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It’s Slapdash China, Again!

Posted by msrb on August 3, 2009

China Shuts down factory after cadmium poisoning protests

The authorities shut down a chemical plant near Liuyang city, Hunan Province, central China, after 1,000 villagers protested against cadmium pollution, which has killed two people and sickened  hundreds of others, Chinese media reported on Monday.

The pollution from Xianghe Chemical Factory, which produced zinc sulfate, killed  two villagers in May and June. Autopsies showed high levels of cadmium in their bodies,  China News Agency said.

The state authorities suspended two environment officials,  detained the chemical plant’s boss and said  the plant was closed “forever.”

Hunan province has tended to be tougher on plants that pollute the Xiang River, on which the provincial capital, Changsha, depends for its drinking water. The provincial people’s congress requires annual reports on water quality, in another sign of the local representatives’ concern.

Six villagers were reportedly arrested during the protest, one of whom was severely beaten by police, Hong Kong’s Ta Kung Pao newspaper said.

The illegal extraction of non-ferrous metals in the region has increased in recent years due to corruption, and hundreds of extraction plants are now discharging untreated chemical-laced sewage into the river, Caijing added. Vegetables grown along the river have also been found to contain high levels of cadmium, mercury and lead.

The following report was sourced from China Internet Information Center:

Plant boss held over sudden deaths

Authorities in central China have suspended two environment officials and detained a chemical plant boss after hundreds of residents protested, claiming the factory polluted a river and caused at least two deaths in the area.

Hunan’s environment monitoring authorities confirmed that as of last Friday, they discovered cadmium content exceeded legal levels for 509 people, the province’s leading news Website portal,, reported last night. Cadmium is a known carcinogen.

The authorities tested a total of 2,888 people, the report said.

The authorities also tested 622 water samples but didn’t find an abnormal cadmium content.

The report said 33 people who took the cadmium test must undergo inpatient treatment, and 25 of them have been hospitalized at the provincial labor health medical center. The other eight declined to be hospitalized and were receiving outpatient treatment, the report said.

The 33 people lived between 500 meters and 1,200 meters from the chemical factory, the report said.

Last Thursday about 1,000 villagers took to the streets in Zhentou Township, in Hunan’s Liuyang City, protesting detention of six villagers the previous day during demonstrations against pollution caused by the chemical plant, according to Xinhua news agency.

The legal representative of the plant was detained and the chief and one deputy chief of Liuyang Environment Protection Bureau were suspended from their posts for further investigation, said a spokesman for the Liuyang government.

Local authorities declined to give the names of those under inquiry.

The villagers have been protesting the pollution since the deaths of two people, with excessive cadmium levels found in their bodies, more than two months ago.

Last Thursday, villagers gathered at the township government building and police station, asking for free health checks, free medical treatment and compensation for polluted crops and land.

A source from the Hunan Provincial Environmental Protection Department said the private business, Changsha Xianghe Chemical Factory in Shuangqiao Village of the township, began refining indium, a rare malleable metal, in April 2004.

According to local villagers, soon after that, large areas of trees began to wither and die and some villagers felt fatigue, dizziness, difficulty in breathing and sore joints.

Later, medical exams confirmed that the content of cadmium exceeded legal levels for an unspecified number of villagers.

In May this year, a 44-year-old resident in Shuangqiao Village, Luo Bolin, died suddenly, and the provincial labor health medical center found that the cadmium content in Luo’s body “seriously exceeded” legal levels, Xinhua said.

A month later, another villager, Yang Shuzhi, 61, was hospitalized with a respiratory disease and died soon after. The center discovered in a urine test that Yang’s cadmium was more than four times the legal level, according to Xinhua.

From the onset, the plant was riddled with problems, including poor environmental management, heaping of solid waste and a lack of rainwater-collection devices.

Villagers said the plant was harming the local environment with excessive concentrations of toxic heavy metals cadmium and indium, which endangered the safety of drinking water.

Authorities in Changsha, the provincial capital, said illegal operations at the factory produced cadmium pollution. They said areas within a 1,200-meter radius of the factory were tainted.

The environmental protection department ordered the plant to halt production in March this year.

Government departments in Changsha and Liuyang have set up a joint group to carry out surveys into the plant’s negative impact on the environment and people’s health.

(Shanghai Daily August 3, 2009). Copyright © All Rights Reserved

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Images of the Day: ‘Tis still the economy, stupid!

Posted by msrb on March 21, 2009

submitted by a reader

Shafted: Homo sapiens sapiens:

In the dawn of 21st century, against all planetary interests and in the face of the welfare of majority, the carbon intensive economic system still continues  to serve the monetary interest of a very small minority.

Demonstrators protest outside the Goldman Sachs building in New York, March 19, 2009. The demonstration was part of a national protest against major U.S. banks and firms with participants calling on Congress to take action on employee free choice, health care, and banking reform. REUTERS/Eric Thayer.
All images on this page may be subject to copyright.

A woman collects recyclable materials at a dump site in Changzhi, Shanxi province March 20, 2009. REUTERS/Stringer.

French riot police arrest youth at the end of a peaceful protest march in Paris on March 19, 2009. Several hundred youths clashed with police in Paris on Thursday, as peaceful, million-strong protests against France’s handling of the economic crisis turned violent. REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes

Protesters clash with police in London in January over Israel’s action in Gaza. Such scenes could become more common sights in the UK. Guardian UK.  Photograph: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Europe is in danger of being split by a new ‘Iron Curtain’ as the deepening economic crisis separates east from west, the EU has been told. Hungarian protester argues with riot police outside the Hungarian Parliament. March 1, 2009. Telegraph UK. Photo: AFP

Global economic downturn takes its toll on “New Europ
e.” Several hundred protesters clashed with riot police in front of Lithuania’s Parliament in Vilnius on January 16, 2009. (Photo: Petras Malukas/AFP/Getty Images).

