%
No 3. Germany is the third-largest supplier of weapons, and saw its exports double during the 5-year period. Germany’s market share is 10% of the global total.

Top Sales
Between 2005 to 2009, Germany sold to
  • Turkey: 15%
  • Greece: 13%
  • South Africa: 12%
No 4. France is the world’s fourth-largest supplier of weapons, with a market share of 8% of the global total.
France Top Sales
Between 2005 to 2009, France’s major clients were
  • United Arab Emirates: 32%
  • Singapore: 13%
  • Greece: 12%
No 4. United Kingdom is the fifth-largest exporter of arms, despite a 13% decline, with 4% of the global market share, SIPRI reported.

UK Top Sales

Between 2005 to 2009, UK’s main clients were
  • USA: 21%
  • India : 14%
  • Chile: 9%

The Top 5 recipients of major conventional weapons (2004–2008)

Source: SIPRI

Top 10 largest suppliers of conventional weapons:

“In 2008, the world’s 100 largest arms-producing companies maintained the upward trend in their arms sales, which reached $385 billion, an increase of $39 billion over their arms sales in 2007. This is more than three times the size of the total development aid of OECD countries in 2008 ($120 billion).” SIPRI reported.

With arms sales reaching $32.4 billion in 2008, BAE Systems is the first non-US company to lead SIPRI’s Top 100 list of the largest arms-producing companies. Following BAE in the top 5 are Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman and General Dynamics (all of the USA), according to new data on international arms production released today by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

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Video of the Week – Bush wipes hand on Clinton’s shirt

Posted by msrb on April 4, 2010

Bush wipes hand on Clinton’s shirt after shaking hands with Haitians

Bush, now representing the international charity mafia, couldn’t careless keeping up appearances.

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Thousands of protesters demand an end to wars

Posted by msrb on March 21, 2010

Thousands of protesters marched through Washington DC  Saturday demanding  immediate withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and Iraq

Up to a dozen demonstrators weer arrested by U.S. Park Police at the end of the march, for laying coffins at a fence outside the White House. Friday marked the seventh anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

“Activist Ralph Nader told thousands who gathered in Lafayette Park across from the White House that Obama has essentially continued the policies of the Bush administration, and it was foolish to have thought otherwise.” AP reported.

“He’s kept Guantanamo open, he’s continued to use indefinite detention,” Nader said. The only real difference, he said is that “Obama’s speeches are better.”

Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark who also attended the D.C. rally, called  on the Justice Department to investigate the officials who launched the illegal Iraq war.

“Protesters in Washington stopped at the offices of military contractor Halliburton — where they tore apart an effigy of former Vice President and Halliburton Chief Executive Dick Cheney — the Mortgage Bankers Association and The Washington Post offices.” AP said.

Cindy Sheehan was among those who were arrested outside the White House. “Arrest that war criminal!”  she shouted, referring to the warmonger president Obama.

Friday March 19th marked the 7th anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

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Obama Handing Over NASA to the Russian Mafia

Posted by msrb on March 9, 2010

Submitted by a reader

On the way to Mars, Barak-O-Rama Leaves the ‘Family Silver’ to the Gangsters

Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wickedest of men will do the most wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone. —John Maynard Keynes

It’s difficult to write about a rouge President,  without using expletives, but I promise to exercise extreme care. I say just this, Obama’s nomination as vote-him-or-the war-criminal-will-win presidential  candidate wasn’t just an exercise of appointing the most complying shabbes goy with an impressive bow this side of the Jordan River, it was also the biggest insult to the middle class Americans.

“After years of underinvestment in new technology and unrealistic budgeting, the President’s plan will unveil an ambitious plan for NASA that sets the agency on a reinvigorated path of space exploration,” the White House said.

Just in case no body wants the white elephant, Obama administration [sic] is spending $6billion to make NASA commercially viable for the mafia. To make the deal really sweet, the admin will provide billions more for “technology development,” disguised as we do it for the sake of mankind, to “help us travel from the Earth’s cradle to our nearby Solar System neighborhood in a more effective and affordable way, thus laying the foundation to support journeys to the Moon, asteroids, and eventually to Mars.”

And they are saying that, while keeping  a straight face!

The White House will chair a conference on April 15 to promote Obama’s ideas on how best corporatize what is left of the white elephant, instead of, for example, appointing an intelligent management team to run the organization.

“The conference will focus on the goals and strategies in this new vision, the next steps, and the new technologies, new jobs, and new industries it will create,” White House said. “Conference topics will include the implications of the new strategy for Florida, the nation, and our ultimate activities in space.”

Presumably “our ultimate activities” on Earth will be guiding beacons for our blind fumbles in space.

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NATO: Cold War to Needle War

Posted by msrb on February 28, 2010

90% of the world’s heroin originates in Afghanistan

NATO provides heroin production immunity to appease Afghan opium farmers!

Soviet Union has long gone, but NATO,  its old foe, is still here, operating illegally, waging a different war against the Russians:  The Needle War!

Poppy Field in Afghanistan. Image source. Image may be subject to copyright.

While NATO countries stockpiles of nuclear weapons remain almost entirely intact, NATO’s weapon of choice against Russia has now changed from plutonium to heroin.

About five million Russians are drug addicts, at least half of whom are addicted to heroin, according to reports, and nearly all of the drug supply comes from Afghanistan.

And now the head of Russia’s federal drug control agency has accused NATO for allowing the heroin production in Afghanistan to continue unhindered.

Victor Ivanov says heroin kills more than 30,000 people in Russia every year, and nearly all of the deadly drug comes from Afghanistan, BBC reported.

“He blamed the Obama administration for ending a military drive to destroy opium poppy crops in Afghan fields.” The report said.

What is the US excuse for allowing farmers to produce opium, which is readily processed into heroin?

Obama administration says destroying poppy crops was alienating farmers, driving them to support the Taliban.

But wait a moment, which Taliban are these Taliban?

The October 2001 invasion of Afghanistan restored the “Taliban-destroyed Afghan opium industry (from 6% of world market share in 2001 to currently over 90% according to the UNODC World Drug Report 2007),” says Gideon Polya.

A heroin user injects himself at the derelict former Russian Cultural Center, a haven for drug addicts in Kabul. Photo credit: Peter Nicholls/The Times (UK). Image may be subject to copyright.

How could this be?

Mr Ivanov says poppy fields guarantee immunity for drug producers.

His statement makes perfect sense because the drug producers  are the only ones who would buy the opium from Afghan farmers. If the heroin producers are driven out of business, the farmers couldn’t sell their opium. If the heroin producers couldn’t sell their deadly product, they wouldn’t be able to buy more opium. And if Obama administration is to be believed, they would turn their support to the Taliban. Heroin production in Afghanistan is therefore effectively protected and guaranteed by NATO.

Russian authorities say as a result of the heroin production immunity in Afghanistan a tsunami of cheap heroin has hit Russia and Central Asia.

Mr Ivanov asserts that the heroin production in Afghanistan has now developed to a “global destabilizing factor,” especially for Russia.

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Cancun Summit Backs Argentine Falklands Claim

Posted by msrb on February 24, 2010

32  Latin American and Caribbean leaders back Argentine claim to Falkland Islands

“What is the geographic, the political or economic explanation for England to be in Las Malvinas? Could it be because England is a permanent member of the UN’s Security Council where they can do everything and the others nothing?” Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (L) waves next to her Mexican counterpart Felipe Calderon before the inauguration of Latin American leaders summit in Cancun February 22, 2010. Credit: REUTERS/Daniel Aguilar. Image may be subject to copyright.

Latin American and Caribbean leaders at the Cancun Summit in Mexico have unanimously backed Argentine claim over the Falkland Islands, condemning oil drilling operations by a British company.

Desire Petroleum, a UK firm, began drilling for oil off the Falkland Islands yesterday despite strong objection by Argentina.

Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner had earlier ruled out any possibility of military action, saying that her country would pursue talks at the UN, and negotiate sovereignty with the UK.

The Argentine foreign minister is scheduled to to meet with the UN Secretary General in New York to pursue the diplomatic line.

The leaders of 32 Latin American and Caribbean nations yesterday pledged “backing for Argentina’s legitimate rights in its sovereignty dispute with the United Kingdom relating to the ‘Malvinas Question.'”

Their statement has reportedly urged the two governments to “renew negotiations in order to find in the shortest time possible a just, peaceful and definitive solution to the dispute.

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has asked  the UN to debate Argentina’s sovereignty claim to the Falkland Islands, asking: “What is the geographic, the political or economic explanation for England to be in Las Malvinas?”

“Could it be because England is a permanent member of the UN’s Security Council [where] they can do everything and the others nothing?”

Meanwhile,  the 32 leaders of the Rio Group and the Caribbean Community (Caricom) agreed in Mexico  to set up a new regional bloc without the US and Canada,  an alternative to the Organization of American States (OAS), which has been the dominant forum for the Americas’ affairs in the past 50 years.

The OAS has often been criticized, However, for promoting US interests.

The two-day regional summit, which ended February 23, was hosted by Mexico in the beach resort of Cancun.

What the leaders said at the summit:

  • “[The proposed new bloc] must as a priority push for regional integration… and promote the regional agenda in global meetings”, Mexican President Felipe Calderon.
  • “[Cuba applauds the announcement as a historic move toward] the constitution of a purely Latin American and Caribbean regional organization.”
  • Venezuela  supports the proposal because it enables Latin America to move  away from the US “colonizing” of the region.
  • “This should not be an effort that would replace the OAS, ” A US State Department official, Arturo Valenzuela, said.
  • “It’s very important that we don’t try to replace the OAS [because] the OAS is a permanent organization that has its own functions.” Chile’s President-elect Sebastian Pinera said.
  • We propose that the new organization begin operating in July 2011, Bolivian President Evo Morales said.
  • Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner said she was “very happy” with her achievements at the Summit.

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Aerial Shots of World Trade Center Demolition

Posted by msrb on February 11, 2010

“The only known aerial photographs of the World Trade Center as it collapsed on September 11, 2001, were released by ABC News on Wednesday.” Reuters

“The photos, taken from a helicopter by New York Police Det. Greg Semendinger, show the twin towers in flames, falling amid huge, billowing clouds of dust, debris and smoke that envelop downtown Manhattan.”

Pyroclastic flows (aka a pyroclastic density currents) are seen in much of lower Manhattan and the area surrounding the World Trade Center in New York, in nearly all of the photos taken on  September 11, 2001 handout file photo taken by the New York City Police Department and obtained by ABC News, which claims to have obtained it under the Freedom of Information Act.  Credit: REUTERS/NYPD via ABC News, Det. Greg Semendinger/Handout

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Was About to Say Thank God OBL is Dead

Posted by msrb on January 26, 2010

submitted by a reader

I was about to say thank God the evil Osama is finally dead

Can you imagine the outcome of the recent wave of ‘terrorist activity,’ if he was still alive, trained the evil terrorists and supplied them with real bombs?

Thousands of people would have surely been killed by now.

Osama Bin Laden personified evil. He was also the guy who helped to sign the death warrant for the Soviet Empire.  No one has ever been able to train terrorists and make them as deadly as he did.

Yes, I was about to say all of that, when the “counter-terrorism” industry summoned him from the dead, again!

“A purported audio tape of Osama bin Laden aired on Al Jazeera television claimed responsibility for a December 25 attempted bombing of a U.S.-bound plane, and the al Qaeda leader vowed to continue attacks on the United States.” Reuters UK reported.

What shall we say now?

a).  Eat your heart out OBL [sic,] we got your man this time [after his “safe” bomb failed to blow up.] Or,

b). Thank God the new master bomb-maker is a double agent and makes bombs that don’t explode.  And thank God our Israeli friends, who recruit the terrorists, carefully select the wimps and morons to make sure they could do no physical harm to us.

Could you imagine the mayhem, if OBL was still alive, recruiting and training the really nasty ones, AND arming them with real bombs, all by himself?

So what did the guys who summoned OBL from the Hades again had him say to convince us this time?

“The message sent to you with the attempt by the hero Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab is a confirmation of our previous message conveyed by the heroes of September 11.”

This is odd because Osama, when he was still alive, denied having had anything to do with 9/11 attacks on America. But, this time, not only he is claiming responsibility for the 9/11 crimes, he is making a back-to-back terrorism cross reference confirmation!

“If it was possible to carry our messages to you by words we wouldn’t have carried them to you by planes,” bin Laden added in a message he said was directed “from Osama to (U.S. President Barrack) Obama.”

What clever little slogan: “from Osama to Obama!” The experts have instantly elevated the dead Osama as the equivalent of the living Obama.  “Osama” has once again been elevated to the “king-of-the-terrorists” status!

You’ll see why this is necessary, of course, in the greater scheme of things.

“Our attacks against you will continue as long as U.S. support for Israel continues,” bin Laden said. “It is not fair that Americans should live in peace as long as our brothers in Gaza live in the worst conditions.”

Hold on a minute. What about “my brothers in Afghanistan?” Come to think of it you haven’t made many references to the mayhem in your favorite country.

You are not by any chance trying to associate yourself with your “brothers in Gaza” to give them a bad name on behalf of Israel, are you?

But of course you are. You call the people of Gaza your brothers because you want to  dehumanize them as your equals—terrorists.

Gazans, Palestinians, are neither your brothers, nor terrorists. They are ordinary human beings who have lived under the occupation of Israelis for three generations.

The psychiatrists and conjurers who run their fingers on Osama Ouija board are methodically consistent. Each of Osama Bin Lately’s manufactured proclamations must have the following elements to qualify as “useful.”

1. Mutual Enforcement. The messages must be “mutually enforcing” by cross-referencing multiple events and relating one event to another. A recent event must relate to 9/11, and vice versa,  to re-validate both events as “Osma’s” work [sic.]

What about the traces of explosives found in ground zero that confirms beyond any doubt whatever that the  WTC buildings collapse was planned demolition?  [Don’t worry, they say, people are being kept too busy afraid of terrorism to worry about the fine prints.]

2. Identify Freedom-Fighters, especially Palestinians, as Terrorists. As the old proverb goes, “give the dog a bad name…” The act is designed to directly serve the state of Israel’s purpose, justifying acts of genocide against the Palestinians “terrorists.” That’s why “Osama” calls Palestinians his “brothers.”

3. Confirm Israel as the Perpetual Victim. It must reinforce the role of Israel as the only friend of the United States in the region, even the world. The “inverse victimization” of the “ever-suffering,” and “perpetually-victimized” state of Israel is a potent double psychology. What  the fictitious Osama is saying is that “we” are in trouble because of Israel.  The purpose is to make us even more resolute in protecting our only friend in the world.

4. Corporate Identity. Terrorist attacks must bear the al Qaeda hallmark, otherwise they are not “worthwhile.” The fear of NON-al-Qaeda terrorism simply isn’t scary enough. Terrorism must be big; it must appear organized, well rooted and ubiquitous to warrant multiple  wars. You can’t start wars on for fronts,  Iraq and Afghanistan together with Pakistan and Yemen, and justify the almost 4 trillion dollars thrown at the security/military-industrial-complex on the back of a teenager trying to blow up a plane with play clay.

5. Recognition of Presidential Patriotism. The fight against terrorism must be of epic proportions and quality, to stop people wondering why so much money is thrown at it. It must be viewed as a battle between the ultimate good and the pure evil. The point of summoning Osam from the daed is also to boost the incumbent President’s plunging popularity ratings. The “Osama to Obama” little talk-the-talk trick cuts both ways. Not only it elevates the status of Osama [The fact that he is dead is just a technicality] as the “king of terrorism” it also reinforces the standing of the President du jour, previously Bush, now Obama, as the main man to represent “good” and be reckoned with. As discussed above, if he is good enough for the world’s archenemy to address the president as his opponent, it must surely be sufficient for the citizens to defer to his authority. NO questions asked whatever action he decides to take. Body scanners at every shopping mall? No problem!

6. Reader’s Digest Clarity. OBL’s messages must be understandable by the dumbest village-idiot that ever existed, either side of the Mason-Dixon Line. The messages are not aimed at suave, smart Europeans because they invariably see through them. They are strictly for the U.S. home consumption.

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U.S. Supreme Court: 6th Biggest Threat

Posted by msrb on January 23, 2010

Previously, in  10 Biggest Threats to the US National Security, the US Supreme Court was listed as the sixth biggest threat to the US national security!

The best Congress money can buy!

Time to Reign in Out-of-Control Corporate Influences on Our Democracy

by Ralph Nader

Yesterday’s 5-4 decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission shreds the fabric of our already weakened democracy by allowing corporations to more completely dominate our corrupted electoral process. It is outrageous that corporations already attempt to influence or bribe our political candidates through their political action committees (PACs), which solicit employees and shareholders for donations.

With this decision, corporations can now directly pour vast amounts of corporate money, through independent expenditures, into the electoral swamp already flooded with corporate campaign PAC contribution dollars. Without approval from their shareholders, corporations can reward or intimidate people running for office at the local, state, and national levels.

Much of this 183 page opinion requires readers to enter into a fantasy world and accept the twisted logic of Justice Kennedy, who delivered the opinion of the Court, joined by Chief Justice Roberts, and Justices Scalia, Alito, and Thomas. Imagine the majority saying the “Government may not suppress political speech based on the speaker’s corporate identity.”

Perhaps Justice Kennedy didn’t hear that the financial sector invested more than $5 billion in political influence purchasing in Washington over the past decade, with as many as 3,000 lobbyists winning deregulation and other policy decisions that led directly to the current financial collapse, according to a 231-page report titled: “Sold Out: How Wall Street and Washington Betrayed America” (See:

The Center for Responsive Politics reported that last year the U.S. Chamber of Commerce spent $144 million to influence Congress and state legislatures.

The Center also reported big lobbying expenditures by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) which spent $26 million in 2009. Drug companies like Pfizer, Amgen and Eli Lilly also poured tens of millions of dollars into federal lobbying in 2009. The health insurance industry trade group America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) also spent several million lobbying Congress. No wonder Single Payer Health insurance – supported by the majority of people, doctors, and nurses – isn’t moving in Congress.

Energy companies like ExxonMobil and Chevron are also big spenders. No wonder we have a national energy policy that is pro-fossil fuel and that does little to advance renewable energy (See: OpenSecrets.Org).

No wonder we have the best Congress money can buy.

I suppose Justice Kennedy thinks corporations that overwhelm members of Congress with campaign contributions need to have still more influence in the electoral arena. Spending millions to lobby Congress and making substantial PAC contributions just isn’t enough for a majority of the Supreme Court. The dictate by the five activist Justices was too much for even Republican Senator John McCain, who commented that he was troubled by their “extreme naivete.”

There is a glimmer of hope and a touch of reality in yesterday’s Supreme Court decision. Unfortunately it is the powerful 90 page dissent in this case by Justice Stevens joined by Justices Ginsburg, Breyer, and Sotomayor. Justice Stevens recognizes the power corporations wield in our political economy. Justice Stevens finds it “absurd to think that the First Amendment prohibits legislatures from taking into account the corporate identity of a sponsor of electoral advocacy.” He flatly declares that, “The Court’s ruling threatens to undermine the integrity of elected institutions across the Nation.”

