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U.S. Defense System Riddled With Big Israeli Holes

Posted by msrb on October 20, 2009

“US Scientist Caught Spying For ‘Israel'”

What Giant Smokescreen!

Does it mean that the traditional, well-established channels for the transfer of state secrets to Israel no longer function?

  • Does the FBI monitor the telephone conversations of people like Joe Lieberman, Rahm Israel Emanuel … ? If NOT, WHY NOT?
  • Are the people supposed to presume that AIPAC and the dozens of similar organizations no longer ‘share’ information with Israel?
  • Are the Right-Wing Rabbis presumed to be safe for confiding state secrets to?
  • How about Israel-First CEO’s and top executives of arms manufacturers and multinational corporations that monitor/control the flow of electronic information in the US and EU?

Another Israel-First US Scientist Caught Spying For “Israel”

Stewart David Nozette, 52, an Israel-loving scientist who worked for the Defense Department, was arrested Monday on charges of attempted spying. He tried to pass on classified information to an FBI agent posing as an Israeli intelligence officer, AP reported.

Mr Nozette was contacted in September 2009 by an undercover FBI agent posing as an Israeli intelligence officer, whom he reportedly assured to provide classified information “in exchange for an Israeli passport.”

The scientist is reported to have provided information “classified as both ‘top secret’ and ‘secret’ that concerned US satellites, early warning systems, means of defense or retaliation against large-scale attack, communications intelligence information, and major elements of defense strategy”, the justice department said.

“From 1989 through 2006, Nozette held security clearances as high as ‘top secret’ and had regular, frequent access to classified information and documents related to the US national defense.”

… in January of this year, Nozette allegedly traveled to another foreign country with two computer thumb drives and did not return with them. Prosecutors also quote an unnamed colleague of Nozette who said the scientist told him that if the U.S. government ever tried to put him in jail for an unrelated criminal offense, he would go to another foreign country and “tell them everything” he knows.

“The conduct alleged in this complaint is serious and should serve as a warning to anyone who would consider compromising our nation’s secrets for profit,” said US Assistant Attorney General David Kris.

Mr Nozette, who is believed to be of Jewish faith, will appear in court in Washington on Tuesday, facing a maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted.

The FBI affidavit gave the following sequence of events:

_Sept. 4. Nozette and the agent met again in the same hotel. The scientist allegedly said that while he no longer had legal access to any classified information at a U.S. government facility, he could, nonetheless, recall classified information by memory. Nozette allegedly asked when he could expect to receive his first payment, saying he preferred cash amounts “under ten thousand” so he didn’t have to report it.

Nozette allegedly told the agent, “Well, I should tell you my first need is that they should figure out how to pay me … they don’t expect me to do this for free.”

_Sept. 10. Undercover FBI agents left a letter in the designated post office box, asking Nozette to answer a list of questions about U.S. satellite information. The agents provided a $2,000 cash payment. Serial numbers of the bills were recorded.

_Sept. 16. Nozette was captured on videotape leaving a manila envelope in the post office box. The next day, agents retrieved the sealed envelope and found, among other things, a one-page document containing answers to the questions and an encrypted computer thumb drive.

One answer contained information classified as secret, which concerned capabilities of a prototype overhead collection system. Nozette allegedly offered to reveal additional classified information that directly concerned nuclear weaponry, military spacecraft or satellites, and other major weapons systems.

_Sept. 17. Agents left a second letter in the post office box with another list of questions about U.S. satellite information. The FBI also left a cash payment of $9,000. Nozette allegedly retrieved the questions and the money the same day.

_Oct. 1. Nozette was videotaped leaving a manila envelope in the post office box. FBI agents retrieved it and found a second set of answers. The responses contained information classified as both top secret and secret, on U.S. satellites, early warning systems, means of defense or retaliation against large-scale attack, communications intelligence information, and major elements of defense strategy.

It has also been reported that “Nozette performed some of this research and development at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency in Arlington, Va., and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.”

In 2006, NASA’s Office of Inspector General subpoenaed a bank account of Nozette’s firm, Alliance For Competitive Technology Inc. Nozette went to federal court to fight the subpoena.

The IG  investigated reports that Nozette’s firm had submitted false claims for expenses.

Nozette’s motion to quash the subpoena was  rejected by a federal judge; however, the court records provide no further information as to what happened afterward.

From Stewart Nozette NASA Page:


Mini-RF Principal Investigator (on Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) and Co-investigator (on Chandrayaan-1).

Where did you grow up? Where do you live now? I grew up in Chicago, Illinois (West Rogers Park), and currently live in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

How did you get interested in space exploration? I was born in 1957, the year of Sputnik, grew up during the Apollo years, and always had an interest in space exploration and strong science aptitude. The works of Gerard K. O’Neill, which appeared during my high school years in the early 1970s, encouraged my consideration of space exploration as a career. Up until that time I was planning to go to medical school. I was strongly encouraged by many influential people during my undergraduate years and finally closed off my medical option during my sophomore year, much to the benefit of my future patients (many people have told me).

What is your educational background? I have a B.S. in geosciences with honors and distinction from the University of Arizona (1979), and a Ph.D. in planetary science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1983).

What are your hobbies? I used to fly and scuba dive when I was younger but have not been as active recently. Now I enjoy cooking and listening to The Grateful Dead Channel on Sirius satellite radio.

What’s your job on Mini-RF? I am the principal investigator/co-investigator, so I act to oversee and document the scientific aspects of the program and translate these requirements into specific actions for the engineers and operators.

What has been the most exciting aspect of working on Mini-RF? Seeing it come to fruition after many years of thought and work. I conceived the idea of Mini-RF in 1994 while working as the deputy program manager and chief scientist of the Clementine mission, so returning to the moon with this capability is very satisfying.

What are you looking forward to the most as Mini-RF begins its lunar exploration? Finally seeing what’s at the bottom of the permanently shadowed polar craters.

What excites you about exploring the moon? The possibility that Mini-RF will provide the data that establishes whether extractable water exists on the moon and the importance of that information to the feasibility of humans eventually settling on the moon permanently.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get involved in space exploration [or the transfer of state secrets to Israel?] The most important thing is to get a very good grounding in fundamental math, basic and applied science, and engineering. Some exposure to business, management and economics would also be valuable. Then finding a career path with helpful mentors who can get you involved in real projects once you are sufficiently grounded.

Count one hole for every Israel-first “scientist,”  engineer, administrator, employee… and you’ll see why the US defense system looks like a torn fishing net.

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