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Porky Pies President

Posted by msrb on May 15, 2009

submitted by a reader

Backtrack Barack Nixes Own Decision, Again!

President Obama halted the military trials at Guantanamo Bay as a matter of respect for human rights during the first few days after taking office in January. He signed a presidential decree with his left hand.

obama and friend
Dick Cheney’s daughter Liz has accused Barack Obama of  “siding with terrorists” by showing the U.S. in a bad light. The “spineless” President is of course scared witless of the criticism even from a woman like her.

Then the President’s right hand, which was totally unaware,  found out and complained.

Now, the President has decided to revive military trials for some of the detainees at Guantanamo Bay, with the proviso that they would get “improved rights.”

He promised to his right hand this time it could sign the order. The left hand may not be aware.

This is a major let-down by any unscrupulous presidential standard. President Obama severely criticized the military commission system at Guantanamo Bay military prison during his election campaign, calling it as “an enormous failure.”

Currently 241 detainees remain at the prison camp in the US military base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The President had pledged to close down the camp by January 2010.

This decision comes shortly after another announcement when the President vowed to fight the release of dozens of the “old but classified” photos of  torture and prisoner abuse by U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. After a lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union, the Pentagon had agreed to release the photos, most of which have already leaked out.

Mr Obama declared that it would be like “putting automatic firearms in the hands of our enemies.”

That, of course, is another porky pie. There’s very little that “our enemies” haven’t experienced first hand. There’s little secret outside the US about the atrocities “we” have committed lately in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our government has killed a million and half people in Iraq. Another few million have been maimed or sustained serious physical and mental injuries. Uop to five million people have lost their homes.

Is there a single family or individual who remains unaffected after a six-year [and continuing] war of aggression and illegal occupation by the US in Iraq, or in Afghanistan? Who’s is the president kidding?

Does he really think a few more photos, which the CIA has already leaked on its disinformation sites, will change the friendly attitude of Iraqis and Afghans toward us?

The fact is that the President is too afraid of the “Bush-Cheney Gang.” He lacks the moral courage to do the right thing. He is failing America every time he backtracks.

Are you also beginning to seriously doubt whether the President is capable of making sound decisions under duress?

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