He notes that the, Framers of our Constitution “had little trouble distinguishing corporations from human beings, and when they constitutionalized the right to free speech in the First Amendment, it was the free speech of individual Americans that they had in mind.” Right he is, for the words “corporation” or “company” do not exist in our Constitution.

Justice Stevens concludes his dissent as follows:

“At bottom, the Court’s opinion is thus a rejection of the common sense of the American people, who have recognized a need to prevent corporations from undermining self government since the founding, and who have fought against the distinctive corrupting potential of corporate electioneering since the days of Theodore Roosevelt. It is a strange time to repudiate that common sense. While American democracy is imperfect, few outside the majority of this Court would have thought its flaws included a dearth of corporate money in politics.”

Indeed, this corporatist, anti-voter majority decision is so extreme that it should galvanize a grassroots effort to enact a simple Constitutional amendment to once and for all end corporate personhood and curtail the corrosive impact of big money on politics. It is time to prevent corporate campaign contributions from commercializing our elections and drowning out the voices and values of citizens and voters. It is way overdue to overthrow “King Corporation” and restore the sovereignty of “We the People”! Remember that corporations, chartered by the state, are our servants, not our masters.

Legislation sponsored by Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL) and Representative John Larson (D-CT) would encourage unlimited small-dollar donations from individuals and provide candidates with public funding in exchange for refusing corporate contributions or private contributions of more than $100.

It is also time for shareholder resolutions, company by company, directing the corporate boards of directors to pledge not to use company money to directly favor or oppose candidates for public office.

If you want to join the efforts to rollback the corporate concessions the Supreme Court made yesterday, visit Citizen.Org and

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Scam after disaster striking Haiti

Posted by msrb on January 18, 2010

The Haiti Scam Disaster

Bush Muscling in on Haiti Fund Money

With Obama’s blessings, his two predecessors, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton will lead efforts to raise “relief funds” for Haiti following the deadly earthquake that has killed several thousand people.

The Three Amigos Planning a Presidential Scam: Obama, flanked by Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, speaks in the Rose Garden at the White House on Saturday. Photo Credit: AP. Image may be subject to copyright.

The “services” of the two ex White House tenants don’t come cheap. Each will probably receive a multi-million dollar fee plus a cut of the action, as it were, for their fund-raising efforts. With the lion’s share of any funds raised going to the charity/aid/relief mafia, how can Bush and Clinton make any money?

There’s only one way to ensure everyone would get their usual fees and commissions:

Raise the Disaster Scale! Exaggerate the number of dead by at least a factor of 10!

It’s really quite easy, once you realize all of the characters involved are exactly the same (or similar) faces that carried out the last scam.

How many were killed

FEWW estimated the total number of casualties, victims killed or injured as a result of the Haiti earthquake, to be in the 20,000 ballpark.

In a later post FEWW said: “The Moderators haven’t observed any evidence to suggest their estimate is grossly inaccurate.”

Neither have we! In fact MSRB Moderators are quite puzzled by some of the claims made by the Haitian government, as well the US and European presstitutes.

The following items are carefully omitted from the news:

a). The number of houses/buildings with concrete-slab roofs, or other heavy materials, that were destroyed in the earthquake. [Most of the houses in Port-au-Prince slums wouldn’t cause deaths, or even a serious injury to the occupants, upon  collapse.]

b). The number of multi-story buildings that collapsed as a result of the earthquake.

c). According to one European News agency, “at least 70,000 people have already had burials.”  That means between 20,000 and 30,000 people were buried yesterday (in the 24-hour period preceding the report). Now that is a miracle even by Haitian standards. The non-existent military/police/rescue workers, working on empty stomachs, non-stop around the clock, pulling 1,000 dead people out of the ruble each and every hour and burying them. WOW!

d). How and by whom were the recovery and burials coordinated? Where did they get their fleet of heavy earth moving equipment and the fuel to operate the machinery from?  They had none. How did they recover so many bodies from the ruble with their bear hands in such an impossibly short time? Where was their command and control center? How come there isn’t a single piece of evidence to even partially substantiate their claims?

e). Where are these people buried? With so many reporters and TV news camera crews buzzing around, how come we haven’t seen a single video footage of a mass grave with, say, 1,000, or even 500 dead corpses laid down side by side before the burial?

How the head of the US military relief effort discredited himself

Gen Keen, the head of the US military relief effort, was asked what he thought of the death toll estimates of between 150,000 and 200,000. He reportedly said: “I think the international community is looking at those figures, and I think that’s a start point. Clearly, this is a disaster of epic proportions, and we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us.”

No evidence was asked for and none was offered!

A list of the parties that WOULD  benefit from any funds raised by the 3 Amigos:

1. Charity/aid/relief mafia: They take between 50 to 80 percent (in some cases up to 95 percent, when no one is watching) of the funds raised
2. Tier One Fundraisers: The Three Amigos receive multi-million dollar fees, as well as their usual cut (from 1 percent upwards)
3. Singers and musicians that do “telethons”: Their fees vary
4. Fat Cats in various organization like the UN and Advisers to the military  forces involved (who would then share the proceeds with the top brass): Varies
5. Local politicians in Haiti: Most of the leftover funds meant to go toward feeding the victims and rebuilding their lives.
6. Members of the press: For their “loyalty” (not blowing the whistle), they receive protection while they are in Haiti (and much recognition and prizes later), plus lots of stories and hours of disaster courage.
7. The victims: Perhaps a trickle, but they shouldn’t hold their breaths.

It’s no wonder President Chavez of Venezuela became hysterical during his weekly TV address:

“I read that 3,000 soldiers are arriving, Marines armed as if they were going to war. There is not a shortage of guns there, my God. Doctors, medicine, fuel, field hospitals, that’s what the United States should send.” He added: “They are occupying Haiti undercover.”

“On top of that, you don’t see them in the streets. Are they picking up bodies? … Are they looking for the injured? You don’t see them. I haven’t seen them. Where are they?”

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FEWW Footnote:
Please help the victims, anyway you can. There are many ways to help the survivors. But donate money only to the organizations that you know and trust.

For More Information Visit Haiti Earthquake Disaster Links Page!

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Obama effigy hanging NOT necessarily racist

Posted by msrb on January 7, 2010

Submitted by a reader

Sharing a few thought with the President

Secret Service spokesman told reporters a large effigy of Mr Obama was found hanging along Main Street in the small town of Plains, Georgia, Saturday morning.

A footage from WALB-TV showed the doll hanging by a noose in front of a red, white and blue sign that read: “Plains, Georgia. Home of Jimmy Carter, our 39th President.” According to an eye- witness the doll wore a sign with Obama’s name on it.

Was that racism, or an expression of disillusionment with a President who is all but a poor carbon copy of his predecessor, the tyrant and US enemy number one GWB?

Mr President has it occurred to you that the hanging of your effigy may not have been a racist act?

Here are 10 reason why anyone would want to hang your effigy

The people who hanged your effigy did so probably because they thought:

1. You are an unintelligent and incompetent President.

2. You don’t care about the majority of Americans.

3. You are an ill-meaning, schizophrenic President who couldn’t give a damn what happened to the poor and unemployed in the US.

4. You are a warmonger who serves only the interests of the banking-security-military-industrail complex.

5. You are the most shameless shabbes goy President America has ever had.

6. As of know, you are arguably the 2nd worst President America has ever had. Who knows, you might even beat George Bush to the title before long.

7. You could have ended the open massacre in Afghanistan with a stroke of a pen, but you didn’t.

8. By committing more troops to Afghanistan, you are intensifying the genocidal war of occupation; you are now a war criminal in chief, complicit in mass murder, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

9. Everyday you spend in Office, you are driving the world closer to the brink of war and destruction.

10. You had your chance as a President, but have failed on each and every count.

America can recover from many ills, but not from an ill-meaning [and incompetent] President.

Is this really our president?

Photo Credit: Reuters. Image may be subject to copyright.

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The Copenhagen Catastrophe

Posted by msrb on December 22, 2009

How would you know it was a disaster?

The simple answer: watch their lips!

First the three Wise Monkeys packaged as one:

The U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon: “Finally we sealed a deal … The ‘Copenhagen Accord’ may not be everything everyone had hoped for, but this … is an important beginning.”

Yes Mr Secretary General, it’s the beginning of the end.

Yvo de Boer, head of the U.N. Climate Change Secretariat: “This basically is a letter of intent … the ingredients of an architecture that can respond to the long-term challenge of climate change, but not in precise legal terms. That means we have a lot of work to do on the long road to Mexico.”

Ohhh yesss, thank you kindly Mr Climate Change Secretariat. Could you send a certified copy of your ‘letter of intent’ to nature for her approval. She is involved in all this, you know!

South African negotiators called the outcome of the Copenhagen climate talks “disappointing” and “unacceptable.”

Buyelwa Sonjica, South African minister of environmental affairs: “Not acceptable, it is definitely not acceptable.”

“In Copenhagen, parties were still too far apart, and too involved with process rather than substance, to reach a formal negotiating process,” Sonjica said, criticising “some ill-restrained interventions” and poor decisions by the Danish organizers.

South Africa’s chief negotiator Alf Wills:

The Danish hosts “destroyed the trust” of delegates by introducing an unacceptable  draft text.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel: “The decision has been very difficult for me. We have done one step, we have hoped for several more.”

You mean personally? Does the hemorrhoid bother you so much? Perhaps, you ought to take it easy for a while and abstain from taking so many steps. Try to rest for a while.

Sarkozy of Israel: “We have an agreement ,,, The text we have is not perfect.”

Nothing of yours is, or will ever be, Mr Sarko-zy.

Brazil’s climate change ambassador, Sergio Serra: “We have a big job ahead to avoid climate change through effective emissions reduction targets, and this was not done here.”

Obama, the man from the White House:  “For the first time in history, all of the world’s major economies have come together to accept their responsibility to take action on the threat of climate change.”

Sound bite number?

China’s premier, Wen Jiabao: ” [my government has played an] important and constructive [role in Copenhagen negotiations.]”

Is that so?

Antonio Hill, Oxfam’s climate change adviser: “The Copenhagen accord is hugely disappointing but it also reveals how the traditional approach to international negotiations, based on brinkmanship and national self-interest, is both unfit for pursuing our common destiny and downright dangerous.”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, a global ambassador for the charity: “The failure of the political process in Copenhagen to achieve a fair, adequate and binding deal on climate change is profoundly distressing. A higher purpose was at stake but our political leaders have proven themselves unable to rise to the challenge. We must look to the future. Our leaders must regroup, learn and make good their failure for the sake of humanity’s future.”

Gordon Brown said: “The talks in Copenhagen were not easy and as they reached conclusion I did fear the process would collapse and we would have no deal at all … We must learn lessons from Copenhagen and the tough negotiations that took place. Never again should we face the deadlock that threatened to pull down these talks. Never again should we let a global deal to move towards a greener future be held to ransom by only a handful of countries.”

“One of the frustrations for me was the lack of a global body with the sole responsibility for environmental stewardship. I believe that in 2010 we will need to look at reforming our international institutions to meet the common challenges we face as an international community.” Brown added.

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Berlusconi Smacked in the Gob

Posted by msrb on December 14, 2009

submitted be a reader

A Really Disgusting Person

Don Berlusconi Receives a Broken Nose and 6 Teeth

‘Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi made doodles of women’s underwear at a recent European Union summit and then passed them around to other leaders, a tabloid reported.’

Massimo Tartaglia, settling a private score, broke Don Berlusconi’s nose in Milan on December 13, 2009.  Image released by PM’s press office.

Don Berlusconi, doubling as Italian PM, received a broken nose and 6 broken teeth by a rival mafia family soldier. Video Image release by RAI TG3.

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War is Peace: War Pimp Wins Peace Prize

Posted by msrb on December 10, 2009

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

Obama is a Conscientious War Criminal. He Deserves the Noble Peace Prize for Intensifying the War.

And if you don’t believe any of the above, see photo below:

President Barack Obama displays his Nobel Peace Prize on Thursday in Oslo, Norway. Thorbjoern Jagland, the chairman of the Nobel committee, is at left. Photo: Jewel Samad, AFP/Getty Images. Image may be subject to copyright.

Barely  a week after ordering 30,000 more U.S. troops into Afghanistan battle zone, Obama delivered a 4,000-word, 36-minute Nobel acceptance speech blowing his own trumpet a little, while forcefully defending his war “plan.”

Obama refused to renounce war for United States or under his presidency, blurting defiantly that “I face the world as it is” and that “I have an obligation to protect and defend the United States.”
Then in the most effective Yiddish fashion, comparing his enemies to Adolph H.  he boasted about his history knowledge:
“A nonviolent movement could not have halted Hitler’s armies. Negotiations cannot convince al-Qaida’s leaders to lay down their arms,” Obama said. “To say that force is sometimes necessary is not a call to cynicism, it is a recognition of history.”

Obama  then described the circumstances under which war was justified:

  • In self-defense [If we don’t bomb them, they’ll send their bombers after us; they hate our lifestyles]
  • To come to the aid of an invaded nation [opinions vary widely in Afghanistan as to which of the NATO member countries are the invaders]
  • On humanitarian grounds, for example when civilians are slaughtered by their own government [or by the Adolph Hitler troops] or a civil war threatens to engulf an entire region [because the NATO countries under US leadership are destabilizing the Middle East]

“The belief that peace is desirable is rarely enough to achieve it,” he said.

Speaking bluntly about the human cost of war [its rude to discuss the economic cost in your Nobel War Speech,] he said of the troops surge he had just ordered to Afghanistan “some will kill, some will be killed.”

“No matter how justified, war promises human tragedy,” he said.

Mr Obama, intending to kill more people in Afghanistan than did the former UK PM and war pimp Mr Blair in Iraq, received $1.4-million in cash prize, compared to Blair’s $1 million.
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Obama condemns 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan

Posted by msrb on December 2, 2009

Submitted by a reader

Once Again Americans Are Shafted Major

Presidential Trojan Horse Commits 30,000 Troops to Afghan Insanity

America’s Serial Wars Have Nothing to Do With National Security: Spot The Difference [sic]

Korean War (1950-1953) – More than 300,000 US forces were deployed in Korea. During the last year of the conflict, about 37,000 US troops were killed in action.
Vietnam War (1961-1975) – The United States escalated the war in Vietnam.  By April 1969 543,000 military personnel were fighting in Vietnam. [Of the American troops 58,159 were killed; 2,000 are missing; 303,635 were wounded.]

Many other wars, conflicts and military operations followed throughout the world… Then came Operation Urgent Fury, Grenada (1983); Operation Just Cause, Panama (1989); Operation Desert Storm, Iraq (January and February 1991); Operation Restore Hope, Somalia (1993); Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan (2001-2002); Operation Iraqi Freedom, Iraq (2003-present); Operation Obama’s Vietnam, Afghanistan (2009 to way beyond)

U.S. President Barack Obama poses for photos with cadets at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, New York, December 1, 2009. Obama plans to send 30,000 more U.S. troops to Afghanistan over six months in a bid to beat back the Taliban and bring a quicker end to a costly and unpopular eight-year war [sic.] REUTERS/Jim Young (UNITED STATES POLITICS MILITARY CONFLICT). Image may be subject to copyright.

Who Benefits From the War in Afghanistan?

In NO way do the American public (We the People), the US troops, the Afghan people, or even the Taliban benefit from the war in Afghanistan financially, materially, ecologically, socially, ideologically,  morally, emotionally, intellectually or otherwise.

The war in Afghanistan, like the war of occupation in Iraq, is NOT about the US national security, or national interests; it’s the latest chapter in America’s dark book of serial wars that are fought for and on behalf of the empire’s elite—the Security-Industrial-Congressional Complex.

The Money

At a time when at least 49.1 million Americans (1 in 6 people) go to sleep at night on an empty stomach, the $100 billion which the Security-Industrial-Congressional Complex will have appropriated in 2010 from the US taxpayer for the cost of War in Afghanistan could have gone a long way to provide food, health and education for our fellow Americans.

Taliban Threat to the US National Security

Like the “Iraqi insurgents,” the Taliban are as much of a security risk to the US as are President Obama’s Muslim relatives in Kenya. A plethora of scientific evidence has proven beyond any doubt whatever that the tragic events of 9/11 were perpetrated by insider terrorists.

The Security-Industrial-Congressional Complex (SICC) and the War Racket

Within just a few weeks of attacking Afghanistan, and with far fewer soldiers,  the US-UK militaries ousted the Taliban government in 2001. The new phase of war, however, has taken eight years and at least $300 billion to UNWIN the war.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that the Security-Industrial-Congressional Complex, the only party that profits from war, can only continue to enrich itself from the War Racket if the wars are actually being fought. They don’t profit from wars that have been won. That’s why the post-Taliban Government fight has taken 8 years with no end in sight.

Who Are the Taliban Masterminds

So, How does the Security-Industrial-Congressional Complex (SICC)  keep the War Racket ongoing? It’s elementary: By making sure they control both sides of the war.  The spoils of war and trappings of Office are usually sufficient to induce most politicians to become war pimps.

In fact, during the last presidential election, it wasn’t so much the case of voting for Mr Obama, an aspiring war criminal, but that of voting out a known war criminal and Sarah Palin.  It was all about the art of nominating.

[Any future political activity by Sarah Palin on behalf her party could correctly be interpreted as a political plot by those who do the nominating to help Obama win a second term.]

Unsurprisingly, only 49 percent of Americans approved of Obama’s job performance, a major Gallup Poll revealed. His approval rating after taking office in January was just short of 70 percent.

It’s neither necessary nor possible to brainwash every single member of Taliban to conspire with the War Racket. The SICC needs to train only a handful of the Taliban masterminds to succeed.And the war-torn, disease-ridden, poverty-stricken, yet opium-rich Afghanistan is a fertile breeding ground for ambitious young men who would happily train as and play the role of Taliban leaders.

Does the life of so many American troops killed in far-away places mean anything to SICC?

Ask any of the 37,000 US troops were killed in action in Korea, or the 58,159 soldiers who were killed ingloriously in Vietnam (additional 2,000 are missing), or …

What About the Military Top Brass? Aren’t they supposed to protect the troops against fighting “bad wars?”

A soldier with no brain, mindless and unable to think, a soldier without a conscience and honor, void of reason to fight and without moral instructions is as good as a dead soldier. The military claims that West Point is the best military academy in the world, and that’s precisely why our voted-for-by-default President chose the venue to deliver his unintelligent justification speech on the troop surge in Afghanistan.

Yet, as if a bunch of zombies and automatons, not a single officer made a protest about the “bad war.”

As for the top brass, they are no warriors; they are, like their Commander in Chief, war pimps.

Is the Afghan War Winnable?

