Planetary Rescue Operations [Filtered & blocked by Google!]


Ecological Disaster Recovery Program

Large Scale Life Rescue and Resettlement Operations. The purpose of this program is to familiarize anyone who is interested in the continuity of life on Earth with the actions that must be taken to save the world… or at least conserve a fragment of the future for the next generations!

See EDRP for details.

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7 Responses to “About”

  1. msrb said

    All messages that might potentially be of public interest may be left at

  2. Campbell Watts said

    [Unintelligent! Edited by Moderator.]

    [See Editorial Policy]

  3. Mark Abraham said

    [Commercial advertising. Comment and link removed. Moderator]

  4. Elisabeth said

    Just out of curiosity, what do you mean by Filtered & Blocked by Google in your header?


    [For an explanation, please see: –Moderator]

  5. Elisabeth said

    Ok. But that’s what I don’t really understand. You DO show up on a Google search. Is there something else they do to censor the internet?

    [Google filters certain information that goes against their corporate interests and simply hides those blog posts that contain the ‘undesirable’ information among billions of blog entries on the net, using various sophisticated algorithms. While the information does not leave the internet, i.e, by deletion, it becomes virtually inaccessible. We find the posts which, for example, criticize the establishment, reveal some previously unknown facts, or critically analyze the current affairs, receive only a tiny fraction of the blog hits compared with the average, less critical entries. That said, the Moderators would be interested to know your interest in the issue. Are you in any way related to Google or its operations?]

  6. Elisabeth said

    No relation what so ever. I do have an interest in censorship however, but that’s mainly been focused on the erasing of comments and removal of blog links type silencing of opinions.

    [This blog also has a policy of removing commercial links. As for acts of censorship, silencing of opinions and much worse, see: – Moderator]

    [Please leave future comments concerning Google/ censorship at ]

  7. Elisabeth said

    Ah and you edit comments. Well I’ll definitely check out that link. Thanks for the tip

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