Iceland’s economy was devastated by the collapse of its 3 largest banks. In this January 20, 2009 photo, riot police is seen using pepperspray and teargas to disperse demonstrators in the capital, Reykjavik . Photo credit: Johannes G. Skulason

Sofia, Bulgaria, 21 January 2009: Protesters wave the national flag and shout slogans during an anti-government protest in front of parliament in the capital. Bulgarians have held a rally to demand that the government resign because of alleged corruption and a deepening economic crisis. Guardian UK. Photograph: Petar Petrov/AP.

Nikea, Greece, 26 January 2009: Tractors block the Athens-Thessaloniki motorway near the city of Larisa, as farmers continue to occupy key junctions on the route and other roads in northern Greece, effectively slicing the country in two. Photograph: Sakis Mitrolidis/Getty.

Edinburgh, Scotland, April 23 2008: Demonstrators protest outside Edinburgh International Conference where the Royal Bank of Scotland annual general meeting is taking place. The bank went on to accept a £20bn government bail-out. Photograph: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images.

Riga, Latvia, 13 January 2009: Looters pick up food and spirits in a grocery store after protesters clash with anti-riot police officers during a rally near the Saeima (parliament). Thousands of people massed in the capital demanding snap elections and the resignation of the government in the face of a deepening economic crisis. The rally is one of the largest protest since the Baltic country won independence from the crumbling Soviet Union in 1991. Photograph: Ilmars Znotins/AFP/Getty Images.

All images on this page may be subject to copyright.

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Fonterra Advised Sanlu on ‘Safe’ Melamine Level

Posted by terres on January 28, 2009

Thanks to TEAA, our valuable friend in Wellington, for sending the link to the New Zealand article

The Moderators have vociferously maintained that Fonterra executives knew about Sanlu’s melamine-tainted infant formula years in advance of the scandal breaking out, despite their denials.

The truth is now beginning to come out in dribs and drabs! Here’s how the story is unfolding:

Tian Wenhua, the former President and General Manager of Sanlu, who received a life sentence for her part in the Sanlu tainted infant formula scandal,  said during her trial that “she made the decision not to halt production of the tainted products because a board member, designated by New Zealand dairy product giant Fonterra that partly owned Sanlu Group, presented her a document saying a maximum of 20 mg of melamine was allowed in every kg of milk in the European Union. She said she had trusted the document at that time.” Xinhua reported.

[Note: Readers are reminded that Sanlu Was First Banned in 2004, then Reinstated.]


Fonterra should set the record straight and release minutes at the center of the Chinese contaminated milk scandal, Green Party MP Sue Kedgley says. (January 28, 2009, 8:09 pm). Source Image may be subject to copyright.

NZ Green Party MP Sue Kedgley said Fonterra’s credibility was on the line after the statement made by Tian Wenhua that “Fonterra approved a level of melamine in baby milk formula sold in China,” and has asked the New Zealand dairy cooperative to release the minutes of the conversation between the Fonterra director and Sanlu’s former president.

“Fonterra is our biggest exporter and it is critical for its international reputation that the dairy company front up with evidence to dispel any doubts about its business practices in China,” Ms Kedgley said.

“If the minutes of the recorded conversation demonstrate—as Fonterra claims—that Fonterra was adamant it was totally unacceptable to sell milk with any level of melamine contamination in it, this will help set the record straight.”

“Fonterra chief executive Andrew Ferrier today said the conversation had been minuted, but he did not intend to release it to media while a court appeal was pending.” NZPA reported. [Moderators wonder how difficult it might be  for Fonterra to change the content of the said minutes to save its own backside.]

andrew-ferrier Fonterra chief executive, Andrew Ferrier. Do you trust him with your little baby’s kidneys? Ferrier on Tuesday confirmed Tian had been given a document by a Fonterra board member, but he is economical with the truth about the content of the document. Mr Ferrier and his colleagues have so far gotten away with murder. Photo: NZPA. Image may be subject to copyright.

“Everybody wants to move on, I think that’s the message that we’re getting from our shareholders. We’ve learned some painful lessons, we’ve learned to be more suspicious about supply chains, we’ve learned to shrink down our time of implementation of measures.” Ferrier said.

[Mr Ferrier, due to their kidney failures, at least 6 Chinese babies will never be able to “move on!” And another ½ million or so babies could move only with great difficulty.  MSRB Moderators.]

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What happens when you kill Chinese babies?

Posted by msrb on January 24, 2009

Q. What happens when you knowingly sell poisoned food products and kill at least six Chinese babies [the actual toll is a state secret] and sicken about ½ million other infants?

A. It all depends on who you are!

If you are a prominnet member of ‘National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference,’ like Tian Wenhua, 66, the former President and General Manager of Sanlu, you get a prison sentence!

Sanlu Group‘s official logo. Image may be subject to copyright despite Sanlu bankruptcy!

If you are not politically well connected, and haven’t paid the right amount of kickbacks to the corrupt officials, like the two men who supplied melamine to adulterate the milk, you would get a  death sentence.

Sanlu show trial:
Sanlu Group executives Tian Wenhua, Wang Yuliang, Hang Zhiqi and Wu Jusheng stand trial on 31 December 2008. (Xinhua/Ding Lixin. Image may be subject to copyright.

As for other executive/employees:

  • The three other former top Sanlu executives on trial together with
    Tian under the same charge got sentences varying from five to 15 years.
  • Wang Yuliang and Hang Zhiqi, both top executive of
    Sanlu, were respectively sentenced to 15 years and 8 years in
  • Wu Jusheng, former manager responsible for Sanlu’s  raw milk department, received a 5-year sentence.

