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Japan Must Urgently Adopt New Economic Model

Posted by msrb on February 26, 2009

Japan’s  Survival Now Depends on a Low Energy, Intelligent Socioeconomic Model

Japan’s economy, the world’s 2nd and Asia’s largest, is rapidly becoming the biggest victim of the global recession. As the world’s recession woes deepen, demand for Japanese exports like cars and high-tech goods falls. Japan’s economic and therefore national survival depends on its exports.

tokyo-job-demoWorkers and trade union members hold placards which read “Don’t Cut” jobs during a rally in Tokyo. Photo: AFP. Image may be subject to copyright.

“Because of the shrinking global economy, Japan’s business model of being dependent on exports is not working at all,” said Barclays Capital Japan chief economist Kyohei Morita.

Japan’s economy is rapidly shrinking, WSJ said, “with government data showing that gross domestic product plunged by an annualized 12.7% in October-December, its fastest contraction since the 1974 oil shock.”

“With the export sector extremely weak and the domestic economy weakening, there is a growing risk that you could get a significant rise in Japanese unemployment,” said Christopher Wood, an equity strategist at the CLSA bank.

Japan’s trade deficit rose by a factor of 10 in January, to about 953 billion yen from a 90 billion yen deficit a year earlier, the Ministry of Finance said Wednesday, clocking up the country’s largest trade deficit ever. Overall exports during the period plunged by a record 45.7% year-to-year to 3.483 trillion yen.

As the global economy heads further into a depression, the  outlook of a near- to mid-term recovery for Japaese exports is gleam.

Japan’s energy self-sufficiency is less than 4 percent of the country’s consumption. As for the food security, Japan’s food self-sufficiency rate, the total calories supplied,  fell from 40 to 39 percents in fiscal 2006, one of the lowest rates in the ‘developed’ world!

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The Land of Plenty [of hungry people]

Posted by feww on November 24, 2008

Could When Will Food Riots Break Out Across the U.S.?

40,000 hungry people in 11,000 vehicles harvest 300 tons of free crops at Platteville, Colorado

Joe and Chris Miller were in for a big surprise when they allowed people to pick up free vegetables left over after the harvest —40,000 people showed up.

“Overwhelmed is putting it mildly … People obviously need food.” Chris Miller said.

The couple had expected up to 10,000 people to show up Saturday to pick free crops including carrots, leeks and potatoes. Instead, 40,000 people arrived in an estimated 11,000 vehicles turning some 30 acres of the 600-acre farm 37 miles north of Denver into a parking lot.

“Everybody is so depressed about the economy … This was a pure party. Everybody having a great time getting something for free.” Said Sandra Justice of Greeley who works at a technology company. She, her mother and son picked 10 bags of vegetables. Denver Post reported.

The hungry guests picked an estimated some 300 tons of produce Saturday. “Joe and Chris Miller’s fields were picked so clean Saturday that a second day of gleaning—the old practice of picking up leftover food in farm fields—was canceled Sunday.” The Post said.

Whereas the Millers had previously allowed schoolchildren and some church groups to harvest their own food, they opened the farm to the free public harvest this year after learning that food was stolen from churches.

Let’s hope the party spirit doesn’t deteriorate too quickly into pitch battles between competing crowds as the harvests start shrinking!

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