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Airbus Must Come Clean

Posted by msrb on June 2, 2009

Breaking News: Cockpit Fire Forces Airbus A330 to Land

submitted by a reader

Airbus: Third time ‘unlucky,’ too!

Third Airbus in 6 months plunges into the sea

Alright, the US Airways Airbus that plunged into the Hudson River was hit by a flock of birds, but the Air New Zealand Airbus A320 ‘Flying Coffin‘ fell into the sea because of a combination of pilot incompetence/error and catastrophic flight control system failure.

The author [and MSRB Moderators] strongly suspects that catastrophic flight control system failure was also responsible for the downing of Air France Airbus 330-200 flight AF 447.

[Moderators also strongly suspect that Airbus is aware of the problem, but is unwilling to come clean because of the financial ramifications. One way or another, Airbus could probably go bust in the coming months, but it’s better to go down with a clean conscience and less passenger blood on their hands. MSRB.]

Unlike flight AF 447, the problem with the flight control system failures will not disappear, no matter how hard Airbus wishes it to go away. Sooner or later there would be another plane crashing into the Pacific, Indian, Atlantic, Arctic or Southern ocean … and then another. And it’s only a matter of months perhaps weeks before that would occur.

[We know it, and we know that Airbus knows it, too! MSRB]

Come clean now! Ground all Airbuses and fix the problem!

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The Moderators have been expecting another Air New Zealand Airbus A320 to plunge into the sea (again), based on the airline’s safety statistics, but Air France beat the kiwis to it!

The probability remains that the next major air disaster would occur as a result of an Air New Zealand Airbus crashing into the sea [with a certainty of 0.74]

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