[Note: A total of two death sentences, three life sentences and six sentences ranging from 5 to 15 years were handed to the defendants, while 40 others still await trial.]

Q. What about Fonterra, which owned 43% of the joint venture company?

A. Fonterra directors literally got away with murder!

But how could that be? Surely China is no longer a  colony.  Even Hong Kong …

Fonterra’s new Logo. Readers will excuse the “Dairy for life [sentence]” pun.  Image may be subject to copyright.

This is how it works. It always has. If the others who were involved in killing Chinese babies come from a country where the corrupt Chinese officials have a personal interest/stake, then those foreign nationals and their agent are excused.

As for the response by the baby-killer Fonterra directors: They are “still studying the verdict.”

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The Anti Poverty Day

Posted by msrb on October 17, 2008

About one half of the world population live on less than $2 per day!

October 17 the Global Anti Poverty Day

UN says it is trying to address the issue by working towards the anti-poverty Millennium Development Goals. But when?

The Millennium Development Goal pertaining to eradication of poverty aims to halve the number of poor globally by 2015. With the high prices of food showing no sign of abating, and with the world’s ecosystems heading towards a collapse, their goal is becoming increasingly elusive.

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Chinese, New Zealand contaminated milk powder kills two

Posted by msrb on September 15, 2008

Update : Sanlu Was First Banned in 2004, then Reinstated

Submitted by a Reader:

Two Dairy Giants Join Forces, Babies Start Dying

Breaking News [09:06UTC]: At least a second infant died today from consuming Sanlu-Fonterra milk powder. The casualty toll now includes at least 1,253 babies sickened, with 340 hospitalized, 53 in serious condition.

Tainted Chinese imports are of course common in the US, Japan and other countries.  Many products including dangerous toys, melamine-contaminated food, fake medicine, tainted dietary supplements, toxic cosmetics and dangerous toys leaving Chinese factories invariably find their way into the US. See Below for a selected list of the tainted imports.

New Zealand, on the other hand, has one of the poorest standards of food hygiene in the developed world. As for Fonterra, New Zealand’s dairy giant,  they have previously been caught red-handed conducting deceptive business practices.

In 2005, Fonterra Limited, a leading multinational dairy company of New Zealand bought the major share of the Australian company. From then the New Zealand Dairy Products Ltd, the local distributor of Fonterra Ltd started marketing of the Red Cow and Diploma brands of powdered-milk. But, the New Zealand Dairy Products Ltd has been marketing both the brands of powdered-milk printing the ‘Product of Australia’ on the packets, which is totally false. Due to this false claim, both buyers and consumers are being cheated by purchasing New Zealand’s [lower quality, cheaper] product in the name of [higher quality more expensive] Australian product.

New Zealand’s Fonterra is the largest marketer of dairy products in the world, exporting 90% of its total production to 120 countries. Fonterra has total revenues of NZ$12.3 billion (US$8.5 billion) in 2005.

The Facts About the Latest Tragedy:

  • The powdered milk production is a joint venture between New Zealand Fonterra and China’s Sanlu group. Fonterra is not just a minority shareholder.
  • Sanlu received complaints about the sick infants as early as March 3, 2008.
  • The FDA (and just about everyone else in the world with access to Internet) knew as early as April 2007 that food ingredients imported from China were tainted with melamine. How could Fonterra, the largest marketer of dairy products in the world, claim ignorance about melamine contamination of food products in China?
  • Fonterra claims they only found out about melamine content of their milk powder on August 2, 2008. Not withstanding the previous point, why did it take 40 days to have the product removed [and only partially] from the retail shelves?
  • New Zealand has total contempt for Asians, especially the Vietnamese, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese and Indians. New Zealand establishment considers the “yellow,” “brown,” and other “colored” races as non-human. During the Vietnam war, WMDs manufactured in New Zealand, including Agent Orange, and New Zealand soldiers were used to commit genocide against the North Vietnamese. In the past few weeks at least 4 Chinese women were killed in New Zealand, and the body of another dead Korean was discovered.
  • New Zealand’s senior SIS agent in China, “Y,” informed both the ethically-challenged New Zealand PM, Helen Clark, and its “multiple minister,” the morally-castrated Phil Goff, about the tainted baby formula incident, possibly by as early as march 5, 2008.
  • Fonterra, their directors [and New Zealand Government] have committed corporate manslaughter.

Brief History of Tainted Imports from China

June 2007. Chinese-made toothpaste found was containing diethylene glycol, a poison used in some antifreeze, in mainland US, Puerto Rico and Canada.

November 2007. Chinese-made toys sold by Australia-based Moose Enterprises contained  a powerful chemical which turned into a toxic “date rape” drug when eaten.

In the past few years there have been numerous recalls of Chinese-made toy because they contained lead paint or tiny detachable pieces that kids could swallow.

December 2007. Frozen Chinese gyoza dumplings laced with pesticide sold in Japan made a dozen people seriously ill. Japanese  government refused to disclose what it knew about source of the poisoning. Only after many people in China were taken ill from consuming the same product supplied by the same Chinese manufacture in July/August 2008 did the full facts surface. The incident may have been a major factor in forcing Japan PM Fukuda to resign.

(September 2008) Mikasa Foods Co., an Osaka-based wholesaler, which sold Chinese imported “industrial-use” rice unfit for human consumption [the rice contained excessive levels of the pesticide methamidophos] to food manufacturers, will fire its entire workforce of about 100 employees because of fallout from the scandal, Japan’s Asahi Shimbun reported.

“In four months, FDA refused 298 shipments,” Washington Post wrote in May 2007. The products included:
tainted milk powder.

  • Contaminated duck eggs, pork and seafood.
  • Dangerous children’s wear
  • Dried apples preserved with a cancer-causing chemical.
  • Frozen catfish pumped with banned antibiotics.
  • Scallops and sardines coated with putrefying bacteria.
  • Mushrooms laced with illegal pesticides.