Isn’t that a loaded question? The fact is the SICC has no intention of winning the war. SICC intends to destabilize the region and profit from the ensuing chaos, and there is ample historic precedence, as well as mountains of evidence to establish its  intentions.

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September 11, 2001 Text Messages

Posted by msrb on November 26, 2009

9/11 tragedy pager intercepts

From 3AM on Wednesday November 25, 2009, until 3AM the following day (US east coast time), WikiLeaks is releasing over half a million US national text pager intercepts. The intercepts cover a 24 hour period surrounding the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York and Washington.

The messages are being broadcast “live” to the global community — synchronized to the time of day they were sent. The first message is from 3AM September 11, 2001, five hours before the first attack, and the last, 24 hours later.

Text pagers are usualy carried by persons operating in an official capacity. Messages in the archive range from Pentagon, FBI, FEMA and New York Police Department exchanges, to computers reporting faults at investment banks inside the World Trade Center.

Message of the year:

Bomb detonated in World Trade Ctr. Pls get back to Mike Brady w/a quick assessment of your areas and contact us if anything is needed

The archive is a completely objective record of the defining moment of our time. We hope that its entrance into the historical record will lead to a nuanced understanding of how this event led to death, opportunism and war.

An index of messages released so far is available here.
Twitter users may use the hashtag #911txts. We will give status updates at
Observations may be posted to reddit. Please vote for important material.

Please remember to protect and support our work.

Please remember to protect and support our work.

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Here’s a list of other professional organization demanding a reinvestigation into the 9/11 terrorist acts

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Will Obama Make it Through His Term?

Posted by msrb on November 21, 2009

Obama’s job approval rating falls below 50 percent

Pluck any conscientious American from anywhere in the US, put them in the White House and they’ll perform better than Mr Obama.

President Obama has shown NO Leadership qualities, NO management skills, NEAR Zero concern for ordinary Americans and TOTAL Lack of awareness on real issues.

Unsurprisingly, only 49 percent of Americans approved of Obama’s job performance, a major Gallup Poll revealed. His approval rating after taking office in January was just short of 70 percent.

This news came only days after the USDA revealed that 49.1 million Americans are short of food.

President Obama tours the Badaling section of the Great Wall in Beijing November 18, 2009. REUTERS/Jason Lee. Image may be subject to copyright.

Quinnipiac University, which conducted a similar survey, put his approval rating at 48 percent.

Gallup cites poor state of the U.S. economy, millions of Americans out of work and other issues for Obama’s dismal performance.

“Americans are also concerned about the Obama administration’s reliance on government spending to solve the nation’s problems and the growing federal budget deficit,” Gallup said after they surveyed 1,533 people this week. The margin of error was 4 points.

“Democrat Obama became the fourth-fastest U.S. president since World War Two to drop below majority support in the Gallup poll, following Republican Gerald Ford, Democrat Bill Clinton and Republican Ronald Reagan.” Reuters reported.

“Nevertheless, in politics symbols matter and this is not a good symbol for the White House… Moreover, the percentage who approve of the way he is handling the economy has dropped from a split 47-46 percent approval in October to 52-43 percent disapproval today.” Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, said.

America, the world, need leaders who care about people, not bow to power!

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Obama in China

Posted by msrb on November 18, 2009

Image of the Day: Is It True?

To America and China the rest of the world must look like poultry and game… what’s the main course?

President Barack Obama inspect honor guards during a welcome ceremony at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, November 17, 2009. REUTERS/David Gray. Image may be subject to copyright.

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Send the Poor Americans to Australia

Posted by msrb on November 17, 2009

49.1 million Americans short of food

What is it with the “beastly empires” that they don’t even feed everyone?

For anyone who’s just recovering from the shock of reading about British “migrant childrenforcibly removed from their parents and sent to Australia and other Commonwealth countries, or Australia’s own “forgotten children,” here’s another eye-opener.

About 49.1 million Americans (32.4 million adults and 16.7 million children), or nearly 1 in 6,  struggled to get enough food in 2008, the highest number in the 14 years since federal survey on “food insecurity” began, the USDA said in a news release Monday.

About 14.6 percent of U.S. households, some 49.1 million people, “had difficulty obtaining food for all their members due to a lack of resources” in 2008, up 3.5 percent from 2007.

This year’s report also reveals that one third of food insecure households had very low food security (food intake of some household members was reduced and their eating patterns disrupted at times during the year). This is 5.7 percent of all U.S. households or about 6.7 million. This is up from 4.7 million households (4.1 percent) in 2007, and the highest level observed since nationally representative food security surveys were initiated in 1995.

About 5.7 percent of all U.S. households (6.7 million households) including 12.1 million adults and 5.2 million children, had very low food security, up from 4.1 percent (4.7 million households) in 2007,  the highest level since nationwide food security surveys began in 1995.

USDA’s Household Food Security report, 2008,  was based on a December 2008 survey when the jobless rate was well below its current 10.2 percent. The figures for 2009 should be even worse.

The Govt Deception

This post should be read in the context of the US expenditure on the War Racket. Of the Total Outlays (Federal Funds)of $2,650 billion for 2009, the United states is spending $1,449 billion (54%) on the military.

Excerpts from the USDA report:

What Is “Very Low Food Security”?

The defining characteristic of “very low food security” (described in Household Food Security reports prior to 2006 as “food insecurity with hunger”) is that, at times during the year, the food intake of household members was reduced and their normal eating patterns were disrupted because the household lacked money and other resources for food. Very low food security can be characterized in terms of the conditions that households in this category reported in the food security survey. In the 2008 survey, households classifi ed as having very low food security (representing an estimated 6.7 million households nationwide) reported the
following specifi c conditions:

  • 98 percent reported having worried that their food would run out before they got money to buy more.
  • 96 percent reported that the food they bought just did not last and they did not have money to get more.
  • 94 percent reported that they could not afford to eat balanced meals.
  • 97 percent reported that an adult had cut the size of meals or skipped meals because there was not enough money for food.
  • 88 percent reported that this had occurred in 3 or more months.
  • In 93 percent, respondents reported that they had eaten less than they felt they should because there was not enough money for food.
  • In 66 percent, respondents reported that they had been hungry but did not eat because they could not afford enough food.
  • In 47 percent, respondents reported having lost weight because they did not have enough money for food.
  • 27 percent reported that an adult did not eat for a whole day because there was not enough money for food.
  • 19 percent reported that this had occurred in 3 or more months.
  • All of those without children reported at least 6 of these conditions, and 67 percent reported 7 or more. (Conditions in households with children were similar, but the reported food-insecure conditions of both adults and children were taken into account.)

A summary of the report is posted at: Report summary
Full report is available at: Entire report, PDF

USDA News Release
Release No. 0575.09


Economic Research Service Report Demonstrates Need for Action

WASHINGTON, Nov. 16, 2009 – USDA’s Economic Research Service’s (ERS) today released its annual report on Household Food Security in the U.S., which revealed that in 2008, 17 million households, or 14.6 percent, were food insecure and families had difficulty putting enough food on the table at times during the year. This is an increase from 13 million households, or 11.1 percent, in 2007. The 2008 figures represent the highest level observed since nationally representative food security surveys were initiated in 1995. The full study is available at

“The Obama Administration has put in place unprecedented measures to promote job creation and combat hunger in our Nation, a problem that the American sense of fairness should not tolerate and American ingenuity can overcome, said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. “The Department of Agriculture’s nutrition assistance programs provide a safety net that improves food access to those with critical needs, but addressing the root of hunger requires a broader strategy. By improving access to federal nutrition programs and working with our partners at all levels of government and society, we can make progress in our effort to reduce and eventually eliminate childhood hunger.”

This year’s report also reveals that one third of food insecure households had very low food security (food intake of some household members was reduced and their eating patterns disrupted at times during the year). This is 5.7 percent of all U.S. households or about 6.7 million. This is up from 4.7 million households (4.1 percent) in 2007, and the highest level observed since nationally representative food security surveys were initiated in 1995.

Even when resources are inadequate to provide food for the entire family, children are usually shielded from the disrupted eating patterns and reduced food intake that characterize very low food security. However, children as well as adults experienced instances of very low food security in 506,000 households (1.3 percent of households with children) in 2008, up from 323,000 households (0.8 percent of households with children) in 2007.

The fundamental cause of food insecurity and hunger in the United States is poverty – marked by a lack of adequate resources to address basic needs such as food, shelter and health care. The Obama Administration has taken aggressive action on these fronts through the expansion of critical services for Americans most in need. The historic investments of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, with a focus on long-term job creation, are a major part of this effort. The Recovery Act provides tax relief for working families, job training, unemployment insurance, income support and affordable housing to needy Americans and their children.

A central part of the Recovery Act included a significant increase in nutrition assistance benefits for the 36.5 million people (half of whom are children) who participate in USDA’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly the Food Stamp Program. It also provides resources to the state agencies that administer the program, helping them to deal efficiently with increased caseloads.

“As the Obama Administration works to foster a robust recovery for all, it’s important to recognize that we have another opportunity to improve the health and nutrition of our children when Congress begins to debate the Child Nutrition Reauthorization,” said Vilsack. “It is vital that we make it easier for families and administrators to bring eligible children into the program and to eliminate gap periods when children struggle to find the nutrition assistance they need – at breakfast, during summer, and in after-school settings.”

USDA’s National School Lunch program serves 31 million children a healthy meal each school day – for some children in need, this is their most important meal that day. USDA is working with states to increase the use of technology to make low-income children whose families already receive SNAP automatically certified for free school meals and to promote policies that make it easier for eligible families to participate in SNAP. Also, the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children, or WIC program, ensures mothers and their children have access to nutritious options as well. Nearly half of all infants in this country participate in WIC.

“During challenging economic times, the pool of those in need of vital food assistance expands,” said Vilsack. “USDA’s role – along with our partners – is to ensure individuals do not fall through the cracks, and can access nutritional services with dignity and respect.”

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Should 9/11 suspects be tried in New York?

Posted by msrb on November 16, 2009

Quotes of the Day:

The Question:

Should the 9/11 suspects go on trial in New York?

Quotes and Comments:

  • “What the Obama administration is telling us loud and clear is that both in substance and reality the war on terror from their point of view is over,” Mr. Giuliani said on “Fox News Sunday.” “This seems to be an overconcern with the rights of terrorists and a lack of concern for the rights of the public.”

Why is Mr Giuliani so worried?

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Steady On, Mr President!

Posted by msrb on November 15, 2009

Image and caption suggested by a reader

The US President Bows, Again!

It’s widely believed that he would have still had his green tea ice cream even if he hadn’t bowed so deeply.

obama in Japan
US President Barack Obama bowed deeply to Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, when he arrived at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo for a private lunch. Photo: Reuters. Image may be subject to copyright.

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Another CIA Own Goal?

Posted by msrb on October 29, 2009

Why the President Got Airborne Early Morning

President Barak Obama took off in the Marine One presidential helicopter shortly before midnight and was headed to a U.S. military base on Wednesday night, to meet the plane bringing home the bodies of 18 American soldiers and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents killed in Afghanistan recently.

Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, where the President made his unannounced late-night trip to, is home of the United States’ largest military mortuary and main point of entry for U.S. service members killed abroad, Reuters said.

But has the President previously met with the returning dead service members, or DEA agents for that matter? Why this time? Which group did he feel necessary to meet, the dead troops or lifeless DEA agents?

Here’s the “Logic Flowchart”

1.President Hamid Karzai is a corrupt individual, who should be ousted. Instead he may be re-elected as president in November in yet another round of election riddled with vote fraud.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai (R) meets with the then Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin (L) September 23, 2008 in New York hotel on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly.  AFP PHOTO/Stan HONDA. Image may be subject to copyright.

2. Mr Ahmed Wali Karzai, the brother of the president K of Afghanistan, is a CIA”asset.” He has been on the CIA payroll for at least eight years,  The New York Times reported. He is also known to be a DRUG LORD. [See video: Karzai’s brother threatened McClatchy writer reporting Afghan drug story.]

a w karzai  afp- getty image
Ahmed Wali Karzai says the claims are ‘ridiculous.’ Photo: AFP/Getty Images. Image may be subject to copyright.

3. Three of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) were killed on Monday, Oct. 26, 2009 in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan: Special Agent Michael Weston, Agent Forrest Leamon and  Special Agent Chad Michael. That’s what prompted the President to fly to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.

obama in dover to meet the dead DEA agents
President Obama arrived at Dover Air Force Base early Thursday morning. Doug Mills/The New York Times . Image may be subject to copyright.

4. If you are supporting the Drug Lords, you don’t want the DEA agents  snooping around.

dead DEA agents
The above images were were released Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2009 by the U.S. Department of Justice shows Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). L to R: Special Agent Michael Weston, Agent Forrest Leamon and  Special Agent Chad Michael, who were killed Monday, Oct. 26, 2009 in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.

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U.S. Defense System Riddled With Big Israeli Holes

Posted by msrb on October 20, 2009

“US Scientist Caught Spying For ‘Israel'”

What Giant Smokescreen!

Does it mean that the traditional, well-established channels for the transfer of state secrets to Israel no longer function?

  • Does the FBI monitor the telephone conversations of people like Joe Lieberman, Rahm Israel Emanuel … ? If NOT, WHY NOT?
  • Are the people supposed to presume that AIPAC and the dozens of similar organizations no longer ‘share’ information with Israel?
  • Are the Right-Wing Rabbis presumed to be safe for confiding state secrets to?
  • How about Israel-First CEO’s and top executives of arms manufacturers and multinational corporations that monitor/control the flow of electronic information in the US and EU?

Another Israel-First US Scientist Caught Spying For “Israel”

Stewart David Nozette, 52, an Israel-loving scientist who worked for the Defense Department, was arrested Monday on charges of attempted spying. He tried to pass on classified information to an FBI agent posing as an Israeli intelligence officer, AP reported.

Mr Nozette was contacted in September 2009 by an undercover FBI agent posing as an Israeli intelligence officer, whom he reportedly assured to provide classified information “in exchange for an Israeli passport.”

The scientist is reported to have provided information “classified as both ‘top secret’ and ‘secret’ that concerned US satellites, early warning systems, means of defense or retaliation against large-scale attack, communications intelligence information, and major elements of defense strategy”, the justice department said.

“From 1989 through 2006, Nozette held security clearances as high as ‘top secret’ and had regular, frequent access to classified information and documents related to the US national defense.”

… in January of this year, Nozette allegedly traveled to another foreign country with two computer thumb drives and did not return with them. Prosecutors also quote an unnamed colleague of Nozette who said the scientist told him that if the U.S. government ever tried to put him in jail for an unrelated criminal offense, he would go to another foreign country and “tell them everything” he knows.

“The conduct alleged in this complaint is serious and should serve as a warning to anyone who would consider compromising our nation’s secrets for profit,” said US Assistant Attorney General David Kris.

Mr Nozette, who is believed to be of Jewish faith, will appear in court in Washington on Tuesday, facing a maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted.

The FBI affidavit gave the following sequence of events:

_Sept. 4. Nozette and the agent met again in the same hotel. The scientist allegedly said that while he no longer had legal access to any classified information at a U.S. government facility, he could, nonetheless, recall classified information by memory. Nozette allegedly asked when he could expect to receive his first payment, saying he preferred cash amounts “under ten thousand” so he didn’t have to report it.

Nozette allegedly told the agent, “Well, I should tell you my first need is that they should figure out how to pay me … they don’t expect me to do this for free.”

_Sept. 10. Undercover FBI agents left a letter in the designated post office box, asking Nozette to answer a list of questions about U.S. satellite information. The agents provided a $2,000 cash payment. Serial numbers of the bills were recorded.

_Sept. 16. Nozette was captured on videotape leaving a manila envelope in the post office box. The next day, agents retrieved the sealed envelope and found, among other things, a one-page document containing answers to the questions and an encrypted computer thumb drive.

One answer contained information classified as secret, which concerned capabilities of a prototype overhead collection system. Nozette allegedly offered to reveal additional classified information that directly concerned nuclear weaponry, military spacecraft or satellites, and other major weapons systems.

_Sept. 17. Agents left a second letter in the post office box with another list of questions about U.S. satellite information. The FBI also left a cash payment of $9,000. Nozette allegedly retrieved the questions and the money the same day.

_Oct. 1. Nozette was videotaped leaving a manila envelope in the post office box. FBI agents retrieved it and found a second set of answers. The responses contained information classified as both top secret and secret, on U.S. satellites, early warning systems, means of defense or retaliation against large-scale attack, communications intelligence information, and major elements of defense strategy.

It has also been reported that “Nozette performed some of this research and development at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency in Arlington, Va., and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.”

In 2006, NASA’s Office of Inspector General subpoenaed a bank account of Nozette’s firm, Alliance For Competitive Technology Inc. Nozette went to federal court to fight the subpoena.

The IG  investigated reports that Nozette’s firm had submitted false claims for expenses.

Nozette’s motion to quash the subpoena was  rejected by a federal judge; however, the court records provide no further information as to what happened afterward.

From Stewart Nozette NASA Page:


Mini-RF Principal Investigator (on Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) and Co-investigator (on Chandrayaan-1).

Where did you grow up? Where do you live now? I grew up in Chicago, Illinois (West Rogers Park), and currently live in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

How did you get interested in space exploration? I was born in 1957, the year of Sputnik, grew up during the Apollo years, and always had an interest in space exploration and strong science aptitude. The works of Gerard K. O’Neill, which appeared during my high school years in the early 1970s, encouraged my consideration of space exploration as a career. Up until that time I was planning to go to medical school. I was strongly encouraged by many influential people during my undergraduate years and finally closed off my medical option during my sophomore year, much to the benefit of my future patients (many people have told me).

What is your educational background? I have a B.S. in geosciences with honors and distinction from the University of Arizona (1979), and a Ph.D. in planetary science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1983).

What are your hobbies? I used to fly and scuba dive when I was younger but have not been as active recently. Now I enjoy cooking and listening to The Grateful Dead Channel on Sirius satellite radio.

What’s your job on Mini-RF? I am the principal investigator/co-investigator, so I act to oversee and document the scientific aspects of the program and translate these requirements into specific actions for the engineers and operators.

What has been the most exciting aspect of working on Mini-RF? Seeing it come to fruition after many years of thought and work. I conceived the idea of Mini-RF in 1994 while working as the deputy program manager and chief scientist of the Clementine mission, so returning to the moon with this capability is very satisfying.

What are you looking forward to the most as Mini-RF begins its lunar exploration? Finally seeing what’s at the bottom of the permanently shadowed polar craters.

What excites you about exploring the moon? The possibility that Mini-RF will provide the data that establishes whether extractable water exists on the moon and the importance of that information to the feasibility of humans eventually settling on the moon permanently.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get involved in space exploration [or the transfer of state secrets to Israel?] The most important thing is to get a very good grounding in fundamental math, basic and applied science, and engineering. Some exposure to business, management and economics would also be valuable. Then finding a career path with helpful mentors who can get you involved in real projects once you are sufficiently grounded.

