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Google Image Search Links to Porn Sites

Posted by msrb on June 25, 2009

Pornography on Internet Courtesy of Google, Inc

MSRB Moderators have received information from fellow bloggers in South East Asia that the “DO NO Evil [sic]” Google is spreading pornography on Internet in Japan, Korea, Taiwan  and possibly other countries.

A simple image search can connect Google users to various on-line pornography sites directly and without any warning.

The confirmation comes amid reports that China’s Foreign Ministry has  accused Google of spreading pornography on Internet thereby breaking Chinese law.

Meanwhile, it was reported that neither Google’s search engine nor its Chinese-language version were accessible in most parts of China, presumably blocked by the authorities as a retaliatory measure.

China has demanded that all new computers sold in the country come pre-installed with an Internet-filter software called Green Dam Youth Escort to  block pornographic content, starting  July 1, 2009.

As the deadline approaches, however, the US called on China to scrap its plan. “China is putting companies in an untenable position by requiring them, with virtually no public notice, to pre-install software that appears to have broad-based censorship implications and network security issues,” BBC reported the US Commerce Secretary Gary Locke as saying.

China ordered Google last week to stop deliberately linking Internet users to “pornographic and vulgar” websites.

“We have found that Google has spread a lot of pornographic content, which is a serious violation of Chinese laws and regulations,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang told reporters.

The US Trade Representative Ron Kirk said “China’s proposed internet filter would violate China’s free trade obligations, weaken computer security and raise serious censorship concerns.” The report said.

“Mandating technically flawed Green Dam software and denying manufacturers and consumers freedom to select filtering software is an unnecessary and unjustified means to achieve that objective, and poses a serious barrier to trade,” Kirk said.

“The latest comment raises the concern about a broader trade war between the US and China over everything from computer security to chicken poultry imports.” The report said.

The US has already filed major complaint with the World Trade Organization accusing China of unfair trade practices by restricting competitors’ access to raw materials, and is now complaining that to pre-install the “pornography-filter” software would violate China’s WTO free trade obligations because it puts  pressure on PC manufacturers.

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology now says  installation of the filter was not compulsory and users can uninstall the software.

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World Poverty Index

Posted by msrb on August 21, 2007

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