“The Food and Drug Administration detained more than 100 food imports from China at U.S. ports in April 2007.” The FDA rejection document cited the following reasons for rejection:

  • “Filthy”  fruits, juices and extracts
  • Fruits including prunes tinted with dangerous chemical dyes
  • Frozen shrimp treated with nitrofuran, a cancer-causing antibacterial.
  • Poisonous swordfish.

Various melamine-tainted food items were also rejected because they were dangerous for human/animal consumption.

Among the tainted imports were:

Pet food ingredients spiked with a potentially dangerous” chemicals which arrived in the US including pet food, and animal feed for chicken, hogs and farmed fish. After numerous pet deaths were attributed to the chemical, the FDA called for a series of recalls and quarantines beginning in March.

Previous Milk Powder Incidents:

(BBC 20 April 2004) Dozens of Chinese babies are said to have died from malnutrition in the past year after being fed fake or inferior-quality baby milk powders. According to official media reports, up to 200 babies who were fed formula milk of little nutritional value were affected. Local media said some of the babies developed what doctors called “big head disease”, where infants’ heads appear abnormally large in comparison to their bodies.

(Medical News Today, April 2004) It is not uncommon in China for some companies to sell products such as fake rice or medicine to people.

(Xinhua, April 2004) The inspection showed 45 types of substandard milk powder were sold on the retail market in Fuyang City. They were produced by 141 factories149 brands. Heilongjiang, Zhejiang, Shandong, Hebei, Hubei and Jiangxi provinces, Beijing and Shanghai municipalities and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

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Fight For Food!

Posted by msrb on July 2, 2008

Could When Will Food Riots Break Out Across the U.S.?

Accelerated land degradation threatens food security of a quarter of the world’s population: FAO

Main entry: Land degradation threatens 1.5 billion people

An Egyptian rice farmer shows his drought damaged rice crop and cracks in the rice terrace soil caused by more than 30 days of no rain in a village near Balqis, northeast of Cairo June 14, 2008. REUTERS/Nasser Nuri. Image may be subject to copyright. See MSRB Fair Use Notice!

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If you thought your assets were safe, think again!

Posted by msrb on June 12, 2008

One Day Soon, A Tiny Wall Street Black Hole Will Suck In the Rest of Your Assets!

Original Entry: Black Holes Suck!

The Goal of the Cabal is to Strip YOU of Everything You’ve Got. Then Your Hearts and Minds Will Follow!

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We Need Food!

Posted by msrb on June 2, 2008

Food Riots Break Out in Bangladesh Again

Thousands of Bangladeshi garment workers protesting over low wages and soaring food prices clashed with the police on Sunday during fresh protests over low wages and soaring food prices.

“They smashed dozens of vehicles, attacked nearby factories and pelted stones and bricks at our officers. Police fired shotguns to disperse the unruly workers,” police chief said.

Four protestors, including two with bullet wounds, were admitted to Chittagong Medical College Hospital A nurse said.

Bangladesh’s garment industry employls about 2.5 million workers, or 40 percent of the industrial workforce, and accounts for about 80 percent of the country’s export earnings. The average garment worker earn a basic minimum wage of about 25 dollars a month.

Bangladeshi households spend nearly 70 percent of their income on food. Prices for rice, the country’s staple food have doubled in the past 12 months mainly because of floods last summer and a major cyclone that caused severe damage to the crops in November.

Unions have demanded a major increase in salaries, saying the existing basic payment fixed in late 2006 has become redundant due to rocketing prices of food and other commodities over the past year.

In April, at least 20,000 protesting garment workers clashed with police and 50 were injured.

Bangladeshi demonstrators protesting against rising food and fuel prices on the outskirts of Dhaka in April, 2008. Police clashed with thousands of garment workers in southwest Bangladesh Sunday during fresh protests over low wages and soaring food prices. (Image may be subject to copyright. see MSRB Fair Use Notice.

Food Riot in Kenya

About a thousand Kenyan demonstrators protesting against rising food prices were assaulted by the riot police who fired teargas to disperse them on Saturday.

Widespread food shortages have led to skyrocketing food prices amid political corruption. Annual inflation rose by an average 24.2 percent in April and May.

“The government must subsidize the cost of food, it is not fair for the poor to be suffering with high food prices yet the government has not increased salaries,” said one of the organizers.

Disputed presidential election has also triggered violent clashes across Kenya killing 1,600 people and displacing about one half of a million people since December 2007.

Food and fuel riots, protests and strikes have erupted this year throughout the “third world” countries in Africa Asia and the Americas including Bangladesh, Bolivia, Cameroon, Egypt, El Salvador, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Malaysia, Mauritania, Mozambique, Pakistan, Philippines Senegal, Singapore, Somalia, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, and Yemen (other countries may have been omitted inadvertently).

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Pinheads in the House: Fanning Oil Chaos

Posted by terres on May 22, 2008

Summited by a member

The pinheads in the House of Reps. make even White House look “smart!”

House passes bill to sue OPEC over oil prices

The House of Representatives voted 324-84 to approve legislation allowing the Justice Department to sue OPEC members for not pumping out enough oil. The White House has reportedly threatened to veto the bill.

“This bill guarantees that oil prices will reflect supply and demand economic rules, instead of wildly speculative and perhaps illegal activities,” said Democratic Rep. Steve Kagen of Wisconsin, who sponsored the legislation.

Just exactly what are the supply and demand economic rules in a political economy, Rep. Kagen of Wisconsin? I bet you don’t have a single clue what you are talking about.

Uncle Sam: I Want You, Your Oil, ‘n Your Money!

Uncle Sam’s Drinking Habits and the OPEC Dimwits

Lo and behold, the good ol’ lynch mob [the House of Representatives] is out to get someone: The bartender [OPEC], no less!