Count one hole for every Israel-first “scientist,”  engineer, administrator, employee… and you’ll see why the US defense system looks like a torn fishing net.

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338,000 Afghan infants dying under Obama war

Posted by msrb on October 17, 2009

338,000 Afghan infants are dying under the Obama-led occupation: UN

“I shut my eyes when I listen to this guy [Obama] and it could be Tony. He is doing the same thing that we did in 1997.” —Denis MacShane, UK MP

“In his latest column for the New Statesman, John Pilger draws on George Orwell’s inspiration to describe the Call of Obama: ‘attractive to liberal sensibilities, if not to the Afghan children he kills’.”

War Is Peace. Ignorance Is Strength

By John Pilger

Barack Obama, winner of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, is planning another war to add to his impressive record. In Afghanistan, his agents routinely extinguish wedding parties, farmers and construction workers with weapons such as the innovative Hellfire missile, which sucks the air out of your lungs. According to the UN, 338,000 Afghan infants are dying under the Obama-led alliance, which permits only $29 per head annually to be spent on medical care.

amabo karab
This can’t be right!
[Image not included in the original article.]

Within weeks of his inauguration, Obama started a new war in Pakistan, causing more than a million people to flee their homes. In threatening Iran – which his secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, said she was prepared to “obliterate” – Obama lied that the Iranians were covering up a “secret nuclear facility”, knowing that it had already been reported to the International Atomic Energy Authority. In colluding with the only nuclear-armed power in the Middle East, he bribed the Palestinian Authority to suppress a UN judgment that Israel had committed crimes against humanity in its assault on Gaza – crimes made possible with US weapons whose shipment Obama secretly approved before his inauguration.

At home, the man of peace has approved a military budget exceeding that of any year since the end of the Second World War while presiding over a new kind of domestic repression. During the recent G20 meeting in Pittsburgh, hosted by Obama, militarised police attacked peaceful protesters with something called the Long-Range Acoustic Device, not seen before on US streets. Mounted in the turret of a small tank, it blasted a piercing noise as tear gas and pepper gas were fired indiscriminately. It is part of a new arsenal of “crowd-control munitions” supplied by military contractors such as Ray­theon. In Obama’s Pentagon-controlled “national security state”, the concentration camp at Guantanamo Bay, which he promised to close, remains open, and “rendition”, secret assassinations and torture continue.

The Nobel Peace Prize-winner’s latest war is largely secret. On 15 July, Washington finalised a deal with Colombia that gives the US seven giant military bases. “The idea,” reported the Associated Press, “is to make Colombia a regional hub for Pentagon operations… nearly half the continent can be covered by a C-17 [military transport] without refuelling”, which “helps achieve the regional engagement strategy”.

Translated, this means Obama is planning a “rollback” of the independence and democracy that the people of Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Paraguay have achieved against the odds, along with a historic regional co-operation that rejects the notion of a US “sphere of influence”. The Colombian regime, which backs death squads and has the continent’s worst human rights record, has received US military support second in scale only to Israel. Britain provides military training. Guided by US military satellites, Colombian paramilitaries now infiltrate Venezuela with the goal of overthrowing the democratic government of Hugo Chávez, which George W Bush failed to do in 2002.

Obama’s war on peace and democracy in Latin America follows a style he has demonstrated since the coup against the democratic president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, in June. Zelaya had increased the minimum wage, granted subsidies to small farmers, cut back interest rates and reduced poverty. He planned to break a US pharmaceutical monopoly and manufacture cheap generic drugs. Although Obama has called for Zelaya’s reinstatement, he refuses to condemn the coup-makers and to recall the US ambassador or the US troops who train the Honduran forces determined to crush a popular resistance. Zelaya has been repeatedly refused a meeting with Obama, who has approved an IMF loan of $164m to the illegal regime. The message is clear and familiar: thugs can act with impunity on behalf of the US.

Obama, the smooth operator from Chicago via Harvard, was enlisted to restore what he calls “leadership” throughout the world. The Nobel Prize committee’s decision is the kind of cloying reverse racism that has beatified the man for no reason other than he is a member of a minority and attractive to liberal sensibilities, if not to the Afghan children he kills. This is the Call of Obama. It is not unlike a dog whistle: inaudible to most, irresistible to the besotted and boneheaded. “When Obama walks into a room,” gushed George Clooney, “you want to follow him somewhere, anywhere.”

Source: John Pilger Website

The great voice of black liberation Frantz Fanon understood this. In The Wretched of the Earth, he described the “intermediary [whose] mission has nothing to do with transforming the nation: it consists, prosaically, of being the transmission line between the nation and a capitalism, rampant though camouflaged”. Because political debate has become so debased in our media monoculture – Blair or Brown; Brown or Cameron – race, gender and class can be used as seductive tools of propaganda and diversion. In Obama’s case, what matters, as Fanon pointed out in an earlier era, is not the intermediary’s “historic” elevation, but the class he serves. After all, Bush’s inner circle was probably the most multiracial in presidential history. There was Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, Clarence Thomas, all dutifully serving an extreme and dangerous power.

Britain has seen its own Obama-like mysticism. The day after Blair was elected in 1997, the Observer predicted that he would create “new worldwide rules on human rights” while the Guardian rejoiced at the “breathless pace [as] the floodgates of change burst open”. When Obama was elected last November, Denis MacShane MP, a devotee of Blair’s bloodbaths, unwittingly warned us: “I shut my eyes when I listen to this guy and it could be Tony. He is doing the same thing that we did in 1997.”

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Number of Hungry Rises Above 1 Billion

Posted by msrb on October 14, 2009

1 in 6 people hungry!

Our World is Home to More than 1,020,000,000 Hungry People: FAO

FAO hunger 2
Undernourishment Chart:  1.02 billion

All regions of the world are affected by rising hunger:

  • Asia and the Pacific, the world’s most populous region, has the highest number of hungry people:  642 million
  • Sub‐Saharan Africa has the highest percentage of  undernourishment some 32 percent of the entire population: 265 million
  • Near East and North Africa boast the largest percentage increase in the number of hungry people in the developing world at 13.5 percent : 42 million.
  • Latin America and the Caribbean, has a substantial increase  of 12.8 percent in the number of hungry people: 53 million
  • The developed countries face a growing concern in undernourishment: 15 million

fao 3
One of the worst years for the hungry, 2009 is experiencing a significant worsening of an already downward trend in global food security since 1996. In 2009 an additional 100 million people had no access to adequate food, with more than one billion people estimated to be undernourished, FAO  said.

fao 4
While the number of hungry people has been increasing since the mid-1990s, the number of undernourished in the world was actually declining in the 1970s and 1980s in spite of relatively rapid population growth during those decades, and the proportion of undernourished in developing countries was declining quite rapidly. During the 1990s and the current decade, however, the number of undernourished has risen, despite the benefit of slower population growth, and the proportion of undernourished increased in 2008.—FAO

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Thoughts of an Injured, Jobless G20 Protester

Posted by msrb on September 26, 2009

sent by a reader

MR Obama, We Need Jobs in the US, NOT War in Afghanistan!

‘GOD!’ How could this happen? How could it all go so horribly wrong?

obama reuters
President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama wait for leaders as they arrive at the Phipps Conservatory for an opening reception and working dinner for heads of delegation at the Pittsburgh G20 Summit in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, September 24, 2009.  REUTERS/Jim Young. Image may be subject to copyright.

Lord, I don’t want you to think that I’m ungrateful for being born here instead of Afghanistan!

A demonstrator kicks a tear gas canister fired by police
I mean this is just a
teargas canister, and people get worse things thrown at them every day. [A demonstrator kicks a tear gas canister fired by police. Photo: Reuters. Image may be subject to copyright.

When people of Afghanistan asked for more food, the President sent more soldiers with rockets and bombs to silence them!

nato airstrike
Local villagers in Afghanistan bury some of the victims of an airstrike in a mass grave near Kunduz. Scores of people were feared killed in northern Afghanistan when NATO aircraft struck hijacked fuel tankers as villagers came to collect fuel, Afghan officials said. Photograph by: Stringer, Reuters. Image may be subject to copyright

When people of Pittsburgh asked for more jobs, the President sent them more policemen armed with teargas and smoke to shut them up!

Police threw canisters of pepper spray and smoke at marchers- ap
I’ve gotta a job and you don’t. And my CIC says I can throw
at you all the sh*t that you see on me! [Policeman smiles sheepishly as he prepares more canisters of pepper spray and smoke to throw at the jobless marchers. Photo: AP. Image may be subject to copyright.]

It wasn't long before police decided to use tear gas  getty images
It wasn’t long before police decided to fire the real stuff, teargas, at the marchers. Photo: GETTY IMAGES. Image may be subject to copyright.

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The Gluttonous 20

Posted by msrb on September 25, 2009

The Gluttonous 20 Summit Pittsburgh 2009

g20 photos EPA
Pittsburgh Police fired tear gas, pepper spray and smoke at demonstrators. Photo: EPA. Imge may be subject to copyright.

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Playing by the Book

Posted by msrb on September 19, 2009

Thought for the Day

The integrity and security of a  nation depends on its officials playing by the rule of law, not by conducting “false flag” operations.

When a bunch of despicable creatures like George Tenet, James Woolsey…  sign a petition, you know instinctively that they are still conspiring against the entire nation.

Seven former heads of the CIA have written to President Obama urging him to abort the probe into abuse of prisoners held by the agency, “arguing that it would hamper intelligence operations.” Reuters reported.

Richard B. Cheney: Former VP and one of the Masterminds of 9/11 attacks on America. Does any sane person in the country trust this mass murderer?

“U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder last month named a prosecutor to examine whether criminal charges should be filed against Central Intelligence Agency interrogators or contractors for going beyond approved interrogation methods, including [torturer techniques like  waterboarding, electric shocks to the genitals,] using a power drill and death threats [to coerce information from] detainees [in violation of U.S. and international law.]”

George Tenet: Former Director of CIA, a pathological liar and war criminal. Does any sane person in the country trust this mass murderer, either?

The former CIA chiefs countered that the cases had already been investigated during the Bush administration and lawyers had declined to prosecute all but one contractor.

“This approach will seriously damage the willingness of intelligence officers to take risks to protect the country,” they said in their letter. “In our judgment, such risk-taking is vital to success in the long and difficult fight against terrorists who continue to threaten us.”

The letter to Obama was signed by three CIA directors under President George W. Bush — Michael Hayden, Porter Goss and George Tenet — as well as by John Deutch, James Woolsey, William Webster and James Schlesinger, who dates to the Nixon administration.

Holder, who has the President’s confidence on the issue, said in late August that he had decided to reopen the cases because “it is clear to me that this review is the only responsible course of action for me to take.”

The White House has so far declined to comment on the letter.

The Washington Post, citing two sources briefed on the matter, reported on Friday night that the Justice Department review would focus on only a very small number of cases, including one in which an Afghan prisoner died at a secret CIA facility in Afghanistan seven years ago.


Former Vice President Dick Cheney, and other officials in Bush administration, have repeatedly defended their actions [torture,] claiming coercive  interrogations yielded useful information.

The former CIA directors warned that Holder’s decision “creates an atmosphere of continuous jeopardy” for those involved and that there was no reason to believe the investigation would be narrowly focused.

They also warned that releasing more details about interrogation methods could help al Qaeda operatives elude U.S. intelligence efforts and plan operations.

“Disclosures about CIA collection operations have and will continue to make it harder for intelligence officers to maintain the momentum of operations that have saved lives and helped protect America from further attacks,” they said.

A CIA’s inspector general’s report detailing the harsh interrogation techniques noted that they did not succeed.

Holder’s spokesperson said,  the attorney general has decided to name a prosecutor to investigate the torture allegation, based on the recommendation of the Justice Department’s ethics office and other information.

“The attorney general’s decision to order a preliminary review into this matter was made in line with his duty to examine the facts and to follow the law,” said spokesman Matt Miller.

“As he has made clear, the Department of Justice will not prosecute anyone who acted in good faith and within the scope of the legal guidance given by the Office of Legal Counsel regarding the interrogation of detainees.”

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The OBL Dummy and It’s Israeli Ventriloquists

Posted by msrb on September 14, 2009

The OBL Dummy’s Ventriloquists Seek Continued Unconditional Support for Israel

Whichever way you look at it, the new tape recording by OBL dummy’s ventriloquists has all but has a three-pronged goal: To stupefy, provoke sympathy and extract continued unconditional support for the Jewish State.

It attempts to achieve its goal, first and foremost, by associating the [deceased?] OBL and his terrorists with the 9/11 events with a 180-degree about-turn, changing OBL’s position from one of  “I didn’t do it,” to “The reason for our dispute with you is your support for your ally Israel, occupying our land in Palestine.”

[BTW, Palestine does NOT belong to him, anymore than it does to the Zionist Jews from Europe. And NOT all Palestinians are Muslims. ]

The tape is released at a crucial time, 9/11 anniversary, to dwell on people’s raw emotions, at a time when people’s feelings are maximally susceptible to emotional skewers, and they are most likely to making emotional [rather than] logical and evidential judgments. It does so by forcing the audiences to take sides, having connected a known terrorist, OBL [and by association, all Muslims, Palestinians, Arabs, Iraqis, Afghans …,] with the “evildoers,” on the one hand, and the state of Israel with the “good guys,” the United States, on the other.

The Ventriloquists then get chummier with the American public:

“The time has come for you to liberate yourselves from fear and the ideological terrorism of neo-conservatives and the Israeli lobby,” Reuters reported OBL tape as saying.

Could they also advise the American kids to eat their greens, quit drinking Coke and brush their teeth before going to bed, in their next tape release, please?

In the 11-minute tape entitled “A statement to the American people,”  Bin Laden [sic] said:

“If you think about your situation well, you will know that the White House is occupied by pressure groups.”

Just a moment! If the ventriloquists say the dummy is OBL, then shouldn’t he know the difference between “occupation” by “pressure groups” and a complete and utter occupation by Zionist agents/agenda?

Never mind the traces of explosive that were used for the demolition of WTC towers, which have been found at the Ground Zero, analyzed and documented,  OBL ventriloquists are still trying to mesmerize the people with  “al-Qaeda launched the 9/11 attacks” chant.

Jeff Gates, the author of the following related article is well-informed, and his work  makes good reading:

What Role Did The U.S.-Israeli Relationship Play In 9-11?

By Jeff Gates

September 13, 2009. Information Clearing House — On the day of the 9-11 attacks, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was asked what the attack would mean for US-Israeli relations. His quick reply was: “It’s very good. Well, it’s not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy (for Israel).”

Intelligence wars rely on mathematical models to anticipate the response of “the mark” to staged provocations. Reactions thereby become foreseeable-within an acceptable range of probabilities. When Israeli mathematician Robert J. Aumann received the 2005 Nobel Prize in economic science, he conceded that “the entire school of thought that we have developed here in Israel” has turned “Israel into the leading authority in this field.”

With a well-planned provocation, the anticipated response can even become a weapon in the arsenal of the agent provocateur. In response to 9-11, how difficult would it be to foresee that the U.S. would deploy its military to avenge that attack? With fixed intelligence, how difficult would it be to redirect that response to wage a long-planned war in Iraq – not for U.S. interests but to advance the agenda for Greater Israel?

The emotionally wrenching component of a provocation plays a key role in the field of game theory war planning where Israel is the authority. With the televised murder of 3,000 Americans, a shared mindset of shock, grief and outrage made it easier for U.S. policy-makers to believe that a known Evil Doer in Iraq was responsible, regardless of the facts.

The strategic displacement of facts with induced beliefs, in turn, requires a period of “preparing the mindset” so that “the mark” will put their faith in a pre-staged fiction. Those who induced the March 2003 invasion of Iraq began “laying mental threads” and creating agenda-advancing mental associations more than a decade earlier.

Notable among those threads was the 1993 publication in Foreign Affairs of an article by Harvard professor Samuel Huntington. By the time his analysis appeared in book-length form in 1996 as The Clash of Civilizations, more than 100 academies and think tanks were prepared to promote it, pre-staging a “clash consensus” five years before 9-11.

Also published in 1996 under the guidance of Richard Perle was A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm (i.e., Israel). A member since 1987 of the U.S. Defense Policy Advisory Board, this self-professed Zionist became its chairman in 2001. As a key adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Perle’s senior Pentagon post helped lay the required foundation for removing Saddam Hussein as part of a Greater Israel strategy, a key theme of A Clean Break released five years before 9-11.

A mass murder, articles, books, think tanks and Pentagon insiders, however, are not enough to manage the variables in a “probabilistic” war-planning model. Supportive policy makers are also required to lend the appearance of legitimacy and credibility to an operation justified by intelligence fixed around a pre-determined agenda.

That role was eagerly filled by Senators John McCain, Joe Lieberman, a Jewish Zionist from Connecticut, and Jon Kyl, a Christian Zionist from Arizona, when they co-sponsored the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998. Echoing Tel Aviv’s agenda in A Clean Break, their bill laid another mental thread in the public mindset by calling for the removal of Saddam Hussein three years before 9-11.

The legislation also appropriated $97 million, largely to promote that Zionist agenda. Distracted by mid-term Congressional elections and by impeachment proceedings commenced in reaction to a well-timed presidential affair involving White House intern Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton signed that agenda into law October 31, 1998 – five years before the U.S.-led invasion that removed Saddam Hussein.

After 9-11, John McCain and Joe Lieberman became inseparable travel companions and irrepressible advocates for the invasion of Iraq. Looking “presidential” aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt in January 2002, McCain laid another key thread when he waved an admiral’s cap while proclaiming, alongside Lieberman, “On to Baghdad.”

By Way of Deception

The chutzpah with which this game theory strategy progressed in plain sight could be seen in the behavior of Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, another Zionist insider. Four days after 9-11, in a principals’ meeting at Camp David, he proposed that the U.S. invade Iraq. At that time, the intelligence did not yet point to Iraqi involvement and Osama bin Laden was thought to be hiding in a remote region of Afghanistan.

Frustrated that President George H.W. Bush declined to remove Saddam Hussein during the 1991 Gulf War, Wolfowitz proposed a No-Fly Zone in northern Iraq. By 2001, the Israeli Mossad had agents at work for a decade in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. Intelligence reports of Iraqi ties to Al Qaeda also came from Mosul – reports that later proved to be false. Mosul again emerged in November 2004 as a center of the insurgency that destabilized Iraq. That reaction precluded the speedy exit of coalition forces promised in Congressional testimony by senior war-planner Wolfowitz.

The common source of the fixed intelligence that induced America to war in Iraq has yet to be acknowledged even though intelligence experts agree that deception on such a scale required a decade to plan, staff, pre-stage, orchestrate and, to date, cover up. The two leaders of the 9-11 Commission report conceded they were stopped by Commission members from hearing testimony on the motivation for 9-11: the U.S.-Israeli relationship.

