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Japan Must Urgently Adopt New Economic Model

Posted by msrb on February 26, 2009

Japan’s  Survival Now Depends on a Low Energy, Intelligent Socioeconomic Model

Japan’s economy, the world’s 2nd and Asia’s largest, is rapidly becoming the biggest victim of the global recession. As the world’s recession woes deepen, demand for Japanese exports like cars and high-tech goods falls. Japan’s economic and therefore national survival depends on its exports.

tokyo-job-demoWorkers and trade union members hold placards which read “Don’t Cut” jobs during a rally in Tokyo. Photo: AFP. Image may be subject to copyright.

“Because of the shrinking global economy, Japan’s business model of being dependent on exports is not working at all,” said Barclays Capital Japan chief economist Kyohei Morita.

Japan’s economy is rapidly shrinking, WSJ said, “with government data showing that gross domestic product plunged by an annualized 12.7% in October-December, its fastest contraction since the 1974 oil shock.”

“With the export sector extremely weak and the domestic economy weakening, there is a growing risk that you could get a significant rise in Japanese unemployment,” said Christopher Wood, an equity strategist at the CLSA bank.

Japan’s trade deficit rose by a factor of 10 in January, to about 953 billion yen from a 90 billion yen deficit a year earlier, the Ministry of Finance said Wednesday, clocking up the country’s largest trade deficit ever. Overall exports during the period plunged by a record 45.7% year-to-year to 3.483 trillion yen.

As the global economy heads further into a depression, the  outlook of a near- to mid-term recovery for Japaese exports is gleam.

Japan’s energy self-sufficiency is less than 4 percent of the country’s consumption. As for the food security, Japan’s food self-sufficiency rate, the total calories supplied,  fell from 40 to 39 percents in fiscal 2006, one of the lowest rates in the ‘developed’ world!

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One Response to “Japan Must Urgently Adopt New Economic Model”

  1. msrb said

    Japan Industrial Output Plunges by Nearly 10%

    “Japan’s industrial production fell by 10% in January – the biggest monthly drop since records began more than half a century ago, the government says. …
    “The country’s car production plunged a record 41% year-on-year in January, according to the Japan Automobile Manufacturers’ Association.
    “It said 576,539 vehicles were produced in January compared with 976,975 for the same month of 2008.”

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