They are desperate to hang the bartender, not because he had Uncle Sam smashed out of his tiny head by giving him too much to drink; they are lynching him because he refused to serve more of “them devil’s brew” to the usual clientèle who would never leave the bar sober: The runaway economy, the corporations from hell and the rest of the morons who are so addicted to their waste-intensive lifestyles they wouldn’t know their sustainable energy sh*t from Shinola.

Weak dollar and inflation are eating out the heart of the system; the cars are getting thirstier than ever before [and a hell of a lot more of them hit the roads each day;] Mrs Rabbit is breeding too many bunnies, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 even 9 bunnies a throw; the bunnies diets are getting more exotic, they’d no longer settle for carrots; four times as many lambs air-cruise today as they did a decade or so ago; Exxon [Valdeez] Mobil and other oil monsters broke all their previous profit records.

But all of those factors put together couldn’t possibly play more than a minor part in the overall picture. They could probably account for 5-10 percent of the price rise. That’s child’s play when compared to the wholesale fleecing of an entire flock of marsupial boneheads by Wall Street speculators. How do they do it?


The oil price is rising rapidly because of the uncertainty created by the US military presence in the Gulf. The continued occupation of Iraq, the threat of war [true or false] against Iran and Syria [fed by the frenzy created by the free media, trusted journalist prima donna and venerable “ex-CIA” political activists] and the implied warning of a US military takeover in Saudi Arabia, in case their ruling regime loses favor with its own people, are the main drivers for the rapid price rise. [The perils of a possible regional war in South America, waged by US-backed Colombia against Venezuela, and fears of supply disruptions in Nigeria also help increase the uncertainty factor.] Who created the chaos in the first place? The Prez and the Congress, of course! And who is responsible for the rapidly rising oil prices? It is the OPEC, stupid!

Gotta strike while the iron is hot!

Who else can we sue, while the proverbial iron is still hot, Rep. Kagen of Wisconsin? I know, let’s sue the pants off the National Corn Growers Association. Just look at the mess they have created. So what they are producing overcapacity? It’s not enough! Look at price of corn, $6 dollars a bushel and there isn’t nearly enough of it going around to feed the poor. [Stay clear of any absurd argument about the obscene amounts of grains wasted to produce ethanol. Why, don’t you drive a car? Start with the ethanol and you’ll end up in a feedlot looking a red heifer in the eye.]

Uncle Sam Supplying the World with Berry Brothers Hard Oil Finish, chromolithographic print c. 1880.

OPEC: Damned if they do; damned if they don’t!

It’s very difficult to sympathize with some of the OPEC members, for example, Saudi Arabia. But to blame OPEC for the inebriated Uncle Sam’s bladder mishaps goes an extra mile and a half beyond the Reps. standard milestone of hypocrisy.

In the first three months of 2008, the five companies Exxon Mobil, ConocoPhillips, Shell Oil, Chevron and BP America earned $36 billion.

Exxon [Valdeez] Mobil made a profit of $1,504 per second in the first quarter of 2008. That’s stealing an additional 43 cents a day [each and every day] from each US citizen [woman, man and child,] thanks to Wall Street speculators. But even Exxon knows that level of corporate racketeering is unsustainable. That’s the stuff riots are made of.

Do the Reps. dare upset their old paymasters, the oil monsters like Exxon? Of course not. Can they afford to point a finger at Wall Street? Not a chance. Or mess with their own future by saying something stupid like healthy economy, renewable energy, or other scary stuff like that? No way!

The ol’ lynch mob have eyed their “nigga,” and are about to unleash the bloodhounds.

With a bunch of remarkable idiots making moronic queen-of-hearts laws for the greatest flock of sheeple on Earth, is it any wonder the world is teetering precariously on the brink of catastrophe?

What Others Say

[ Updated May 24, 2008 ]

JOAN CLAYBROOK, president of Public Citizen, said: “You are paying sky-high prices at the gas pump because the barons of ‘big oil’ have bushwacked the American people. With the help of major league lobbyists and the high-ranking politicians receptive to them, oil companies are earning enormous profits through a combination of anti-competitive practices — including market manipulation — made even easier by the wave of recent oil company mergers and the government’s outrageously weak regulatory oversight.

“Every time you buy gas, you know you are being price-gouged, but did you know that, for every gallon of gas you buy, you are being charged an extra 70 cents — at least — that is related purely to market speculation and not a function of supply-and-demand? The oil barons not only get away with this, they use their considerable influence to prevent the passage of meaningful fuel economy legislation, further squeezing consumers by ensuring automakers will continue to build gas-guzzling cars.”

Steve Kretzmann, Founder, Oil Change International, said: “In their testimony about high gasoline prices, top oil executives repeatedly ducked questions about gas prices, demanded access to more drilling, and could not tell Senators how much they earn. Not a single suggestion came from the oil executives that will lower gas prices. There’s a reason for that, which is that the only answer is one they don’t want to discuss — an urgent transition to renewable energy.

“We could drill every last inch of Alaska, the Rocky Mountains, and our coasts and it would barely make a dent in supply or prices. Congress needs to stop this political theater and get serious about the transition to renewable forms of energy. So far, they’re continuing to lavish the industry with billions in subsidies, while receiving millions from the industry in campaign contributions.”

Nadine Bloch, field director with Oil Change International, said: today: “I was arrested in the Senate hearing room yesterday for demanding a Separation of Oil and State. We can’t drill our way out of this problem. We need to get Big Oil money out of our Congress.” [Source]

Jeroen van der Veer, CEO, Shell, second largest oil monster in the world, said: “What we say and what we see is there are no physical shortages […] There are no tankers waiting in the Middle East, there are no cars waiting at gasoline stations because they are out of stock. This has to do with psychology in the markets and you cannot forecast psychology.” (Source)

[Update: May 28, 2008 ]

Deborah Fineman [via Ralph Nader,] president of Mitchell Supreme Fuel Co. in Orange, New Jersey: “Energy markets have been dictated for too long by hedge funds and speculators, who artificially manipulate the numbers for their own benefit. The current market isn’t based on the sound principles of supply and demand but it is being rigged by companies and speculators who are jacking up prices for their own greed.”

