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Fidel Castro: Uncle Sam Did it!

Posted by msrb on July 13, 2010

The Laws of Cause and Effect Rule Out Foul Play by N. Korea!

United States Sank South Korea’s Cheonan That Killed 46 Sailors: Fidel Castro

The Gulf of Tonkin Incident … Sinking of Cheonan … Predictable Screenplays from the Same Tired, Old School of False-Flag Operations

“Castro suggested that Washington was behind the mysterious destruction of the South Korean corvette Cheonan, which exploded and sank March 26 near the disputed maritime border between North and South Korea in the Yellow Sea, killing all 46 crew members.” Indo-Asian News reported.

Fidel Castro 86, former leader of Cuba.

In The War Racket: Okinawa Base Lives, our colleagues at FEWW wrote:

Okinawa Base Lives, Thanks to North Korea

Did North Korea Torpedo Hatoyama’s Okinawa Base Pledge?

Mr. Hatoyama’s Democratic Party of Japan won a landslide election victory in August on the back of a single promise: To shut down the U.S. Okinawa base.

Then, presumably,  North Korea decided they couldn’t live without the U.S. troops based in Okinawa, so they torpedoed the deal, forcing Hatoyama to withdraw his promise.

How utterly AMAZING!

The following issues should concern the survivors:

  • What percentage of the world’s stockpiles of exotic, nuclear, biological and conventional weapons will be left behind unused after the collapse, posing additional life threats to the survivors?
  • How can those weapons be defused or otherwise neutralized by ordinary people?

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One Response to “Fidel Castro: Uncle Sam Did it!”

  1. inquirer said

    Wasn’t the recent shelling of the disputed island of Yeonpyeong by N. Korea provoked by S. Korea’s military exercise, which involved firing into N. Korean waters?

    [The South Korean provocations are ultimately aimed at making China blink. In the bigger scheme of things you’ll find the US Empire’s footprints all over the place, as was the case with the sinking of Cheonan. On a more regional basis, the two Koreas are technically in a state of war, and consensus among informed analysts is that North Korea only reacts when provoked –fires when fired at– by their Southern cousins. But it shouldn’t come as a surprise if eventually they decide enough is enough and act defensively in the absence of any immediate provocation. Moderator]

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