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Swine Flu: A Deadly $100 billion Scam?

Posted by msrb on April 29, 2009

Follow the Money!

Is this the “perfect” viral mutation engineered to kill only a small number of “brown” people?

By now the seeds of fear have been sown in the hearts and minds of the governments ready for the pharmaceuticals to harvest a bumper crop.

A preliminary negative stained transmission electron micrograph (TEM) image depicts some of the ultrastructural morphology of an H1N1 “swine flu” virus culture obtained from a California patient suffering from the current outbreak, in an image obtained from the CDC.  Image C. S. Goldsmith and A. Balish/Centers for Disease Control/Handout via reuters.

Keywords: Swine Flu, Deadly A (H1N1) virus, Mexico City Deaths, Tamiflu,  Relenza, new flu vaccines

Major Players

Britain’s GlaxoSmithKline Plc (Major producers of Relenza)

  • Many countries placed substantial stockpile orders after the avian flu outbreak.
  • In the first quarter of 2009, sales of Relenza to governments, notably Britain and Japan, topped 222 million  UK [Sterling] pounds (~ $323 million)

Switzerland’s Roche Holding AG (Major producers of Tamiflu)

  • Governments previously ordered 220 million Tamiflu courses
  • New orders for Tamiflu are being placed, but Roach refused to quantify
  • Roche revealed yesterday it was working closely with the World Health Organization and governments regarding the availability of Tamiflu, preparing for a potential pandemic.
  • Roche sold about 4 billion Swiss francs ($3.5 billion) of Tamiflu to governments in 2006 and 2007.
  • In the first quarter of 2009, Roach sold 401 million Swiss francs ($350 million) of Tamiflu.

U.S. biotech company Gilead Sciences Inc (Designers of Tamiflu)

Donald Rumsfeld who was a Board member since 1988, was appointed Chairman of Gilead in 1997. He stood down from the Board when appointed Secretary of Defense by George W. Bush in January 2001.  Rumsfeld owns up to USD$25 million in the company stocks. In November 2005, George W. Bush urged Congress to pass $7.1 billion in emergency funding to prepare for the possible bird flu pandemic, of which one billion was earmarked for the purchase [and distribution of] Tamiflu, according to Wikipedia.

Major producers of flu vaccines

  • Sanofi-Aventis SA (world’s third-largest by prescription sales, the multinational pharmaceutical company is headquartered in Paris, France)
  • Glaxo (GlaxoSmithKline Plc is the world’s second largest pharmaceutical company. Also see above)
  • Novartis AG (Novartis International AG is one of the world’s largest multinational pharmaceutical and healthcare companies based in Basel, Switzerland).
  • Baxter International Inc (Baxter International Inc. is a global, diversified healthcare company based in Deerfield, Illinois, with annual sales of about $13 billion, and 49,000 employees.)

Other players

  • Novavax Inc (U.S.-based company working on new types of flu vaccines, shares surged 125 percent).
  • Biocryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc (Birmingham, Ala.-based company developing a new flu drug called peramivir, shares jumped 85 percent).
  • Biota Holdings Ltd (Australian company that licensed Relenza to Glaxo, shares climbed 82 percent).

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10 Responses to “Swine Flu: A Deadly $100 billion Scam?”

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  3. clayton said

    [Unrelated material: Edited by Moderator. FEWW]

  4. feww said

    Swine Flu Spin: WHO is Looking?

  5. feww said

    Clayton – thank you for your input. The moderators don’t believe the two issues are related. There’s a strong monetary angle to the spread of the new swine flue viral mutation, which is being exposed here.

    Please see also: Swine Flu Spin: WHO is Looking?

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  8. […] You can just about imagine Prof Ferguson and other WHO reps on the TV screen looking at you angrily, screaming “WE TOLD YOU SO!”

    If what you are saying is even remotely true, and the threat of a new [more powerful than the seasonal] flu pandemic is imminent, then governments must discharge their responsibility to the people by taking at least the following two steps:

    1. Dismantle WHO and replace it with an honest, professional and competent organization.

    2. Nationalize pharmaceuticals to eliminate the threat of flu and other disease pandemics caused by designer viral mutations, which are laboratory-engineered for commercial exploitation.[…]

  9. […] 1. Swine flu is a ‘phandemic’; it’s a ‘pandemic’ created by pharmaceuticals. [See background, and scam notes.] […]

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