Harry C. Johnson [via Ralph Nader,] former banker and oil executive said, “some industry experts, who profit greatly from the high price of crude, and have stated openly that the worldwide economic price of crude, absent speculators, would be around $50 to $60 per barrel.

Ralph Nader: “Oil was at $50 a barrel in January 2007, then $75 a barrel in August 2007. Now at $130 or so a barrel, it is clear that oil pricing is speculative activity, having very little to do with physical supply and demand. An essential product—petroleum—is set by speculators operating on rumor, greed, and fear of wild predictions. ”

“A sane government would drop all subsidies and tax loopholes for Big Oil’s huge profits and other fossil fuels and promote a national mission to solarize our economy to achieve major savings from energy conservation technology, retrofitting buildings, and upgrading efficiency standards for motor vehicles, home appliances, industrial engines and electric generating plants.

“Those are the permanent ways to achieve energy independence, reduce our trade deficit, create good jobs that can’t be exported and protect the environmental health of people and nature.

“Those are the reforms and advances that a muscular consumer, worker and small business revolt can focus on in the coming weeks.

“What say you, America?”

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China Earthquake, Heavy Death Toll, Corruption, Criminal Incompetence

Posted by msrb on May 18, 2008

Wen Jiabao, Hu Jintao and the Politburo Gang: Criminally Incompetent, or Calculating Mass Murderers?

Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao and President Hu Jintao represent the worst of a country mired in corruption and sleaze. The criminal gang in the Chinese Politburo have once again proven that the Chinese people may not count on them for their safety and protection.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and President Hu Jintao (R) upon Hu’s arrival in Mianyang, a city in quake-hit southwestern Sichuan Province, May 16, 2008. Photo distributed by China’s official Xinhua News Agency. REUTERS/Xinhua/Ju Peng (CHINA).

What Others Say About the Corrupt Politburo Gang in China?

The Anguished Cries of China Quake Nurse

  • Why was the quake nurse reduced to tears and had to beg the soldiers to rescue children?
  • If rescuing the children wasn’t their priority, and clearly it wasn’t, what were the soldiers ordered to do?
  • What were the orders soldiers own general gave them?
  • When did the authorities decide they couldn’t cope with too many quake survivors?

“Although the time for the best chance of rescue, the first 72 hours after an earthquake, has passed [exactly as planned by CPC], saving lives remains the top priority of our work [believe what I say, not what I do, you ‘ignorant peasants’],” the [doublespeaking] Chinese president, Hu Jintao, told the survivors. (Source)

Chinese paratroopers rescuing survivors or preventing plague?

The Riddle of the Chinese Paratroopers

1. There are an estimated 30,000 people burried in the area. How could 100 paratroopers help rescue such large number of victims?

2. The paratroopers landed two days after the mainshock had struck. By then the survival chances of the victims who had been buried alive had already been reduced by about 80 percent.

3. Anyone rescued from the rubble would need medical attention, freshwater, food, blankets, tents … to survive. Did the paratroopers carry all of the vital supplies in their rucksacks?

Therefore, the question remains: Are the paratroopers sent to rescue the “survivors,” or to “finish off the job,” i.e., bury everyone, alive or dead, to prevent potential outbreaks of plague and other pandemics? [The Beijing Olympics are just around the corner!]

Chinese Leaders Incapable of Handling Quake Aftermath

To climb a tree to catch a fish is talking much and doing nothing.” —Chinese Proverb

Wen Jiaboa and Hu Jianto, like the rest of the ruling gang in China are criminally incompetent officials, incapable of protecting the interest of the Chinese people.

“Wen, seen repeatedly on state TV cradling infants and offering hope to earthquake victims, hailed the ‘order the country has maintained for the past 80 hours,’ the report said.”

What if the order does break up? Will the ruling criminal regime send in the special forces to do a Tiananmen Square job?

Q: Is a corrupt, criminally incompetent regime in China good for the “Free world?”

Beijing’s quick response to disaster won’t cover cracks of corruption

About 6,900 classrooms were destroyed – weaker than other buildings in withstanding the shock. It has also said that as many as 390 dams could be at risk.

China is earthquake prone, Sichuan in particular experiencing a similar scale earthquake in 1933. China’s geologists had warned there was a one-in-10 chance of a recurrence within 50 years and buildings and dams should have been built to strict regulatory standards. They weren’t, especially those built most recently. This is not just corner cutting in the quest for fast growth, or the kind of loose practice that comes to light after disasters everywhere. It is the consequence of systemic non-enforcement of regulations in return for bribes – and everyone in China knows it.

Professor Hu Angang, an economist at Tsinghua university, estimates that one yuan in six is, in effect, corrupt. Even army officers buy their rank.

One mother told the Guardian: ‘Chinese officials are too corrupt and bad … They have money for prostitutes and second wives but they don’t have money for our children.’ It is the same story when it comes to food safety, drug standards or environmental regulations, of which only 10 per cent are enforced. Corruption is ubiquitous, which is why so many buildings were deathtraps. Another woman drew attention to the government and party buildings that remained standing, plainly built to the right specifications.

Almost five million left homeless, China says

Water shortages have become “extremely serious” in Sichuan province, according to Chinese Housing Minister Jiang Weixin. There is no running water in 20 counties and cities in the disaster area, he said.