The fictions accepted as generally accepted truths included Iraqi WMD, Iraqi ties to Al Qaeda, Iraqi meetings with Al Qaeda in Prague, Iraqi mobile biological weapons laboratories and Iraqi purchases of “yellowcake” uranium from Niger. Only the last fact was conceded as phony in the relevant time frame. All the rest were disclosed as false, flawed or fixed only after the war began. An attempt to cover-up the yellowcake account led to the federal prosecution of vice-presidential chief of staff Lewis Libby, another well-placed Zionist insider.

Did game theory-modeled pre-staging also include the Israeli provocation that led to the Second Intifada? An intifada is an uprising or, literally, a “shaking off” of an oppressor. The Second Intifada in Palestine dates from September 2000 when Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon led an armed march to Jerusalem’s Temple Mount one year before 9-11.

After a year of calm-during which Palestinians believed in the prospects for peace-suicide bombings recommenced after this high-profile provocation. In response to the uprising, Sharon and Netanyahu observed that only when Americans “feel our pain” would they understand the plight of the victimized Israelis. Both Israeli leaders suggested that shared mindset (“feel our pain”) would require in the U.S. a weighted body count of 4,500 to 5,000 Americans lost to terrorism, the initial estimate of those who died in the twin towers of New York City’s World Trade Center-one year later.

The American Valkyrie?

When successful, game theory warfare strengthens the agent provocateur while leaving the mark discredited and depleted by the anticipated reaction to a well-timed provocation. By game theory standards, 9-11 was a strategic success because the U.S. was portrayed as irrational for its reaction – the invasion of Iraq that triggered a deadly insurgency with devastating consequences both for Iraq and the U.S.

That insurgency, in turn, was an easily modeled reaction to the invasion of a nation that (a) played no role in the provocation, and (b) was known to be populated by three long-warring sects where an unstable peace was maintained by a former U.S. ally who was rebranded an Evil Doer. As the cost in blood and treasure expanded, the U.S. became overextended militarily, financially and diplomatically.

As “the mark” (the U.S.) emerged in the foreground, the agent provocateur faded into the background. But only after catalyzing dynamics that steadily drained the U.S. of credibility, resources and resolve. This “probabilistic” victory also ensured widespread cynicism, insecurity, distrust and disillusionment along with a declining capacity to defend its interests due to the duplicity of a game theory-savvy enemy within.

Meanwhile the American public fell under a regime of oversight, surveillance and intimidation marketed as “homeland” security. This domestic operation even features rhetorical hints of a WWII “fatherland” with clear signs of a force alien to the U.S. with its welcome embrace of open dissent. Is this operation meant to protect Americans or to shield those responsible for this insider operation from Americans?

By manipulating the shared mindset, skilled game theory war-planners can wage battles in plain sight and on multiple fronts with minimal resources. One proven strategy: Pose as an ally of a well-armed nation predisposed to deploy its military in response to a mass murder. In this case, the result destabilized Iraq, creating crises that could be exploited to strategic advantage by expanding the conflict to Iran, another key Israeli goal announced in A Clean Break-seven years before the invasion of Iraq.

Which nation benefitted from the deployment of coalition forces to the region? Today’s mathematically model-able outcome undermined U.S. national security by overextending its military, discrediting its leadership, degrading its financial condition and disabling its political will. In game theory terms, these results were “perfectly predictable”-within an acceptable range of probabilities.

In the asymmetry that typifies today’s unconventional warfare, those who are few in numbers must wage war by way of deception-non-transparently and with means that leverage their impact. Which nation-if not Israel-fits that description?

Treason in Plain Sight?

Game theory war-planners manipulate the shared mental environment by shaping perceptions and creating impressions that become consensus opinions. With the aid of well-timed crises, policy-makers fall in line with a predetermined agenda-not because they are Evil Doers or “imperialists” but because the shared mindset has been pre-conditioned to respond not to the facts but to manipulated emotions and consensus beliefs. Without the murder of 3,000 on 9-11, America’s credibility would not now be damaged and the U.S. economy would be in far better shape.

By steadily displacing facts with what “the mark” can be induced to believe, the few-within-the-few amplify the impact of their duplicity. By steady manipulation of the public’s mindset, game theory war-planners can defeat an opponent with vastly superior resources by inducing those decisions that ensure defeat.

Intelligence wars are waged in plain sight and under the cover of widely shared beliefs. By manipulating consensus opinion, such wars can be won from the inside out by inducing a people to freely choose the very forces that imperil their freedom. Thus in the Information Age the disproportionate power wielded by those with outsized influence in media, pop culture, think tanks, academia and politics-domains where Zionist influence is most rampant.

Induced beliefs act as a force-multiplier to wage intelligence wars from the shadows. At the operational core of such warfare are those masterful at anticipating the mark’s response to a provocation and incorporating that response into their arsenal. For those who wage war in this fashion, facts are only a barrier to overcome. For those nations dependent on facts, the rule of law and informed consent to protect their freedom, such insider treachery poses the greatest possible threat to national security.

America is far less safe than before 9-11. Tel Aviv clearly intends to continue its serial provocations, as evidenced by its ongoing expansion of the settlements. Israel has shown no sign of a willingness to negotiate in good faith or to take the steps required to make peace a possibility. To date, Barack Obama appears unwilling to name senior appointees who are not either Zionists are strongly pro-Israeli. The greatest threat to world peace is not terrorists. The greatest threat is the U.S.-Israeli relationship.

In the same way that a decade of pre-staging was required to plausibly induce the U.S. to invade Iraq, a similar strategy is now underway to persuade the U.S. to invade Iran or to support and condone an attack by Israel. The same duplicity is again at work, including the high profile branding of the requisite Evil Doer. From its very outset, the Zionist enterprise focused on hegemony in the Middle East. Its entangled alliance with the U.S. enabled this enterprise to deploy American might for that purpose.

Only one nation had the means, motive, opportunity and stable nation state intelligence required to take the U.S. to war in the Middle East while also making it appear that Islam is the problem. If Barack Obama continues to defer to Tel Aviv, he can rightly be blamed when the next attack occurs in the U.S. or the European Union featuring the usual orgy of evidence pointing to a predetermined target. Should another mass murder occur, that event will be traceable directly to the U.S.-Israeli relationship and the failure of U.S policy-makers to free America from this enemy within.

Jeff Gates, A widely acclaimed author, attorney, investment banker, educator and consultant to government, corporate and union leaders worldwide, Jeff Gates’ latest book is Guilt By Association—How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War (2008). His previous books include Democracy at Risk: Rescuing Main Street From Wall Street and The Ownership Solution: Toward a Shared Capitalism for the 21st Century.

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Biden: The Vice Hypocrite and Political Vulture

Posted by msrb on September 13, 2009

Biden’s Vulturizing of fallen heroes backfires

Having made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty, how would the two fallen heroes Quinones and Hall have felt knowing Mr Biden would vulturize them to accrue political capital?

In VP Joe Biden tries to accrue political capital at SoCal firefighters funeral, FEWW wrote:

As thousands of firefighters gathered at Dodger Stadium for a high profile memorial service to honor two firefighters killed in the station fire, Biden tried shamelessly to accrue political capital by association. [There’s no other reason why Joe Biden had to memorialize the two firefighters, instead of the governor, mayor or other state official.]

FEWW quoting LA Times:

“There are still acts that go above and beyond duty,” Vice President Joe Biden told the audience as Secret Service agents stood on the top steps of the dugouts and scanned the crowd. “Two men tell others to hunker down and race out to find a way out — it is above and beyond the call of duty. That’s real courage.” —LA Times.

line of duty
(L-R)  Firefighter Spc. Arnaldo “Arnie” Quinones, 34, of Palmdale and Fire Capt. Tedmund “Ted” Hall, 47, of San Bernardino County, who lost their lives in the line of duty. How would they have felt if they knew, having made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty, Mr Biden would use them to accrue political capital?

MSRB Moderators’ quick search uncovered the following stat:

To date, 70 firefighter fatalities have been reported to USFA in 2009; 68 from incidents that occurred in 2009 and two from a previous year incident

Perhaps Mr Biden would like to tell our readers:

How many of the other 68 firefighters who died this year he has memorialized or even eulogized?

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8th Anniversary of 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

Posted by msrb on September 10, 2009

Heinous crimes against humanity were committed on 9/11

Why haven’t the perpetrators been brought to justice?

On the 8th anniversary of 9/11 there are growing numbers of professionals and professional organizations and ordinary folks who are demanding a proper reinvestigation of the terrorist attacks.

Among them, a distinguished group of medical professionals who have joined the call for a new and independent investigation into the events of 9/11/01.

The organization is an alliance of doctors, dentists, nurses, therapists, researchers, and other medical professionals which who announced the formation of Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth on February 24, 2009, and posted a petition calling for a new investigation into the events of 9/11.  The group’s website is at”

A petition signed by 103 members of the Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth is calling for a new and independent investigation into the events of 9/11/01 by a duly constituted legal body with the authority to subpoena and require testimony under oath, and with authority to prosecute if criminal activity is discovered, so that the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity can at last be brought to justice. [See below for the full text of their petition.]

Their contributions to the 9/11 truth movement would be significant, and becomes even more relevant when you watch this video: [ignore the bits about the official story]

MP911Truth Banner

As medical professionals, we are dedicated to the service of humanity; to alleviating suffering, to improving health, and to preserving life. We are horrified by the terrorist acts of 9/11 and the senseless suffering and loss of life resulting from them.

The terrorist acts of 9/11 resulted in the immediate deaths of 3,000 emergency service workers and innocent citizens. The inhalation of toxic dust in the weeks following 9/11 will result in the premature deaths of additional thousands of rescue and construction workers and New York residents. The acts of 9/11 have been further used to justify the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, which have resulted in the deaths of thousands of military personnel and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians.

As medical professionals, we are trained in science and logical reasoning. We are appalled by the lack of scientific rigor and the substantial omissions and blatant distortions in the official account of 9/11 as embodied in the 9/11 Commission Report and related government documents.

We are not alone in our concerns about the validity of the 9/11 Commission Report. A group of 25 senior U.S. intelligence services and law enforcement veterans sent a joint letter to the U.S. Congress expressing similar concerns and their desire for a new investigation. Several very senior CIA veterans have called the 9/11 Commission Report “a cover up” and “a joke” and have called for a new investigation. Several former Republican administration senior appointees have called for a new investigation. Several U.S. State Department veterans have called for a new investigation. And dozens of former senior U.S. military officers have also called for a new investigation.

It is imperative that we have an accurate understanding of 9/11 so that those responsible can be identified and brought to justice in order that they and similarly-minded people never again commit such heinous crimes.

It is also imperative that we have an accurate understanding of 9/11 so that governmental policies resulting from 9/11 are based on truth rather than deception.

We join with other organizations of professionals, such as Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Pilots for 9/11 Truth, Firefighters for 9/11 Truth, and Lawyers for 9/11 Truth, and millions of individual citizens in demanding a thorough, impartial, open and transparent reinvestigation of the terrorist acts of 9/11.

PETITION:We, the members of Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth, believe that whereas:

  • There is incontrovertible publicly available evidence since 9/11/01 that the official account of the events of that day is incomplete and fraught with errors;

  • The 9/11 Commission Report inadequately answered, and in numerous cases even failed to address, many of the most important questions that were called to its attention;

  • The blatant disregard of extensive compelling evidence that clearly refutes the official account raises rational suspicion of intentional deception by agents of the U.S. Government;

  • U.S. Government policies have been, and continue to be, founded upon assumptions about the events of 9/11 that are likely to be erroneous;

  • Life-threatening maladies caused by toxic environmental conditions at Ground Zero in New York City persist today and will continue to develop in the future; and

  • The perpetrators of the heinous crimes against humanity that were committed on 9/11 have still not been brought to justice.

Therefore, we, the members of Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth, call for a new and independent investigation into the events of 9/11/01 by a duly constituted legal body with the authority to subpoena and require testimony under oath, and with authority to prosecute if criminal activity is discovered, so that the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity can at last be brought to justice.

Signed by the following 103 medical professionals: [Whose names and details are posted at the organization’s web page.]

Here’s a list of other professional organization demanding a reinvestigation into the 9/11 terrorist acts

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Sadly… Obama

Posted by msrb on September 9, 2009

Quote for the Day: Hope, But No Chance!

Sadly, the arrival of Obama brought with it a lot of hope, but little change … —Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela

Chavez said in an interview with Le Figaro, a French newspaper, that he sought more transparency from the United States on its foreign policy, adding that he was disappointed by the U.S. activities in South America, including the installation of South America.

Concerning the Israeli genocide against Palestinian people, Mr Chavez said:

“The question is not whether the Israelis want to exterminate the Palestinians. They’re doing it openly.”

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Ashcroft can be sued over arrests: Appeals Court

Posted by msrb on September 7, 2009

A 9th Circuit panel of judges ruled Ashcroft violated the rights of citizens held as material witnesses without cause

ashcroft AP
The ex-attorney general, John Ashcroft, has been denied general immunity from liability for the material witness arrests. Former Attorney General John Ashcroft talks to reporters after meeting with the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence about the controversy regarding the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, FISA, , at the Capitol in Washington (
Thursday, June 21, 2009). A federal appeals court delivered a stinging rebuke Friday, Sept. 4, 2009, to the Bush administration’s detention policies after the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks, ruling that former Attorney General John Ashcroft can be held liable for people who were wrongfully detained as material witnesses. Photo: Lauren Victoria Burke/AP (via Miami Herald). Image may be subject to copyright.

The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that John Ashcroft violated the rights of U.S. citizens by ordering arrests on material witness warrants when the government lacked probable cause. The 3-judge panel also denied the ex-attorney general immunity from liability for his use of material witness warrants in national security investigations.

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Marginalized Reality

Posted by msrb on September 6, 2009

Thought for the Day: Truth, an Extreme View

The reality has been so twisted, turned and marginalized that holding on to the truth is considered an extreme view!

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Celebrating the Democracy in Afghanistan

Posted by msrb on September 6, 2009

Image of the Day: US Embassy Guards Celebrate the US-Led NATO-Style Democracy in Afghanistan

Caution: Graphic!

US embassy guards 5

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Swine Flu Scare Entering Trillion-dollar Phase?

Posted by msrb on August 26, 2009

Beware of the President’s CAST

Swine flu could kill up to 90,000 in the U.S., mostly children and young people: CAST


Swine Flu: A Deadly $100 billion Scam?

MSRB Moderators highlighted the main impetus behind the “swine flu” scare—money. The information was complemented by links to a number of key articles on the epidemic that looked at the scam from different angles, and that are posted at A(H1N1) Virus:  [Swine Flu: A Deadly $100 $600 billion Scam.]

So what’s is the President’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology H1N1 report all about? Is it more scaremongering on behalf of the pharmaceuticals, or something a lot more sinister, which the cabal plans to use the  swine flu scare choreography to hide behind?

[Note: An interesting point here is that WHO, acting for the pharmaceuticals as their scaremonger-in-chief for swine flu scare tactics,  has relegated its role  to the President’s CAST for maximum effect.]

According to an 86-page report by the White House advisory panel titled: REPORT TO THE PRESIDENT ON U.S. PREPARATIONS FOR 2009-H1N1 INFLUENZA

  • Up to 90,000 people, mostly children and young people, could die of swine flu in the U.S.
  • Up to 1.8 million people could be hospitalized with swine flu infection, occupying 50 to 100 percent of the intensive-care beds in cities across the country.
  • Up to half the population infected by this winter.

And they call this  “a plausible scenario,” as Part Deux wave of H1N1 virus is about strike the United States.

We know these estimates are NOT even remotely true, but we also know that the cabal holds all the aces in their hands, in their sleeves to be precise.

Here’s the dilemma:

1. If the Administration bows to the pharmaceuticals’  blackmail demand, and it probably would, by spending zillions of taxpayer dollars on drugs and vaccines,  the  CAST would probably celebrate and say, “thanks to our advice, and the Administrations’ adequate preparation, we managed to  avert a national tragedy and save the entire nation [until the next “epidemic.”] Or words to that effect.

2. But, what if the administration refused to be blackmailed? After all, they could get some independent advice on the H1N1 worst case scenario, sit back and have a good laugh at the President’s CAST. Couldn’t they? Unfortunately, that’s a highly unlikely scenario while “I want to look forward, not back” is in the Office.

NOTE: One way to explain this, is to compare it with the US “Serial Wars,” the wars that US is  fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Swine flu scare is analogous to “War on Terror.” The cabal is constantly reminding the people  that unless the “war on terror”  is  fought over there [replace with: the need for swine flu vaccination,] then “terrorists” would come over here to kill thousands of people [replace with: deaths from H1N1 infection] and cripple the nation.

But what if, in the most unlikely scenario, the White House called the cabal’s bluff, binned the President’s CAST report on H1N1 preparation and  refused to be blackmailed?

If that were to happen, then the cabal would “bait and switch,” by changing their playing hand, as it were, like what FEWW says in ‘Swine Flu’ Double Psychology

…  if they push the case too hard and fast, the pharmaceuticals could call [the Administration’s hypothetical] bluff-calling hand by switching own cards, as it were [pulling the winning ace out of their sleeve.] They could release the X(NyNz) “a selectively-targeting” flu virus  mutation [similar to the current one whose victims are 99.5% Mexicans,] and strike another section of the world population [the U.S. population, for example,] with an added vengeance,  in an attempt to [prove their point and win the game.]

“Today, however, officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the agency with the most expertise on influenza pandemics, suggested that the projections should be regarded with caution.” NY Times reported.

“We don’t necessarily see this as a likely scenario,” said Dr. Anne Schuchat, director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases.

A CDC press officer, threading carefully not to upset President’s CAST was reported as saying: “Look, if the virus keeps behaving the way it is now, I don’t think anyone here expects anything like 90,000 deaths.”

NY Times reported one of the report authors as casting doubt over the report’s potential casualty figures:

“As more data has come out of the Southern Hemisphere, where it seems to be fading, it looks as if it’s going to be somewhat milder,” said the expert, Marc Lipsitch, an epidemiologist at the Harvard School of Public Health. “If we were betting on the most likely number, I’d say it’s not 90,000 deaths; it’s lower.”

“Yes,” our colleagues at MSRB unanimously say: “Much, much, lower … unless the switch the virus to a much deadlier one, without telling anyone about it.”

Dr. Harold Varmus,  one of the panel’s chairmen, has reportedly defended the report: “A lot of people think the flu is over,” Dr. Varmus said. “We think it’s important that there be a dose of reality. It’s certainly not an outlandish proposal. A lot of people are going to be infected.”

NY Times finds it unusual that “a report with such striking figures,” would have been released with so “little fanfare,” and minimal “coordination than might have been expected among public health officials.”

Following excerpts are from the NY Time article:

The report was posted on the White House Web site on Monday, two weeks late, since it was dated Aug. 7. With President Obama on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, no news conference with the White House or with the report’s authors was scheduled.

Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of health and human services, was at the disease centers’ headquarters in Atlanta, addressing a special symposium on swine flu.

A summary of the report was handed out by the centers’ press staff to medical reporters as she spoke, but Ms. Sebelius did not dwell on it or mention its forecast of 30,000 to 90,000 deaths, more than twice the 36,000 deaths usually caused by seasonal flu.

With the centers’ director, Dr. Thomas Frieden, by her side, she said fall would be a challenge when flu returned, and acknowledged a recent Washington Post poll showing that few Americans were worried. She even joked that it might bring handkerchiefs back into fashion. More …

For the record, while both Kathleen Sebelius and CDC’s Frieden have acknowledged that “some people” would die, neither has provided an estimate.

Finally, in ‘Swine Flu’ Double Psychology FEWW says:

[If the CAST estimates were] even remotely true, and the threat of a [second, much deadlier wave of swine flu striking the U.S. were] imminent, then [the White House must] discharge their responsibility to the people by taking at least the following two steps:

  1. Dismantle WHO [and the President’s CAST] and replace [them] with [honest, professional and competent organizations that are uncorrupted by the pharmaceuticals.]
  2. Nationalize pharmaceuticals to eliminate any threat of the laboratory-engineered “designer mutations” of [swine] flu and other deadly viral disease pandemics, weapons  that are used for monetary exploitation [by the pharmaceuticals.]

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Like Cake Walk

Posted by msrb on August 25, 2009

Image of the Day: Regrets!

They said it would be so easy even I could do it!

President Obama
Preseident Barak Obama [August 2009.] Photo: Reuters. Image may be subject to copyright.

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Obama was never formulated to cure you!

Posted by msrb on August 18, 2009

Obama is like morphine!

He wasn’t manufactured to cure your socioeconomic gangrene; he was prescribed to ease the pain as the corporate power cut off your limbs.

When we called President Obama the ‘Presidential Trojan Horse,’ and compared the White House with a McDonald’s franchise, Google blocked the posts. For the record, however, our descriptions have proven to be spot on! The corporate power has never been so abusive under the reign of just about any of Obama’s predecessors.

The Presidential Trojan Horse will carry the corporate power right inside, where they couldn’t reach before!

And to those of you who say, ‘ah, but we elected him!’ We say, face it; you had NO real choice!

“Now Make Me Do It”

by Ralph Nader

Never much of a fighter against abusive corporate power, Barack Obama is making it increasingly clear that right from his start as President, he wanted health insurance reform that received the approval of the giant drug and health insurance industries.

Earlier this year he started inviting top bosses of these companies for intimate confabs in the White House. Business Week magazine, which proclaimed recently that “The Health Insurers Have Already Won” reported that the CEO of UnitedHealth, Stephen J. Hemsley, met with the President half a dozen times.

These are the vendors. They and their campaign slush funds cannot be ignored in the power struggle over the legislation percolating in the Congress. One public result of these meetings was that the drug industry promised $80 billion in savings over ten years and the health insurance moguls promised $150 billion over the same decade. Mr. Obama trumpeted these declarations without indicating how these savings would be guaranteed, how the drug companies could navigate the antitrust laws and what was given to the health care industry by the White House in return.

We have now learned that one Obama promise was to continue the prohibition on Uncle Sam from bargaining for volume discounts on drugs that you the taxpayer have been paying for in the drug benefit program enacted in 2003.

Unknown is whether the health insurance companies were also promised continuation of Medicare Advantage with its 14% added taxpayer subsidy to induce the elderly to make the move out of public Medicare. Also unknown is whether the Medicare public option that Mr. Obama formerly espoused but since has wavered on has been put on the concession table.

The whole secret process is seedy and demonstrates cruel disregard for the millions of American who, whether in dire need of medical services or not, voted in “change we can believe in.”

By stark contrast, President Obama has never invited to the White House the leading consumer-patient champions in this country who favor full Medicare and free choice of physician and hospital—often called “a single payer” system. Open to the corporate barons who have failed decade after decade to deliver what patients need, the White House door is closed to the likes of Dr. Quentin Young—a founder of the Physicians for a National Health Program and an old Chicago friend of Obama’s, Dr. Sidney Wolfe, who heads Public Citizen’s Health Research Group, Drs. Marcia Angell, Stephanie Woolhandler, and David Himmelstein, who are nationally known and accomplished single payer advocates or Rose Ann DeMoro, executive director of the fast-growing California Nurses Association.

Mr. Obama even tried to exclude any advocate of a single payer system—previously favored by Obama and still favored by a majority of the American people, doctors and nurses—from his roundtable meetings convened to receive the views of different constituencies.

“Make me do it” was the advice of Franklin Delano Roosevelt to reformers when faced with legislation he desired but did not have the votes for in Congress. Mr. Obama is not exerting that plea for people power. Were he to do that, he would be encouraging daily public hearings in the Senate and the House on the bureaucratic waste, greed, overbilling, collusion, and fraud that many in the corporate world have inflicted with their costly, pay or die health care industry.

Such publicized hearings would keep him on the offensive. It would arouse the public and focus energies on the main problem—the corporatization of medicine. This commercialism has left tens of millions of people without health insurance, caused 20,000 fatalities a year, and cost Americans twice or more per capita than have full Medicare systems in western countries, which have better health outcomes than the U.S.

Further indication of Obama’s corporate dealings is that he never identified himself with a specific bill with a House and Senate number that he could rally the people around. No wonder people are confused, frustrated and angry. President Obama did not stand for an unambiguous proposal.

He thereby emboldened both the cash and carry Blue dog Democrats to rebel and the Republican yahoos to launch their lies and distortions via Rush Limbaugh and similar trash media.

Obama is about to make his biggest mistake to date by favoring the bipartisan deal his assistants are working out with Blue Dog Senator Max Baucus and his Republican counterparts on the Senate Finance Committee. This proposal has no public option, no consumer protections or restraints on the mayhem and skyrocketing charges of the so-called health care industry.

Already the less corporate-indentured bills being reported from the House Committee by Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) and his allies are getting short-shrift from a White House that clearly views the forthcoming Baucus-Grassley “compromise” as the “more practical” go-to legislation.

There is reliable word that the AFL-CIO will endorse whatever Obama approves, with the exceptions of the California Nurses Association and the Sheet Metal Workers’ union. The latter, through their president, Michael J. Sullivan, announced in late July that it was suspending all future campaign contributions to any candidate for Congress or the Presidency.

Already over sixty progressive members of the House, headed by Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) have declared opposition to these unacceptable compromises moving forward in both the House and the Senate.

So is gridlock around the corner? Will there be a health insurance reform of any stripe signed into law this year? It depends on the alliances that settle for the lowest corporate denominators being blocked by the unyielding principled stands of the progressives who want something that puts patients above the failed profiteering vendors.

The guess here is that Obama will sign anything which squirms through a cowardly Congress that cannot give to the American people in 2009 the health care system Congress stopped President Harry Truman from establishing in 1950.

It is up to the people of our country to “make him do it” whether this year or next. A mere one million immediate calls to members of Congress by one million assertive citizens will start sobering up these legislators who think they can get away with another sale of our public trust.

The Congressional switchboard is 202-224-3121. The full Medicare, single payer bill (backed by nearly ninety legislators) is H.R. 676. The go-to citizen group for your sustained engagement is The rest is up to you, the majority, who want to put the people first.

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It’s Slapdash China, Again!

Posted by msrb on August 3, 2009

China Shuts down factory after cadmium poisoning protests

The authorities shut down a chemical plant near Liuyang city, Hunan Province, central China, after 1,000 villagers protested against cadmium pollution, which has killed two people and sickened  hundreds of others, Chinese media reported on Monday.

The pollution from Xianghe Chemical Factory, which produced zinc sulfate, killed  two villagers in May and June. Autopsies showed high levels of cadmium in their bodies,  China News Agency said.

The state authorities suspended two environment officials,  detained the chemical plant’s boss and said  the plant was closed “forever.”

Hunan province has tended to be tougher on plants that pollute the Xiang River, on which the provincial capital, Changsha, depends for its drinking water. The provincial people’s congress requires annual reports on water quality, in another sign of the local representatives’ concern.

Six villagers were reportedly arrested during the protest, one of whom was severely beaten by police, Hong Kong’s Ta Kung Pao newspaper said.

The illegal extraction of non-ferrous metals in the region has increased in recent years due to corruption, and hundreds of extraction plants are now discharging untreated chemical-laced sewage into the river, Caijing added. Vegetables grown along the river have also been found to contain high levels of cadmium, mercury and lead.

The following report was sourced from China Internet Information Center:

Plant boss held over sudden deaths

Authorities in central China have suspended two environment officials and detained a chemical plant boss after hundreds of residents protested, claiming the factory polluted a river and caused at least two deaths in the area.

Hunan’s environment monitoring authorities confirmed that as of last Friday, they discovered cadmium content exceeded legal levels for 509 people, the province’s leading news Website portal,, reported last night. Cadmium is a known carcinogen.

The authorities tested a total of 2,888 people, the report said.

The authorities also tested 622 water samples but didn’t find an abnormal cadmium content.

The report said 33 people who took the cadmium test must undergo inpatient treatment, and 25 of them have been hospitalized at the provincial labor health medical center. The other eight declined to be hospitalized and were receiving outpatient treatment, the report said.

The 33 people lived between 500 meters and 1,200 meters from the chemical factory, the report said.

Last Thursday about 1,000 villagers took to the streets in Zhentou Township, in Hunan’s Liuyang City, protesting detention of six villagers the previous day during demonstrations against pollution caused by the chemical plant, according to Xinhua news agency.

The legal representative of the plant was detained and the chief and one deputy chief of Liuyang Environment Protection Bureau were suspended from their posts for further investigation, said a spokesman for the Liuyang government.

Local authorities declined to give the names of those under inquiry.

The villagers have been protesting the pollution since the deaths of two people, with excessive cadmium levels found in their bodies, more than two months ago.

Last Thursday, villagers gathered at the township government building and police station, asking for free health checks, free medical treatment and compensation for polluted crops and land.

A source from the Hunan Provincial Environmental Protection Department said the private business, Changsha Xianghe Chemical Factory in Shuangqiao Village of the township, began refining indium, a rare malleable metal, in April 2004.

According to local villagers, soon after that, large areas of trees began to wither and die and some villagers felt fatigue, dizziness, difficulty in breathing and sore joints.

Later, medical exams confirmed that the content of cadmium exceeded legal levels for an unspecified number of villagers.

In May this year, a 44-year-old resident in Shuangqiao Village, Luo Bolin, died suddenly, and the provincial labor health medical center found that the cadmium content in Luo’s body “seriously exceeded” legal levels, Xinhua said.

A month later, another villager, Yang Shuzhi, 61, was hospitalized with a respiratory disease and died soon after. The center discovered in a urine test that Yang’s cadmium was more than four times the legal level, according to Xinhua.

From the onset, the plant was riddled with problems, including poor environmental management, heaping of solid waste and a lack of rainwater-collection devices.

Villagers said the plant was harming the local environment with excessive concentrations of toxic heavy metals cadmium and indium, which endangered the safety of drinking water.

Authorities in Changsha, the provincial capital, said illegal operations at the factory produced cadmium pollution. They said areas within a 1,200-meter radius of the factory were tainted.

The environmental protection department ordered the plant to halt production in March this year.

Government departments in Changsha and Liuyang have set up a joint group to carry out surveys into the plant’s negative impact on the environment and people’s health.

(Shanghai Daily August 3, 2009). Copyright © All Rights Reserved

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S-Koreans Feel Shafted Once Again

Posted by msrb on July 31, 2009

Why Should We Pay the Price of Failed Global Economy?

A [well-padded] protester is apprehended by riot police during an anti-government rally supporting Ssangyong Motor workers near the automaker’s main plant in Pyeongtaek, about 70 km (40 miles) south of Seoul July 29, 2009. Ssangyong Motor, maker of sport utility vehicles and 51 percent owned by Chinese automaker SAIC Motor Corp, secured protection under court receivership in February and has called for more than 1,000 workers to be laid off, triggering protests from the labour union. Thousands of protesters held the rally denouncing the police’s plan to evict the unionists on Wendesday from the plant, which about 600 striking workers have been occupying for over two months. REUTERS/Jo Yong-Hak. Image may be subject to copyright.

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Let’s Cut the Middleman Out of the System

Posted by msrb on July 18, 2009

In December 2008 a reader wrote:

Thought for the Day: The Church and Banks

The Church and banks in their role as middlemen work in quite similar ways:

One steals your spiritual enlightenment;
the other swindles you out of material possession!

A scan of the Magna Carta. The Magna Carta commands, “If any one has taken anything, whether much or little, by way of loan from Jews, and if he dies before that debt is paid, the debt shall not carry usury so long as the heir is under age, from whomsoever he may hold. And if that debt falls into our hands, we will take only the principal contained in the note.” Im age and caption: Wikipedia

What if you cut the middleman out of the system? What if you didn’t have to pay any interest on the money you borrow?

Adrian Kuzminski, Resident Scholar in Philosophy at Hartwick College, and the author of Fixing the System: A History of Populism, Ancient & Modern, says:

This time around, with dense populations and a scarcity of natural resources, especially energy, across the globe, and widespread ecological destruction, there is little prospect that economic growth can or even should be re-stimulated.

He says the populists in the United States in the bygone days wanted the money flow to be controlled by Main Street, not Wall Street:

Why, they asked, should credit— for mortgages, home equity, consumer spending, auto loans, education, etc.—be available almost exclusively from private lenders at high rates of interest? Why shouldn’t citizens be able to access credit directly by borrowing at nominal rates of interest from a decentralized public system of lending?

Below is his short essay, also mirrored at Information Clearing House; however, we find it difficult to fathom why (and how) he brands  Sarah Palin as a “populist.” Is he re-branding Palin, who has proven herself to be an abject failure as a parent, politician, human being … , as a “populist” to give her a “good” name, or does he intend to doublespeak himself out of the “populism” argument?

Taking Populism Seriously

By Adrian Kuzminski

July 17, 2009 “Information Clearing House” — Populism persists as an uncomfortable element in American and global political life, neither left nor right, liberal nor conservative. Populists are widely portrayed as economic losers resentful of rich elites. Our bi-partisan political and media establishment routinely downplays this resentment, castigating it as the source of misguided “class warfare,” even though mainstream politicians, when desperate enough, don’t hesitate to arouse just enough populist resentment to gain votes, while artfully evading the substance of populist complaints.

Contemporary populists, like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, appear to the establishment to be “no-nothings” who don’t understand “how the system works.” They, and increasing numbers of Americans, do, however, know something that their critics don’t: that the system is unjust and failing. Should the predictions of blogosphere doomer prognosticators — like Mike Whitney, Paul Craig Roberts, Michael Hudson, and others — come true, the principal victims will be liberals, progressives, and the Democratic party. They will all be identified with attempts to save a failed system, and discredited for propping up Wall Street and “the money power.” Obama will go the way of Gorbachev, if he’s lucky.

After the real crash — which we still await — the populists will inherit political power, if only by default. Are they ready for it? On this score their critics have a point: so far populists display no coherent alternative to the system whose evils they rightly decry. Until they develop one they are more likely to bring chaos and anarchy than stability and justice. Fortunately for the populists such an alternative already exists, and they can find it in their own history if they bother to look.

The populist impulse of today, widespread but fragmented and disorganized, is what’s left of a once proud and impressive mass political movement in this country. In its heyday, in the 1880s and 90s, fifty populists from the People’s party, were elected to the US Congress, with many others winning state and local offices. Such a showing by a third party today would be cataclysmic.

The old populists were out-maneuvered and finally marginlized by what they and earlier Jeffersonians and Jacksonians called “the money power,” the privatized and largely unregulated banking and credit system which reduced many small independent producers — farmers, artisans, shopkeepers — to debt peonage by unnecessary, that is, usurious interest rates. Today that same “money power,” after decades of ascendency, stands insolvent in the wake of the Great Crash of 2008, and the nation faces a second Great Depression. Hundreds of trillions of dollars of outstanding debt far outstrip the productive potential of the nation and the planet ever to be repaid.

This time around, with dense populations and a scarcity of natural resources, especially energy, across the globe, and widespread ecological destruction, there is little prospect that economic growth can or even should be restimulated. Nonetheless, in the face of this crisis, both liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans, and Obama like Bush before him, desperately seek to reinflate the credit bubble, this time on the backs of taxpayers. Insofar as already maxed-out taxpayers cannot carry that burden, the dollar and much of our economy is poised to collapse.

Our fixation with economic growth is largely driven by a usurious financial system. If credit is available only on the condition of onerous rates of interest, then borrowers (individuals and businesses) must put the money they borrow to work, not only to repay the principal and leave some profit for themselves, but to repay as well the interest owed to creditors. It is this, more than anything else, which forces the economy to “grow.”

We’ve gotten gotten away with it for over 200 years of the industrial revolution mostly because we’ve been able to exploit natural resources, especially fossil fuels, to enable this growth. But global population growth and resource depletion, including “peak oil,” appear to have finally caught up with us. The real cause of the depression and the credit crisis is the dawning realization by investors that these resource constraints are contraints on growth, and that the high growth rates enjoyed since the eighteenth century may be a thing of the past.

The populists were the last movement in the United States to offer a viable alternative to the privatized usurious financial system. They wanted Main Street, not Wall Street, to control money. Why, they asked, should credit — for mortgages, home equity, consumer spending, auto loans, education, etc. — be available almost exclusively from private lenders at high rates of interest? Why shouldn’t citizens be able to access credit directly by borrowing at nominal rates of interest from a decentralized public system of lending?

This was actually possible in colonial America, when land banks and paper currencies made credit widely and cheaply available. As historian Terry Bouton makes clear in his account of the American revolution in Pennsylvania in his compelling book, TAMING DEMOCRACY, the suppression of this public credit by Parliament in Britain led to depression and the revolution. The counter-revolution of propertied elites in the 1780s, culminating in the US Constitution, strangled this impulse for cheap credit. The 19th century witnessed a long but losing struggle against privatized usurious financial interest, who finally sealed their control over money and the economy with the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913.

But the idea of cheap public credit was kept alive by Jeffersonians, Jacksonians, and populists. It was developed probably in greatest detail by an early American populist, Edward Kellogg (1790-1858), especially in his postumously published A NEW MONETARY SYSTEM (1861). Kellogg and other populists argued that we ought to have a public not a private financial system. In his plan, citizens would go to local public credit banks and offer collateral for personal loans for any purpose; the money, issued locally but held to a federally enforced standard of a fixed, nominal rate of interest (about 1 percent), would be legal tender, everywhere interchangeable, and so circulate throughout the nation.

Today our money is created top-down as loans from the privately owned Federal Reserve to big banks, who relend to corporations and to the public at rates of interest profitable (when repaid) to themselves. This is a system which demands economic growth and insures that wealth will be concentrated in the hands of creditors. By insisting on a fixed nominal rate of interest Kellogg aimed to forstall tranfers of wealth to creditors. There should be no private charge for money, he reasoned, insofar as money is a public function. And with money issued locally to local borrowers, there would be no need for a central bank.

