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The Anti Poverty Day

Posted by msrb on October 17, 2008

About one half of the world population live on less than $2 per day!

October 17 the Global Anti Poverty Day

UN says it is trying to address the issue by working towards the anti-poverty Millennium Development Goals. But when?

The Millennium Development Goal pertaining to eradication of poverty aims to halve the number of poor globally by 2015. With the high prices of food showing no sign of abating, and with the world’s ecosystems heading towards a collapse, their goal is becoming increasingly elusive.

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Dr Strangelove Returns!

Posted by msrb on November 3, 2007

I see your World War III bet and raise you by one billion killed, tops…

In the early 60s, though you heard about ‘nuclear deterrence,’ ‘mutual assured destruction (MAD),’ ‘first strike capability,’ ‘counterforce,’ ‘second strike capability,’ ‘fail-deadly’ and ‘missile gap,’ there was still optimism in the air. For one thing, the Commanders-in-Chief could still be portrayed as ‘decent’ folks. For another, most of the Zionist and Nazi Scientists had fled Europe to become US citizens, so there was no immediate danger of Europe starting another world war. And Israel had not yet declared its intentions to rule the world by proxy.

And then, of course, there was Dr Strangelove!

Dr. Strangelove, probably one of the best political satires of all time, satirized the Cold War apparatus, the military-industrial-complex, ridiculing the comic strip characters who created the doctrine of MAD and the alphabet soup of hideous terminologies and ‘power’ acronyms that accompanied the farcical concepts.

In ‘Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb,’ a delusional US Air Force general orders a first strike nuclear attack on the Soviet Union to foil an imaginary Communist conspiracy (read ‘War on Terror’) to ‘sap and impurify’ the ‘precious bodily fluids’ of the US Citizens replacing it with fluoridated water, which he believes was the cause of his impotence.

His warmongering buddy, Air Force General Buck Turgidson, whose character was loosely based on Air Force General Curtis LeMay, tries to convince the President to launch a full scale nuclear attack against the Soviets. He believes a first strike attack against the Soviets would destroy their capability to retaliate effectively. Moreover, he believes the human cost of the US ‘victory’ is ‘acceptable’ with the collateral (American) casualties of, ‘no more than 10 to 20 million killed, tops…’

In the 2007’s somewhat twisted rerun of Dr Strangelove, it’s the commander-in-chief [sic] himself who is ‘running around like a madman with a razor blade in his hand.’ He strikes other countries with ‘shock and awe’ bombardments on the pretext of his bogus ‘War on Terror,’ and dispatches most of his fleet to exotic places throughout the world to threaten other countries [and create strategic footholds, in addition to the existing inventory of 737 U.S. Military Bases throughout the world.] Armed nuclear weapons go missing after ‘routine’ flights across the country. And to top it all, the madman crows about starting WW III.

His reason is no longer just his ‘impotence’ caused by the Communists’ fluoridated water [or was it ‘incompetence,’ ‘psychosis’ and ‘derangement’ caused by Southern Comfort and the Colombian snowbirds?] In fact he has little to do with anything, except that is for rubberstamping the ZioCon cabal’s ideologies and plots in his self-proclaimed role as the ‘decider.’

The cabal perceive the ‘Soviets,’ Chinese, Indians, Sunni and Shi’a as strategic, resource-depleting, ecological (polluting) and ideological threats to their ‘last-man-alive-wins’ theology.

In Dr Strangelove the US bomb explodes in Soviet Union triggering the Soviets’ ‘Doomsday Device’ which in turn guarantees MAD. According to their estimates, life on Earth’s surface would be extinct in ten months. So the mad scientist, Dr Strangelove, recommends sending small numbers of people to deep mineshafts to protect them against the nuclear fallout while they repopulate USA.

I see your World War III bet and raise you by 10 mineshafts, 60 million dead in Russia, 400 million killed in china, 340 million deaths in India…; I raise you by 20 mineshafts and ‘20 million killed in USA, tops…’

by Harry Saloor
The Management School of
Restorative Business

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