Corruption blamed for rising death toll in China

A doctor, who had worked for two days without a break in the ruins of school buildings that entombed 900 students, lashed out at those responsible for sub-standard buildings that failed to protect victims of the earthquake.

“It’s nothing but corruption – they must have used sub-standard cement and steel,” said Dr Tian, who was reluctant to give his other name.

Parents’ grief turns to anger at shoddily built deathtrap schools

Three days after the quake struck, troops and fire engines queued idly along the roadsides waiting for orders.

“I saw a doctor walking along the lines of bloody bodies, checking pulses and looking at wounds. If he shook his head the nurses were instructed not to take the person to the operating theatre but move them to another room to die. It was like a scene from a war film,” she said.

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NZ: Military Regime with a Civilian Face

Posted by msrb on May 11, 2008

NZ Dollar, ANZ Bank, Spies, Assassins, Phone Tapping, Attempted Murder and the Military Regime with a Civilian Face

See Original Entry:

New Zealand or North Korea?

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On The Way To Armageddon

Posted by feww on December 12, 2007

On The Way To Armageddon: Could We Make A Detour?

by S.H. Saloor [May 31, 2004]

James Lovelock: ‘Only nuclear power can now halt global warming’

Lovelock’s assertion that “Only nuclear power can now halt global warming” [Independent UK, May 24, 2004] is what Ed Regis (Great Mambo Chicken and the Transhuman Condition) calls turn of century’s “great wave of fin-de-siècle hubristic mania.” The Professor can be forgiven for his tardiness: He is 84.

Lovelock proposes that a massive expansion of nuclear power is the only thing that “can now check a runaway warming which would raise sea levels disastrously around the world, cause climatic turbulence …”

He says he is concerned by “two climatic events in particular: the melting of the Greenland ice sheet, which will raise global sea levels significantly, and the episode of extreme heat in western central Europe last August, accepted by many scientists as unprecedented and a direct result of global warming.” He is right to be concerned.

As well, “climate change is speeding, but many people are still in ignorance of this.” Unfortunately, he is right on target on this one, too.

Tony Juniper, director of Friends of the Earth, says: “Climate change and radioactive waste both pose deadly long-term threats, and we have a moral duty to minimize the effects of both, not to choose between them.”

“[A]s of the end of 2000 the world counted 438 reactors with a total of 350 GW, less than 8 percent of the projected nuclear capacity. They produced about 17 percent of the world’s electricity or about 7.5 percent of its commercial primary energy, far behind oil (40%), coal and natural gas (25% each). Nuclear power accounts for only 2 to 3 percent of the world’s commercial final energy consumption.”

Lovelock also fails to consider the issue of time frame: It would probably take 15 to 20 years to even double the projected nuclear capacity from 8 to 16 percent (increasing to 5 percent the nuclear share of world’s commercial final energy consumption) without taking too many shortcuts with devastating consequences (the Chernobyl disaster, the Three Mile Island incident, and many recent near misses in Japan and elsewhere spring to mind). By then, however, the rising sea levels will have inundated most of the existing reactors.

How would Lovelock propose to solve the civilization’s mobility dilemma that we have created in the last 100 years? (About 600 million cars are registered worldwide, as well as millions of trucks and buses, thousands of trains, planes, boats … and millions more are being manufactured each year). What is Lovelock proposing, cars running on nuclear powered batteries? [How about nuclear-powered jets flying over Washington DC?]

Soon the additional demand for oil fueled by the increase in the number of vehicles on the roads and planes in the air would render the nuclear conversion ineffective. The only thing to show for a fleeting moment of madness would be a bigger pile of radioactive waste, which no one knows what to do with.

Global Warming is not the disease; it’s a symptom, albeit the most serious symptom of a cancer caused by industrial civilization. Prescribing more nuclear power (even if it were physically possible) as a cure to the civilization’s cancer is tantamount to treating a smoker’s lung-cancer by switching her over to a different brand of cigarettes.

According to Lester Brown (Earth Policy Institute) the world experienced the fourth consecutive harvest shortfalls in 2003. Last year’s shortfall of 105 million tons (5.4 percent of the total world consumption) was “easily the largest on record.” The world’s carryover stocks of grain are at their “lowest level in 30 years,” amounting to “dangerously low level of 59 days of consumption.” The minimum level needed for food security is considered to be 70 days of consumption. Meanwhile, 74 million people will be added to the world population in 2004. (

Based on the United Nations projections, by 2015 nearly 1.4 billion people in up to 48 countries will face severe water shortages (we believe this figure is highly optimistic), while the water quality continues to deteriorate globally from pollution and rising temperatures.

World oil production is about 80 million BPD [barrels per day] and the projected demand for 2015 [a conservative estimate] is an unsustainable 135 million BPD. The New Oil-Rule Economy will replace the “old” economy in the very near future. A single company/organization will have a monopoly on about 80 percent of “economically recoverable” global oil reserves. It will dictate “production,” pricing, and delivery (and will even decide on the end user – who may or may not buy the oil). How much is too much for a barrel of oil, $40, $240, or $4,000 a barrel? Soon, the current monetary system will be of no value.


The world spent about 1,500 billion dollars on military [the war racket] in the last 12 months. The US share of the spending was about 1,000 billion dollars, or 52 cents in every dollar of Federal Funds (current military spending 29 percent; Iraq and Afghanistan 4 percent; past military 19 percent, including national debt created by military spending) while 35 million Americans live at or below the federal poverty level.

All around us we have created a garbage quicksand. We are sinking rapidly in a quicksand of 57 trillion pounds of materials that is turned into waste annually. Of course, there is a price to pay: The Sixth Great Extinction is looming.

To avert extinction we need an ecological revolution. We must unlearn, rethink, undo, and re-do all human activities re-mapping a sustainable path within the framework of eco-centrism.

