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Nature Must Be Punished, Look at the Mess in California!

Posted by msrb on July 14, 2008

submitted by a CASF Member

Nature must not be allowed to do what she does best: Care for life!

Humanoids’ ignorance of Nature’s defense mechanisms hasn’t improved in 12,000 years! Take California’s wildfires, for example. Tackling the wildfires has become strictly a Freudian affair. Freud said:

“Against the dreaded external world one can only defend oneself by some kind of turning away from it, if one intends to solve the task by oneself. There is, indeed, another and a better path: that of becoming a member of human community, and, with the help of a technique guided by science, going over to attack against nature and subjecting her to human will.”

Way to go Sigmund!

Sigmund Freud, 1938

Nature is viewed as a malignant force to overcome. Humanoids fight nature trying their damnedest to prevent her from doing what she does best: Sustaining life!

Wildfires are an indispensable tool in Nature’s cycle-of-life toolbox. But, they have decided that the fires must not be allowed to burn naturally.

How dare she? Line up the crews. If 2 thousand firefighters aren’t enough, then get 5, 10, 20,000, if necessary! If you need even more, import them from half way across the world. Mobilize the National Guard!

Nature’s cycles of life have been ruining our lifestyles. No wonder the Government declared war on “evil” wildfires, a century ago!

If you couldn’t build your log cabin in the forest, on the riverbank, or on the beach, where you want to live, what good is Nature to you? Who needs nature, if she misbehaves?

If nature can’t provide you with enough rainwater when you need to put the fires out, or cleanse the air so that the smug doesn’t choke your kids, why should you let her go on?

Why hasn’t she provided you with enough carbon sinks to remove the greenhouse gases from the atmosphere to prevent you from boiling? What good is she?

Come to think of it, why is this stinking planet so small? Why didn’t nature create a planet 10, 20, 30 even a 100 times bigger, and cleaner?

Nature has failed to provide you with the “perfect” planet. She is hampering your progress. She must be punished. And if that doesn’t work, she must not be allowed to go on. If she continues like this, you don’t need her.

No Good For Living!

You build a dream log home in the woods; invest considerable time and money selecting the right refrigerator-freezer, freezer, microwave oven, coffeemaker, juice extractor/blender, bread maker, toaster, dishwasher, clothes washer, clothes dryer, state-of-the-art lighting, 50″ digital TV, set top box, DVD, VCR, projector, dehumidifier, ceiling fans, heating system, cooling system, bleeding-edge sound-surround stereo system, bathroom TV, whirlpool/Spa, floodlights, pool pump, water filters, waterbed heater, hair dryer, floor heater, dehumidifier, humidifier, ionizer, air filter, furnace, cooler … it takes months and months of planning, spending, traveling. Imagine life without the SUV! And then comes the evacuation order… the next day it’s all over. Mother nature has consumed everything. You finally decide this nature just isn’t conducive to lifestyle. This planet isn’t good for living!

Freudian Assault Against Nature Syndrome

Having reached the peak of Freudian Assault Against Nature Syndrome, there are only two courses of action available to humanoids:

(i) Look for a new planet, one that is a lot bigger and much cleaner than this “sh*tpit.”

(ii) Create a new, more disciplined nature, one that doesn’t bitch with you and knows how to work effectively, cleaning up the piles you leave behind.

When you’re through with Sci-Fi, then sober up to this fact: “In the humanoids’ declared war against nature, whichever side ‘wins,’ we will [all] be the losers!

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None Shall Sleep!

Posted by edro on January 11, 2008

Nessun dorma (None Shall Sleep)

Submitted by a Member

Calaf, Il principe ignoto (the unknown/unidentified prince), falls in love at first sight with the beautiful but coldhearted Princess Turandot [Puccini’s famous opera mass popularized by the late Pavarotti, the Ringo Starr of opera.] To wed Turandot, however, he must first answer three questions. Speciously, and as if in a world void of real drama, if he fails, he will be beheaded:

1. Where do people of Pianura dump their own garbage (the residents of Pianura, near Naples, Italy, clashed with police and firefighters this week in a bid to prevent the reopening of the old Pianura garbage dump as an estimated 200,000 tons of garbage lies rotting in the streets)?

2. What happened to the two billion euros paid out by the government over the past 14 years to ‘solve’ the garbage disposal problem?

3. And, as the first of the 500-ton boatloads of garbage reach the emerald coast of Sardinia, why must the garbage produced in Naples and the surrounding Campania region be dumped some 300 miles across the Tyrrhenian Sea in Sardinia (or the New York garbage be trucked as far away as New Mexico), instead of citizens of Naples and communities in Campania (ditto New York and elsewhere) making minor changes to their lifestyles to prevent swamping the planet with garbage?

How much more garbage must be dumped or incinerated before the cities, entire regions and ecosystems collapse? See below for a list of the ‘Dynamics of Collapse.’