Now there’s a revolutionary idea, and a liberating one. The opportunity to borrow money without unnecessary interest would be economically and politically transformative. It would also be ecologically responsible. The major engine of economic growth, after all, is the need to pay back debt with interest. By making money available at zero or nominal interest, the incentive for economic growth would be removed.

Moreover, in gaining widespread access to capital, individuals would be able to invest in themselves (in education, housing, consumer goods, starting a business, etc.) without having to transfer their wealth to creditors (consider the interest on a typical credit card or mortgage). Freed of the burden of usurious interest, the pursuit of happiness and genuine liberty would be widely possible. And, not least, the power of the special interests would be broken, restoring the promise of genuinely democratic government.

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Expelling the American Myths

Posted by msrb on July 15, 2009

submitted by a reader

Whatever our differences with Cindy Sheehan, we find her latest speeches more to the point and worth a listen

“Myth America: 10 Greatest Myths of the Robber Class and the Case for Revolution”

Myth #1. America: Greatest Nation in the Universe!
Myth # 2. Elections Matter
Myth # 3. There’s a huge Difference Between Dems and Repubs
Myth # 4. It is Noble to Die in Robber Class Wars
Myth # 5. The Federal Reserve Cares About You
Myth # 6. It’s a Privilege to pay Income Taxes to the Robber Class
Myth # 7. Housing, Health Care and Education are Privileges, too
Myth # 8. America has a Free Press
Myth # 9. The Environment, Who Needs it?
Myth #10. Nineteen Muslims with box cutters were responsible for 9/11

This page is mirrored at

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Ms. Sheehan was speaking at an event that was co-sponsored by the Lehigh Valley Thomas Paine Chapter of Veterans for Peace and the Social Concerns Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Lehigh Valley. Click here to purchase “Myth America”

Cindy Sheehan takes on the Robber Class

By Bob Fitrakis

July 11, 2009 “The Free Press he United States has produced several mythic historical figures – Paul Bunyan, John Henry and the like – but our actual prophetic peace activists are actually far more interesting. People like Eugene Victor Debs, Emma Goldman, and in our present day, Cindy Sheehan.

Myth America: 10 Greatest Myths of the Robber Class and the Case for Revolution places Sheehan firmly in the pantheon of progressive heroes. Myth America is an online book by Sheehan geared towards destroying the military industrial and security industrial complex that killed her son Casey in the corrupt war in Iraq.

Sheehan is calling for re-localization and the uncoupling of the “robbed class” from the war profiteers and new high-tech robber barons that are flourishing under globalization. The beauty of Sheehan’s work, directly echoing the speeches and writings of Debs, is its sheer bluntness.

I interviewed her for, and she began by pointing out that “the last month or so in Iraq does not show that the war is winding down, and that part of Obama’s plan to withdraw from the cities in Iraq simply involved redefining the border of the city.” She termed the so-called withdrawal “painfully slow.”

“The peace movement has been co-opted by the Democratic Party,” Sheehan said, while on her way to a national gathering of peace activists in Pittsburgh on July 10. She ran a Congressional campaign in the Democratic primary last year against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and raised the issue of Pelosi being aware of the practices of torture and waterboarding.

Sheehan favors the appointment of an independent special prosecutor to look into the issues of torture and war crimes in Iraq. She is well aware that if you begin digging up facts concerning the practices of the Bush administration following 911, you’re going to “pull up some Democratic skeletons as well.”

Sheehan argues that it’s necessary to dig up all the bodies and bones or there’ll be “no healing.”

In one sense, Sheehan is both old-fashioned and cutting edge – she uses the appropriate term in discussing U.S. foreign policy – “imperial.” When asked she believes current U.S. policy is imperialist, she replied “Of course.”

But her focus is more on re-invigorating the peace movement at the local level, which she says is doing a “bad job” under the Obama administration. Make no mistake, Sheehan sees the current imperial policy of the U.S. reflected in a domestic “class war” as well. The book poses a key question: “What can the vast majority of Americans do as the “robbed class?” She recently wrote: “The so-called Ship of State that ‘turns slowly’ cannot turn at all if the rudder keeps pointing in the direction of economic piracy for the Robbers and economic pillage for We the Robbed.” This populism from below sentiment has usually been a harbinger for large-scale social economic movements, from the original Populists to the Socialists, Wobblies, progressives and New Leftists.

Her new book analyzes the relationship between the U.S. government and the six or so transnational media corporations that control 80% of the world’s for-profit content. Sheehan’s strategy is to avoid the Robber Class corporations as much as possible, whether its through publishing e-books and articles on the internet, or re-allocating one’s capital in a different direction.

Sheehan’s pitch is to free ourselves from our co-dependency with the Robber Class. “…Only buy used, only use cash or bank debit cards, or only buy from local merchants,” she recently wrote. They can only steal from us if we enable them.” And when the Robber Class steals from us they generally get away with it. Sheehan argues that Bernie Madoff was punished so severely because he stole from the rich.

Sheehan’s book is a plea for the robbed class to take back their independence and the wealth that they produce, not only for their own good, but for the good of all the people on the planet.

Bob Fitrakis is the Editor of and the author of The Idea of Democratic Socialism in America and the Decline of the Socialist Party.

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Dick Cheney’s War on America

Posted by msrb on July 13, 2009

submitted by a reader

Dick Cheney and the CIA always operated above and beyond the law!

From the  testimony of former Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta before the 9/11 Commission on May 23, 2003 concerning American Airlines Flight 77 and the actions of Vice President Richard Cheney on the morning of September 11, 2001  …

dick cheney
Richard B. Cheney: The Mastermind of 9/11 attacks on America.


No, I was not. I was made aware of it during the time that the airplane coming into the Pentagon. There was a young man who had come in and said to the vice president, “The plane is 50 miles out. The plane is 30 miles out.” And when it got down to, “The plane is 10 miles out,” the young man also said to the vice president, “Do the orders still stand?” And the vice president turned and whipped his neck around and said, “Of course the orders still stand. Have you heard anything to the contrary?”  [Source: Journal of 9/11 Studies]

The following is an account of how the former Vice President Dick Cheney and CIA Director George J. Tenet ran a private and  secret intelligence program in the US.

Report: Cheney ordered CIA to hide info from Congress

By Scott Shane  – The New York Times

The Central Intelligence Agency withheld information about a secret counterterrorism program from Congress for eight years on direct orders from former Vice President Dick Cheney, the agency’s director, Leon Panetta, has told the Senate and House intelligence committees, two people with knowledge of the matter said Saturday.

The Central Intelligence Agency withheld information about a secret counterterrorism program from Congress for eight years on direct orders from former Vice President Dick Cheney, the agency’s director, Leon Panetta, has told the Senate and House intelligence committees, two people with knowledge of the matter said Saturday.

The report that Cheney was behind the decision to conceal the still-unidentified program from Congress deepened the mystery surrounding it, suggesting that the Bush administration had put a high priority on the program and its secrecy.

Panetta, who ended the program when he learned of its existence from subordinates on June 23, briefed the two intelligence committees about it in separate closed sessions the next day.

Efforts to reach Cheney through relatives and associates were unsuccessful.

The question of how completely the CIA informed Congress about sensitive programs has been hotly disputed by Democrats and Republicans since May, when Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused the agency of failing to reveal in 2002 that it was waterboarding a terrorism suspect, an allegation Panetta denied.

The law requires the president to ensure the intelligence committees “are kept fully and currently informed of the intelligence activities of the United States, including any significant anticipated intelligence activity.” But the language of the statute, the amended National Security Act of 1947, leaves some leeway for judgment, saying such briefings should be conducted “to the extent consistent with due regard for the protection from unauthorized disclosure of classified information relating to sensitive intelligence sources and methods or other exceptionally sensitive matters.”

Not “fully operational”

In addition, for covert-action programs, a particularly secret category in which the role of the United States is hidden, the law says briefings can be limited to the so-called Gang of Eight, consisting of the Republican and Democratic leaders of both houses of Congress and of their intelligence committees.

Democrats in Congress, who contend the covert action provision was abused to cover up programs under Bush, are seeking to change the law to permit the full committees to be briefed on more matters.

President Obama, however, has threatened to veto the intelligence authorization bill if the changes go too far.

A spokesman for the intelligence agency, Paul Gimigliano, declined Saturday to comment on the report of Cheney’s role.

“It’s not agency practice to discuss what may or may not have been said in a classified briefing,” Gimigliano said. “When a CIA unit brought this matter to Director Panetta’s attention, it was with the recommendation that it be shared appropriately with Congress. That was also his view, and he took swift, decisive action to put it into effect.”

Bill Harlow, a spokesman for George Tenet, who was director of central intelligence when the unidentified program began, declined to comment Saturday, noting the program remains classified.

Intelligence and congressional officials have said the unidentified program did not involve the CIA interrogation program and did not involve domestic intelligence activities.

They have said the program was started by the counterterrorism center at the CIA shortly after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, but never became fully operational, involving planning and some training that took place sporadically from 2001 until this year.

“Because this program never went fully operational and hadn’t been briefed as Panetta thought it should have been, his decision to kill it was neither difficult nor controversial,” one intelligence official, who would speak about the classified program only on condition of anonymity. “That’s worth remembering amid all the drama.”

Members of Congress have differed on the significance of the program, whose details remain secret. Most of those interviewed, however, have said that it was an important activity they felt should have been disclosed.

Secret program

In the eight years of his vice presidency, Cheney was the Bush administration’s most vehement defender of the secrecy of government activities, particularly in the intelligence arena. He went to the Supreme Court to keep secret the advisers to his task force on energy and won.

A report released on Friday by the inspectors general of five agencies about the National Security Agency’s domestic surveillance program makes clear Cheney’s former chief of staff, David Addington, had to approve every government official who was told about the program. The report said “the exceptionally compartmented nature of the program” frustrated FBI agents who were assigned to follow up on tips it turned up.

High-level NSA officials who were responsible for ensuring the surveillance program was legal, including the agency’s inspector general and general counsel, were not permitted by Cheney’s office to read the Justice Department opinion that found the eavesdropping legal, several officials said.

Addington could not be reached for comment Saturday.

Questions over the adequacy and truthfulness of the CIA’s briefings for Congress date back to the creation of the intelligence oversight committees in the 1970s after disclosures of agency assassination and mind-control programs and other abuses. But complaints increased in the Bush years, when the CIA and other intelligence agencies took the major role in pursuing al-Qaida.

The use of harsh interrogation methods, including waterboarding, for instance, was first described to a handful of lawmakers in September 2002.

Pelosi and CIA officials have disagreed about what she was told, but in any case, the briefing occurred after a terrorism suspect, Abu Zubaydah, had been waterboarded 83 times.


Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., a member of the House intelligence committee, wrote Friday to the chairman, Rep. Silvestre Reyes, D-Texas, to demand an investigation of the unidentified program and why Congress was not told of it. Aides said Reyes was reviewing the matter.

“There’s been a history of difficulty in getting the CIA to tell us what they should,” said Rep. Adam Smith, D-Tacoma. “We will absolutely be held accountable for anything the agency does.”

Rep. Peter Hoekstra of Michigan, the committee’s top Republican, said he would not judge the agency harshly in the case of the unidentified program because it was not fully operational. But he said that, in general, the agency has not been as forthcoming as the law requires.

“We have to pull the information out of them to get what we need,” Hoekstra said.

Copyright © 2009 The Seattle Times Company

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Netanyahu: A Tyrant Like ‘Moses’

Posted by msrb on July 10, 2009

Ancient Israeli Myths Deter Peace

By Robert Parry (A Special Report) –

July 9, 2009

The rationale for formally designating Israel a Jewish state – as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu now demands – rests on three religious-political pillars: God’s purported covenant with Moses instructing the ancient Israelites to conquer the land, the injustice of the Roman-era Diaspora that supposedly removed them centuries later, and the brutal persecution of European Jews in the Holocaust.

[The fictional] Passage of the Red Sea on a 1641 fresco from Yaroslavl, Russia.

Yet, two of these pillars – Moses conveying God’s covenant to the Israelites and the Roman Diaspora – appear based on almost no historical reality, the stuff of legend and possibly even lies that crumble under any serious scrutiny.

Normally, such ancient stories might be regarded as harmless tales that some people treasure as part of their Judeo-Christian faiths, except that Netanyahu’s new demand means that these myths now threaten peace in the Middle East and conceivably could push the modern world into more bloody warfare. Therefore, they must be given fresh examination.

Ironically, it was the Nazis’ drive to exterminate European Jews during World War II that is the one pillar founded on historical reality, although some extreme enemies of Israel insist on making Holocaust denial a central feature of their attacks.

Also, some adversaries, like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, have argued that it is unfair to make the Palestinians pay for a crime against humanity committed by the Germans.

Yet, the Holocaust is not in historical dispute. That horrible reality – an industrial-style extermination campaign that also targeted Gypsies, homosexuals and Communists – was proven after the World War II from a multitude of Nazi records, photographs and eyewitness accounts.

It is the tales of Moses from the Torah (or the first five books of the Old Testament) and the legend of the Roman Diaspora that lack serious historical underpinnings.

“Crossing of the Red Sea”, Toros Roslin (a medieval Armenian illumination).

The Diaspora myth has been addressed in a new book by Israeli historian Shlomo Sand, When and How Was the Jewish People Invented? It debunks the notion that Rome removed the Jewish people en masse from the Holy Land in the First and Second Centuries A.D. and scattered them across Europe.

Instead, most East European Jews appear to be descendants of converts, principally from the Kingdom of the Khazars in eastern Russia, who embraced Judaism in the Eighth Century, A.D. The descendants of the Khazars then were driven from their native lands by invasions and – through migration – created the Jewish populations of Eastern Europe.

Thus, Sand argues, many of today’s Israelis who emigrated from Europe after World War II have little or no genealogical connection to the land. According to Sand, a bitter irony of Israel’s founding may be that it displaced Palestinians who could be the actual descendants of the ancient Israelites, who stayed on the land and eventually converted to Islam.

Other descendants of those ancient Israelites maintained Judaism as a strong presence in the Middle East, both in Palestine and in successful communities from Egypt to Iraq and Iran. These Jews faced few religious pressures until after Israel was founded in 1948, when this new European intrusion into Islamic lands was viewed in the context of the Crusades a millennium ago. [More on Sand’s book below.]

The Moses Myth

[Why is] Moses smashing the Tables of the Law? A painting by Rembrandt van Rijn

Yet, while questioning the Diaspora myth is a sensitive topic for many Israelis and their supporters around the world, it is even touchier to challenge the Biblical claim that God, through Moses, struck a covenant with the Israelites to conquer the land and possess it for all time.

Because the Torah is sacred to Jews – and to many Christians as the revealed word of God in the Old Testament – it has been dangerous to examine the factual history behind these texts in an objective manner.

For centuries, the Catholic Church and some Protestant faiths persecuted anyone who questioned Moses’s supposed authorship of the chapters even though their internal contradictions and the description of Moses’s death at the end of Deuteronomy made that long-held belief untenable.

As Richard Elliott Friedman recounts in his 1987 book, Who Wrote the Bible?, “Religious opposition to the new investigation (into the traditional belief about Moses’s authorship) persisted during the 19th Century” and didn’t collapse until 1943 when Pope Pius XII “encouraged scholars to pursue knowledge about the biblical writers.”

Modern Biblical scholars now agree that Moses was not the author of the Torah, that the stories were passed down orally from the 14th Century B.C.  and were put into writing centuries later. But the legendary figure of Moses has remained almost beyond criticism, not only for many Jews but for people of the Christian and Islamic faiths. (He is treated as a holy messenger in the Koran.)

Many Americans think of Moses as the angry but righteous leader as portrayed by Charlton Heston in the 1956 epic “The Ten Commandments,” or they think of their feel-good Bible studies as children. Yet, many archaeologists believe that the Moses stories were largely made up.

“This is what archaeologists have learned from their excavations in the Land of Israel: the Isrealites were never in Egypt, did not wander in the desert, did not conquer the land in a military campaign and did not pass it on to the 12 tribes of Israel,” summed up Professor Ze’ev Herzog, director of the Institute of Archaeology at Tel Aviv University.

“The many Egyptian documents that we have make no mention of the Israelites’ presence in Egypt and are also silent about the events of the Exodus.”

However, other scholars believe that some Israelites did emigrate to Egypt, suffered in servitude there, and may have been led back to Canaan by Moses or a Moses-like leader.

Nevertheless, because of the powerful influence of the Torah (and the Old Testament), the biblical Moses carries extraordinary religious and historical weight, inspiring Israeli settlers to claim Palestinian lands as rightfully theirs and rallying fundamentalist Christians across the American heartland to embrace whatever actions the Israelis take.

A Tyrannical Leader

But who was Moses?

According to biblical lore, Moses was a Hebrew child raised in the royal Egyptian court before breaking with his protectors and remaking himself into a leader of Hebrew slaves. He guided them out of Egypt and transformed them, as they wandered for decades in the Sinai desert, into an Israelite nation, giving them specific laws and detailed rules of behavior.

During that time, Moses announced a covenant with God that granted the Israelites permanent dominion over the lands across the Jordan River, and he instructed them to destroy other peoples inhabiting those territories. Moses, however, never returned to the Promised Land, dying near the Jordan, before the conquest began.

Though Moses is regarded by many as a great law giver (the Ten Commandants) and as a major force in the formation of monotheism (the belief in one God), the text of the Torah present him as a cruel and tyrannical leader.

From a modern perspective, Moses might be viewed as a “dictator who killed his own people” when they disobeyed him and an advocate of genocide against outsiders. His claims that he spoke with the Lord sound more like a megalomaniac who believed he could scare a primitive people into following his orders by claiming they were edicts from God.

Indeed, over the centuries, many tyrants have used religion (especially monotheism) to justify repression and to eliminate enemies and rivals. The religious wars in Europe during the Middle Ages are a classic example of how kings and popes wrapped their personal power in the bloody cloak of religion, torturing and burning alive “heretics” who wouldn’t submit.

The biblical Moses appears to have been such a tyrant, though the Sunday school version often played down this extreme side of his personality.

In Exodus, for instance, there is the famous story of the Israelites creating a visible idol of their God in the form of a golden calf while Moses is absent on Mount Sinai. When Moses returns with stone tablets conveying laws of behavior, he is furious and smashes the tablets.

According to the Torah, Moses then grinds up the golden calf, mixes it with water and makes the Israelites drink it. Then, Moses recruits what we would today call a “death squad.”

The Torah reads: “Moses stood at the gate of the camp and said, ‘Whoever is for the Lord, to me!’ And the Levites gathered round him. And he said to them, ‘Thus said the Lord God of Israel, “Put every man his sword on his thigh, and cross over and back from gate to gate in the camp, and each man kill his brother and each man his fellow and each man his kin”’ And the Levites did according to the word of Moses, and about three thousand men of the people fell on that day.”