Unless the dynamics of our civilization pertaining to our morality, militarism, mobility, consumption, and our perceived ideas about possession and waste are reversed rapidly, this writer believes, the “final” war (which is being fought over the control of resources) would, in the very near future, enter its next sinister stage – a global thermonuclear holocaust.

How else could you prevent anyone in China, to quote but one example, from eating a square meal a day, or owning a car, or the gasoline to drive her car, while the United States with less 5 percent of the world population is taking more than 25 percent of the energy and 30 plus percent of all the resources?

We must begin a new chapter in human evolution, one that rejects wars for control over the oil, food, water supplies, and other resources.

But how do we do it? Is there a “single” solution that would avert an all-out nuclear war, prevent further militarism, check global warming, stop consumerist madness, reduce CO2 emissions by more than 80 percent, reduce acid rains, minimize toxins in the land, air, and sea … ?

The Zero Oil Solution

Yes there is. The zero-oil, NO fossil fuel principle—a moratorium on oil extraction and fossil fuel consumption.

Freeze the oil. Seal the oil wells. Cement them, or otherwise make it impossible to pump out any oil for 50 years. Keep all the fossil fuels in the ground, where they belong!

Stopping the flow of oil globally and keeping the fossil fuels in the ground are drastic measures, of course, and cannot be easily implemented. Freezing the consumption of fossil fuels has far-reaching socio-economical implications; it will create great upheavals. The consequences of the zero-oil, NO fossil fuel principle, however, would be far less devastating than the remaining alternatives: The inevitable global thermonuclear war, and global warming.

A moratorium on oil and fossil fuel production can only be reached through global consensus among governments; it would require an unprecedented level of cooperation among the “representatives” of nations.

The existing resources need to be redistributed fairly; populations must be readied to assume new challenges; lifestyles will be changed dramatically; communities would have to learn how to produce their food (and renewable power) locally, be sustainable and learn to do more with less.

Unfortunately, this author does not believe such levels of cooperation could possibly develop between the world governments anytime soon.

We must, therefore, rely on “we the people.” We need non-violent volunteer organizations to develop and promulgate a new, unified value system based on an eco-centric economy at war speed, employing creative ways and means of stopping the flow of oil and consumption of fossil fuels globally to avert The Sixth Great Extinction.

If we choose life, that’s a price well worth paying for.

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Dr Strangelove Returns!

Posted by msrb on November 3, 2007

I see your World War III bet and raise you by one billion killed, tops…

In the early 60s, though you heard about ‘nuclear deterrence,’ ‘mutual assured destruction (MAD),’ ‘first strike capability,’ ‘counterforce,’ ‘second strike capability,’ ‘fail-deadly’ and ‘missile gap,’ there was still optimism in the air. For one thing, the Commanders-in-Chief could still be portrayed as ‘decent’ folks. For another, most of the Zionist and Nazi Scientists had fled Europe to become US citizens, so there was no immediate danger of Europe starting another world war. And Israel had not yet declared its intentions to rule the world by proxy.

And then, of course, there was Dr Strangelove!

Dr. Strangelove, probably one of the best political satires of all time, satirized the Cold War apparatus, the military-industrial-complex, ridiculing the comic strip characters who created the doctrine of MAD and the alphabet soup of hideous terminologies and ‘power’ acronyms that accompanied the farcical concepts.

In ‘Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb,’ a delusional US Air Force general orders a first strike nuclear attack on the Soviet Union to foil an imaginary Communist conspiracy (read ‘War on Terror’) to ‘sap and impurify’ the ‘precious bodily fluids’ of the US Citizens replacing it with fluoridated water, which he believes was the cause of his impotence.

His warmongering buddy, Air Force General Buck Turgidson, whose character was loosely based on Air Force General Curtis LeMay, tries to convince the President to launch a full scale nuclear attack against the Soviets. He believes a first strike attack against the Soviets would destroy their capability to retaliate effectively. Moreover, he believes the human cost of the US ‘victory’ is ‘acceptable’ with the collateral (American) casualties of, ‘no more than 10 to 20 million killed, tops…’

In the 2007’s somewhat twisted rerun of Dr Strangelove, it’s the commander-in-chief [sic] himself who is ‘running around like a madman with a razor blade in his hand.’ He strikes other countries with ‘shock and awe’ bombardments on the pretext of his bogus ‘War on Terror,’ and dispatches most of his fleet to exotic places throughout the world to threaten other countries [and create strategic footholds, in addition to the existing inventory of 737 U.S. Military Bases throughout the world.] Armed nuclear weapons go missing after ‘routine’ flights across the country. And to top it all, the madman crows about starting WW III.

His reason is no longer just his ‘impotence’ caused by the Communists’ fluoridated water [or was it ‘incompetence,’ ‘psychosis’ and ‘derangement’ caused by Southern Comfort and the Colombian snowbirds?] In fact he has little to do with anything, except that is for rubberstamping the ZioCon cabal’s ideologies and plots in his self-proclaimed role as the ‘decider.’

The cabal perceive the ‘Soviets,’ Chinese, Indians, Sunni and Shi’a as strategic, resource-depleting, ecological (polluting) and ideological threats to their ‘last-man-alive-wins’ theology.

In Dr Strangelove the US bomb explodes in Soviet Union triggering the Soviets’ ‘Doomsday Device’ which in turn guarantees MAD. According to their estimates, life on Earth’s surface would be extinct in ten months. So the mad scientist, Dr Strangelove, recommends sending small numbers of people to deep mineshafts to protect them against the nuclear fallout while they repopulate USA.

I see your World War III bet and raise you by 10 mineshafts, 60 million dead in Russia, 400 million killed in china, 340 million deaths in India…; I raise you by 20 mineshafts and ‘20 million killed in USA, tops…’

by S.H. Saloor
The Management School of
Restorative Business

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