Stop New Zealand Committing Eco-Terrorism!

No Rest for the Wicked!

A Definition of Eco-terrorism: “An act that terrorizes other species and threatens the ecological systems of the planet.” ~ Paul Watson

Halfway across the world, in New Zealand, where probably one hundred times as many four-legged animals as their two-legged cousins live, hundreds of millions of tons of agricultural waste and farm runoffs are discharged into the lakes and coastal waters, and millions of tons of methane gas are released to the environment each year. The land and the dead zones in the coastal waters are dotted with chemical weapons dumps for good measure.

In a land where some lambs are born hermaphrodite and with 7 legs (surprised?), where the pregnant females first prayer is not for a healthy baby, but one with pale color and fair hair, the government proactively lures 2.5 million uninformed persons from all over the world every year to commit ecocide.

In New Zealand, the beacon of militarized democracies, the waste, municipal, agricultural, industrial, WMD and all is dumped in the land and at sea as if by general consent for commercial expediency— not just because it is someone else’s land and they don’t belong, or could care less about. There is no chivalry, no princesses, and certainly no questions are asked for raping the environment. The fate of ‘Il principe ignoto’ seems to have been sealed long ago!

In a country where generally there’s no shortage of food or resources and the land thieves could live comfortably side by side the indigenous people, the ecocide is committed in the name of national economy, so that everyone becomes party to the heinous crime. Unlike the Italians, the New Zealanders will never protest because no one would be stupid enough to kill ‘the goose that laid the golden egg!’ Meanwhile, the banshees of New Zealand chorus cry: … E noi dovrem, ahimè, morir, morir! (… and we must, alas, die, die! )

The concerned individuals throughout the world must declare New Zealand an ecological disaster zone and STOP the ongoing eco-terrorism committed by the New Zealand government and its tourism industry in the name of national economy. The 2.5 million uninformed persons who visit New Zealand each year become unwitting accomplices in the crime of ecocide; they must be coached on how to minimize their impacts on the failing ecosystems and be prevented from traveling.

Surviving 2008, Year of the Expected Unknowns!

The New Year can only get as good as the state we left the old one in. Do you remember the state of 2007? This year would be remembered as Year of the Expected Unknowns, and judging by the state in which 2007 ended, 2008 would be the year where war, globalization, political economy and the legal limits to polluting the environment, as well as our ‘way-over-the-legal-limits’ lifestyles will prove our undoing. So, be advised, whatever can go wrong [over and above 2007] will begin going wrong, in 2008, in the worst possible way.

Will 2008 be the year when a major island [or two] is mostly submerged underwater by plate-tectonic forces?

Many more nasty ‘surprises’ and disastrous scenarios will unfold. One thing will be for certain, however, the crippling advantages of the ongoing mix of Pax Americana and Davos scenarios will reveal the depth and the devastation of the “Chain of Human-induced Disasters” scenario in 2008.

The Dynamics of Collapse

The following is EDRO‘s list of the major causes of collapse of the ‘first wave’ of world cities presented in random order: [source: First Wave of World’s Collapsing Cities]

  • Mass homicide/suicide as a result of neurological disorder caused by mercury poisoning.
  • Tourism [euphemistically, eco-tourism]
  • Accumulation of toxic pollution in the environment
  • Overwhelmed by mounting agricultural, municipal (sewage) and industrial waste
  • Poor global harvest/Food scarcity
  • Running Dry (Running out of fresh water)
  • Human-induced climate change
  • Increased UV radiation
  • Foodborne, waterborne, airborne and insectborne infectious diseases (viral, bacterial, parasitic, fungal, prion)
  • Droughts
  • Sinking into the ground (large-scale subsidence caused by overuse of groundwater supplies)
  • Global collapse of pollinators
  • Extreme climatic events (including extreme rain events, floods)
  • Famine
  • Collapse of natural pest regulation systems
  • Failing ecosystems
  • Societal collapse (unsustainable lifestyles, overconsumption, unethical behavior)
  • Fuel shortage
  • Spread of pandemic diseases
  • Industrial accidents (including oil spills)
  • Deforestation
  • Epidemics of plant and animal diseases
  • Soil degradation (salination, erosion, loss of fertility); Desertification
  • Economic collapse
  • Land use change
  • Habitat destruction
  • War (conventional and nuclear)
  • Collapse of fisheries/fish species
  • Civil conflict
  • Poverty
  • Overshoot of Carrying Capacity; Increased ecological footprint; Overpopulation (esp. DCs*)
  • Inordinate prevalence of psychopathology caused by industrialization, militarization and dysfunctional societies
  • Human-enhanced Natural catastrophes including earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, tropical storms, cyclones, extreme rainfall events, landslides, volcanic eruptions, droughts and wildfires.

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