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We Call on ALL Individuals with a social conscience to

1. Support Our Campaign for an International War Crimes Tribunal to investigate the complicity in genocide and crimes against humanity by Canadian government including the state and local authorities, the judiciary and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) along with the principals of the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian and United Church of Canada.

2. Boycott Canada, Canadian Products and Canadian Athletes in Beijing 2008 (and at all other venues) until such time Canadians have acknowledged and apologized for the genocide that they inflicted on millions of aboriginal men, women and children who were deliberately exterminated for their lands, brought the perpetrators to justice, restored the stolen land and mineral resources and afforded full compensation for the evil acts that were perpetrated against the aboriginals.

Purpose: To expose Genocide against aboriginal peoples in Canada, past and present, by the government and its agencies, churches, multinational corporations and other forces, bring the perpetrators to justice and compensate the indigenous people of Canada.

Since 1890, the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian and United Church of Canada along with state authorities, the judiciary, doctors and the police implemented a policy of genocide against the native population. They have perpetrated murder, land theft, mass sterilizations, medical experiments, and sexual terrorism on native people across Canada. Government documents and eyewitnesses confirm that over 50,000 children died in the “residential schools” run by these churches until 1984, or more than 50% of the inmates of these facilities.

The history of purposeful genocide implicates every level of government in Canada, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), every mainstream church, large corporations and local police, doctors and judges. The web of complicity in this killing machine was, and remains, so vast that its concealment has required an equally elaborate campaign of cover-up that has been engineered at the highest levels of power in our country; a cover-up that is continuing, especially now that eyewitnesses to murders and atrocities at the church-run native residential “schools” have come forward for the first time.

These 50,000 victims have vanished, as have their corpses. They were innocent children, and they were killed by beatings and torture and after being deliberately exposed to tuberculosis and other diseases by paid employees of the churches and government, according to a “Final Solution” master plan devised by the Department of Indian Affairs and the Catholic and Protestant churches.

With such official consent for manslaughter emanating from Ottawa, the churches responsible for annihilating natives on the ground felt emboldened and protected enough to declare full-scale war on non-Christian native peoples through the 20th century.

The casualties of that war were not only the 50,000 dead children of the residential schools, but the survivors, whose social condition today has been described by United Nations human rights groups as that of “a colonized people barely on the edge of survival, with all the trappings of a third-world society”.

The sheer brutality of the harm regularly inflicted on children in the schools attest to the institutional view of aboriginals as “expendable” and “diseased” beings. Scores of survivors of 10 different residential schools in BC and Ontario have described under oath the following tortures inflicted on them and other children as young as five years old between the years 1922 and 1984:

  • tightening fish twine and wire around boys’ penises;
  • sticking needles into their hands, cheeks, tongues, ears and penises;
  • holding them over open graves and threatening to bury them alive;
  • forcing them to eat maggot-filled and regurgitated food;
  • telling them their parents were dead and that they were about to be killed;
  • stripping them naked in front of the assembled school and verbally and sexually degrading them;
  • forcing them to stand upright for more than 12 hours at a time until they collapsed;
  • immersing them in ice water;
  • forcing them to sleep outside in winter;
  • ripping the hair from their heads;
  • repeatedly smashing their heads against concrete or wooden surfaces;
  • daily beating without warning, using whips, sticks, horse harnesses, studded metal straps, pool cues and iron pipes;
  • extracting teeth from their mouths without painkillers;
  • confining them in unventilated closets without food or water for days;
  • regularly applying electric shocks to their heads, genitals and limbs.

Perhaps the clearest summary of the nature and purpose of such sadism are the words of Bill Seward of Nanaimo, a survivor of the Kuper Island school:

The church people were worshipping the devil, not us. They wanted the gold, the coal, the land we occupied. So they terrorized us into giving it to them. How does a man who was raped every day when he was seven make anything out of his life? The residential schools were set up to destroy our lives, and they succeeded. The whites were terrorists, pure and simple.

CASF urges all conscientious individuals to boycott Canada , Canadian products as well as Canadian athletes in Beijing 2008 and other venues until Canadians have

1. Acknowledged and apologized for the genocide they inflicted on millions of aboriginal men, women and children who were deliberately exterminated for their lands.

2. Brought the perpetrators to justice.

3. Returned the stolen land and mineral resources to aboriginals.

4. Afforded full compensation for the evil perpetrated against the aboriginals.

The above text is based on the report, “Hidden From History: The Canadian Holocaust – The Untold Story of the Genocide of Aboriginal Peoples by Church and State in Canada – A Summary of an Ongoing, Independent Inquiry into Canadian Native ‘Residential Schools’ and their Legacy”, by Rev. Kevin D. Annett, MA, MDiv. The report was published by The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada, a public investigative body continuing the work of previous Tribunals into native residential schools: The Justice in the Valley Coalition’s Inquiry into Crimes Against Aboriginal People, convened in Port Alberni, British Columbia, on December 9, 1994, and The International Human Rights Association of American Minorities Tribunal into Canadian Residential Schools, held in Vancouver from June 12-14, 1998.

The Report was accessed 18 December 2006 and is available at URL:

You can email Canada’s Prime Minster [sic] at

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