In other words, Moses ordered a massacre of Israelites whom he regarded as his enemies, people who had challenged his authority in the form of dancing around the golden calf.

Robert Alter in his 2004 book, The Five Books of Moses, comments on Moses’s instruction: “each man kill his brother,”  etc.

“This chilling command enjoins the sword-wielding Levites to show no mercy to friend or kin,” Alter wrote. “The figure of three thousand dead in the next verse indicates that this is not an indiscriminate massacre but an assault on the ringleaders – or perhaps, those guilty of the most egregious excesses – among the orgiasts.”

Higher Authority

It also seemed that whenever Moses was setting some rule, whether as grand as the Ten Commandants or as minor as personal hygiene, he always invoked the Almighty.

In Leviticus, for instance, God supposedly takes a direct interest in dictating how women should be treated after childbirth, with one set of rules for giving birth to sons and another for daughters.

According to this account, the Lord tell Moses, “Speak to the Israelites, saying ‘Should a woman  quicken with seed and bear a male, she shall be unclean seven days, as in the days of her menstrual unwellness she shall be unclean. And on the eighth day, the flesh of his foreskin shall be circumcised. And thirty days and three she shall stay in her blood purity. She shall touch no consecrated thing nor shall she come into the sanctuary till the days of her purity are completed.

“And if she bears a female, she shall be unclean two weeks, as in her menstruation, and sixty days and six she shall stay over her blood purity. And when the days of her purity are completed, whether for a son or for a daughter, she shall bring a yearling lamb for a burnt offering and a young pigeon or a turtledove for an offense offering to the entrance of the Tent of Meeting, to the priest. And he shall bring it forward before the Lord and atone for her, and she shall be clean from the flowing of her blood.”

If you think that’s a lot of unnecessary detail, you should read the Lord’s instructions via Moses for how to assess whether a boil is leprosy or not.

In Deuteronomy, Moses explains to the Israelites about their right to reclaim the land of their forefathers, again speaking for God:

“And the Lord your God shall bring you to the land that your fathers took hold of, and you shall take hold of it, and He shall do well with you and make you more multitudinous than your fathers.”

Moses also makes clear that God expected the conquest to include massacres and genocide. Again speaking for the Lord, Moses said:

“I will bring back vengeance on My foes and My enemies I will requite. I will make My shafts drunk with blood, and My sword will eat up flesh from the blood of the fallen and captive, from the flesh of the long-haired foe.”

In his final blessing to the Israelites, Moses makes the genocide message even more explicit, painfully so. He called on them to “smash the loins of [the Lord’s] foes, that His enemies rise no more. … Your enemies cower before you and you on their backs will tread.”

So, more than 3,000 years later, should a modern state like Israel be demanding that Palestinians recognize Israel as an explicitly Jewish state, as Netanyahu now says?

The Diaspora Myth

The second pillar – the Roman Diaspora – also comes from ancient times though not as far back as the stories of Moses. If anything, however, the Diaspora has less of a historical basis.

In When and How Was the Jewish People Invented?, Dr. Sand, an expert on European history at the University of Tel Aviv, says the Jews were never exiled en masse from the Holy Land and that the myth of the Diaspora was used by Zionists over the past century to buttress their argument for creating Israel.

Sand, a European Jew born in 1946 to Holocaust survivors in Austria, argues that until the Zionist movement arose, Jews thought of themselves as Jews because they shared a common religion, not because they possessed a direct lineage to the ancient tribes of Israel.

However, at the turn of the 20th Century, Sand asserts, Zionist Jews began assembling a national history to justify creation of a Jewish state by inventing the idea that Jews existed as a people separate from their religion and that they had primogeniture over the territory that had become known as Palestine.

The Zionists also invented the idea that Jews living in exile were obligated to return to the Promised Land, a concept that had been foreign to Judaism, Sand states.

If Sand’s thesis is correct – and it has faced no substantive rebuttal – it would suggest that many of the Palestinian Arabs have a far more substantial claim to the lands of Israel than do many European Jews who arrived there asserting a God-given claim.

Indeed, Sand theorizes that many Jews, who remained in Judea after Roman legions crushed the last uprising in 136 A.D., eventually converted to Christianity or Islam, meaning that the Palestinians who have been crowded into Gaza or concentrated in the West Bank might be direct descendants of Jews from the Roman era.

In his book – and in an interview with Haaretz about his book – Sand challenged the myth that the Romans relocated the Jews by force to Europe. In the interview, he said:

“I started looking in research studies about the exile from the land – a constitutive event in Jewish history, almost like the Holocaust. But to my astonishment I discovered that it has no literature. The reason is that no one exiled the people of the country.

“The Romans did not exile peoples and they could not have done so even if they had wanted to. They did not have trains and trucks to deport entire populations. That kind of logistics did not exist until the 20th Century. From this, in effect, the whole book was born: in the realization that Judaic society was not dispersed and was not exiled.”

The True Descendants

Asked if he was saying that the true descendants of the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Judah are the Palestinians, Sand responded:

“No population remains pure over a period of thousands of years. But the chances that the Palestinians are descendants of the ancient Judaic people are much greater than the chances that you or I are its descendents.

“The first Zionists, up until the Arab Revolt [1936-1939], knew that there had been no exiling, and that the Palestinians were descended from the inhabitants of the land. They knew that farmers don’t leave until they are expelled.

“Even Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, the second president of the State of Israel, wrote in 1929 that, ‘the vast majority of the peasant farmers do not have their origins in the Arab conquerors, but rather, before then, in the Jewish farmers who were numerous and a majority in the building of the land.'”

Criticism of Sand’s book has focused mostly on his credentials as an expert on European history, not ancient Middle Eastern history, a point that Sand readily acknowledges.

One critic, Israel Bartal, dean of humanities at the Hebrew University, attacked Sand’s credentials, but disagreed mostly over Sand’s assertion that the Diaspora story was created as an intentional myth by Zionists seeking to fabricate a direct genealogical connection between many of the world’s Jews and Israel.

“Although the myth of an exile from the Jewish homeland (Palestine) does exist in popular Israeli culture, it is negligible in serious Jewish historical discussions,” Bartal wrote in the newspaper Haaretz. “Important groups in the Jewish national movement expressed reservations regarding this myth or denied it completely.”

In other words, Bartal is not so much disputing Sand’s historical claims about the Diaspora or the origins of Eastern European Jews, as he is contesting Sand’s notion that Zionists concocted a false history for a cynical political purpose.

But there can be no doubt that the story of the Diaspora has played a key role in the founding of Israel and that the appeal of this powerful narrative has helped generate sympathy around the world, especially in the United States.

“After being forcibly exiled from their land, the people remained faithful to it throughout their Dispersion and never ceased to pray and hope for their return to it and for the restoration in it of their political freedom,” reads the preamble to the Israeli Declaration of Independence.

As recently as Israeli’s bombardment of Gaza in January 2009, the myth of the Diaspora was used to justify the slaughter of some 1,400 Palestinians dead, including many children and other non-combatants. When the Israeli government investigated alleged war crimes by its army, Israeli troops testified that extremist Rabbis had proclaimed the invasion a holy war.

The troops said the Rabbis brought them booklets and articles declaring: “We are the Jewish people. We came to this land by a miracle. God brought us back to this land, and now we need to fight to expel the non-Jews who are interfering with our conquest of this holy land.”

Today, with the emergence of a new Likud-led government in Israel, the Diaspora myth and Moses legends are intruding again on the prospects for finally achieving peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has insisted on a new precondition for talks – that the Palestinians must agree to a “public, binding and unequivocal” recognition that Israel is “the nation state of the Jewish people,” not simply the nation state of the people of Israel. Netanyahu is making this demand although Arabs make up about 20 percent of Israel’s population.

This appears to be another case of ancient bloody myths contributing to a modern bloody reality.

Robert Parry broke many of the Iran-Contra stories in the 1980s for the Associated Press and Newsweek. His latest book, Neck Deep: The Disastrous Presidency of George W. Bush, was written with two of his sons, Sam and Nat, and can be ordered at His two previous books, Secrecy & Privilege: The Rise of the Bush Dynasty from Watergate to Iraq and Lost History: Contras, Cocaine, the Press & ‘Project Truth’ are also available there. Or go to

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“Bullshit Barack”

Posted by msrb on July 8, 2009

submitted by a reader

What would the graduates at New Economic School in Moscow call the U-S President?

“Bullshit Barack!” That’s probably what the graduates at New Economic School in Moscow will call the president once the novelty of his visit has worn off, and they have read the Russian translation of his speech on US-Russia relations.

The speech was probably the worst example of total utter nonsense, contradictory thoughts and factually incorrect statements, ever strung together using meaningless words, that was delivered by a head of state, anywhere, anytime.  The speech uttered by the president must have sounded as hollow and disingenuous to a Russian audience, old and young, as it would have to any other audience.

Take the following examples:

Great wealth has been created …

But where is it? Who has it? Show them the wealth! Demonstrate to the people where the wealth is actually accumulated, and at what cost to the environment and the lives of ordinary people!

Economic growth has NOT eliminated ignorance, poverty, ill health and social conflicts. In fact, the exponential growth economy is fully responsible for creating and exacerbating all of the environmental, human and social ills.

To begin with, let me be clear: America wants a strong, peaceful and prosperous Russia. This belief is rooted in our respect for the Russian people, and a shared history between our nations that goes beyond competition.

The fact is America wants a “neutered” Russia, one that cannot object to America’s empire-building.

In 2009, a great power does not show strength by dominating or demonizing other countries.

Do you mean the US is not dominating or demonizing other countries like North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan… to name but a few?

The days when empires could treat sovereign states as pieces on a chess board are over.

So why does the United States still maintain 737 military bases around the globe, and militarily occupies two sovereign countries, namely Iraq and Afghanistan [and venturing into Pakistan,] ILLEGITIMATELY?

The pursuit of power is no longer a zero-sum game — progress must be shared.

How does the word “power” enter your thought system and comes out of your mouthpiece disguised as “progress?”

Please! Don’t insult the Russian students’ intelligence! The pursuit of power has never been more of a deadly and intense zero-sum game than now. As the world’s natural resources dwindle, energy and raw materials become scarcer, and the GDP in China, India, Brazil, Indonesia … surges upward, the “pursuit of power zero-sum game” becomes deadlier than ever before. Who are you kidding Mr. President?

We have to ask whether extremists who have killed innocent civilians in New York and in Moscow will show that same restraint. We have to ask whether 10 or 20 or 50 nuclear-armed nations will protect their arsenals and refrain from using them.

Clearly this “mindset” also negates the Russians. It goes against what General Leonid Ivashov, former Chief of Staff of the Russian armed forces, said about 9/11.

“The organizers of [the 9/11] attacks were the political and business circles interested in destabilizing the world order” because they “were not satisfied with the rhythm of the globalization process or its direction.”

Yet another deadly important issue the president and top Russian thinkers strongly disagree on.

… progress must be shared.

So far the only part of the “progress” the US has shared with other nations is the “cost.” America is externalizing the cost of its failed empire-buildings to other nations, in what is the most egregious example of moral hazard.

I believe that the free market is the greatest force for creating and distributing wealth that the world has known.

Free to rip off the nations? If anyone disputes your words, tell them about the size of Wall Street blackmail, and smile at the same time so they might believe that nonsense, too.

Together, we can build a world where people are protected, prosperity is enlarged, and our power truly serves progress.

Together we have driven the world to the edge of eminent collapse, and you, Mr President, have the audacity of chutzpah to talk about “future,” “prosperity,” and the weapon of   “power,” disguised as a tool to make “progress.”

You’ll excuse the sinister readers, if they don’t believe a word of that nonsense, Mr President.

The text of President Obama speech in Moscow was from an Associated press report, dated 7 July 2009.

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Zionist Terrorist Bombing Campaigns in Europe

Posted by msrb on July 6, 2009

Submitted by a reader

Right Wing Terrorist Groups Financed by Zionist Paymasters Are Planning Bombing Campaigns in Europe

British police say they uncovered bombing campaign by “far-right extremists”

Counter-terrorism detectives in Britain say they have uncovered a network of  “far-right extremists” with access to a large cache of weapons. If true, this operation has the hallmarks of the Israeli covert false-flag operations, like the Lavon Affair.

Lavon Affair, a scandal over a failed Israeli covert operation in Egypt, also  known as Operation Susannah, involved Israeli military intelligence and Egyptian Jews who planted bombs in Egyptian, American and British-owned targets in Egypt in 1954. Their plan was that “the Muslim Brotherhood, the Communists, ‘unspecified malcontents’ or ‘local nationalists'” would be blamed. It became known as the Lavon Affair after the Israeli defense minister Pinhas Lavon, who was forced to resign because of the incident, or euphemistically as the Unfortunate Affair (Hebrew: העסק הביש‎, HaEsek HaBish). The spies acted seemingly without Prime Minister Moshe Sharett‘s knowledge, and Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion would later resign from his post after being unable to get the full investigation he insisted on. Israel admitted responsibility in 2005 when Israeli President Moshe Katzav honored the nine Egyptian Jewish agents who were involved. (Source: Wikipedia.)

Another False Flag Terrorist Attack by Israel

Israeli government ordered its air force and navy to sink USS Liberty 40 years ago to blame Egypt [and other Arab countries] for the incident. The combined air and sea assault by the Israelis killed thirty-four Americans and wounded another 174. Israeli torpedo boats blew a 39-foot hole in USS Liberty’s starboard side but were unable to sink the ship as they had planned. The Israeli false flag operation failed, once again.

Rising Anti-Zionist Sentiment

To counter the rising anti-Zionist sentiment throughout the world, the Zionist entities are now treacherously playing off one enemy against the other: The nationalist groups throughout Europe, Israel’s No. 1 enemy, are being infiltrated by Zionist agents and blamed for planning to or carrying out bombing campaigns against Muslim mosques, cemeteries, etc in Europe, New Zealand, Australia and Argentina.

In the US, however, the Zionist false-flag scripts are quite different. The Jews must always be seen to be the victims. As demonstrated during the NY synagogue FBI sting operation in May 2009 [and the killing of a guard at the Jewish museum,] various “terrorist” screenplays normally involve uncovering “plots” that involve Arabs/ Arab sympathizers, and “far-right extremists,” blowing up Jewish targets, or killing Jews.

The readers must think intelligently: Which of the following poses a more serious threat to the security of a nation?

A. A bunch of “ragheads” whose main concern in life is to cover their hair in public?

B. A group of international banksters who hold nations to ransom, send them to war, bomb them at home, and rob them blind at will?

The following article was published by Sunday Times on July 5, 2009.

Bomb seizures spark far-right terror plot fear

by David Leppard

A network of suspected far-right extremists with access to 300 weapons and 80 bombs has been uncovered by counter-terrorism detectives.

Thirty-two people have been questioned in a police operation that raises the prospect of a right-wing bombing campaign against mosques. Police are said to have recovered a British National party membership card and other right-wing literature during a raid on the home of one suspect charged under the Terrorism Act.

In England’s largest seizure of a suspected terrorist arsenal since the IRA mainland bombings of the early 1990s, rocket launchers, grenades, pipe bombs and dozens of firearms have been recovered in the past six weeks during raids on more than 20 properties. Several people have been charged and more arrests are imminent. Current police activity is linked to arrests in Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

Police are examining allegations that many of the guns were manufactured or reactivated, then sold over the internet to viewers of a right-wing website. Details of the previously secret operation were disclosed by Sir Norman Bettison, the chief constable of West Yorkshire, to security officials.

Police sources say that in a recent case not linked to the current arrests, detectives seized maps and plans of mosques from the homes of suspected far-right supporters. A senior Whitehall official said MI5 was monitoring the police investigation. While the security agency did not have a brief to probe right-wing terrorism, that position was constantly under review, said the official.

Fears have been heightened by the discovery of an alleged plot involving ricin, a lethal poison; two men have been charged with offences under the Terrorism Act.

Concerns that this might be part of a global trend have been reinforced by the case of James Von Brunn, the 88-year-old white supremacist charged with shooting dead a security guard at the Holocaust museum in America last month.

Bettison said 32 people had been arrested in the investigation, although the counter-terrorism unit in Leeds said this figure was in fact the number of people questioned. At least 22 properties have been searched.

The operation had thrown up evidence that suspects were communicating online.

“The internet gives it reach and scope,” said Bettison. “The big bad wolf is still the Al- Qaeda threat. But my people are knocking over right-wing extremists quite regularly. We are interdicting it so that it doesn’t first emerge into the public eye out of a critical incident like an explosion.”

Several alleged right-wing extremists have been charged with terrorism offences in the UK in the past year. In one case, a jury convicted Martyn Gilleard, 31, a neo-Nazi forklift truck driver, who wanted to “secure a future for white children” and kept explosives at his flat in Goole, East Yorkshire. He built small hand-held bombs, and among the material seized were membership cards for the National Front, the British People’s party and the White Nationalist party. He was sentenced to 16 years in prison.

In 1999, David Copeland, the so-called London nail bomber, carried out a campaign against black, Asian and gay communities. His home-made devices each included up to 1,500 4in nails. In his final attack Copeland killed three people, including a pregnant woman, after nail bombing a Soho pub. He got a life sentence for murder.

Far-right parties across Europe are growing in popularity. In last month’s European elections, the BNP won two seats for the first time in Yorkshire and the northwest and took 6.2% of the national vote.

Copyright 2009 Times Newspapers Ltd.

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U.S. beef recall expands as illnesses reaches 20

Posted by msrb on June 29, 2009

About 1/2 million pounds of beef recalled, E.coli O157:H7 contamination suspected

JBS-Swift Beef Co based in Greeley, Colorado, is expanding its June 24 recall  to a total of about 421,000 lbs of assorted beef products, USDA and the company said.

The recall is due to possible contamination by E.coli O157:H7 bacteria after about 20 people were sickened.  The recall includes meat products that were  processed on April 21 -22, 2009 and that have been sold nationally and internationally.

“The contamination may have come from further processing by other companies,” JBS spokesman said on Sunday.

The recalled products are roasts and steaks rather than ground beef; however, the company cannot ruled out that  some of the beef may have been processed into ground products by intermediary resellers.

The products were  shipped to Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Wisconsin as well as overseas destinations.

A potentially deadly bacteria, Escherichia coli O157:H7 is a strain of the bacterium Escherichia coli which causes foodborne illness. The infection often leads to bloody diarrhea, dehydration and occasionally to kidney failure, especially in young children, the elderly and persons with weak immune system.

The infections are associated with

  • Eating undercooked, contaminated ground beef
  • Drinking unpasteurized milk
  • Swimming in  contaminated water
  • Eating contaminated vegetables

In the US consumers can call 1-800-685-6328 for further assistance.

More In-depth Analysis at:

Beef recall, E.coli O157:H7 suspected

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