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You Want to Work in New Zealand?

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You Want to Work in New Zealand?

A reply to a young Indian doctor who was considering working in New Zealand

New Zealand is financially bankrupt. Do not be surprised if its currency turns out to be worthless, soon. New Zealand is a morally bankrupt, apartheid country (little wonder most of the scum who fled South Africa after the apartheid regime was dismantled there have now settled in New Zealand -ditto the supremacist scums from other countries). New Zealand continues to dehumanize the indigenous Maori (non-white) population as well as the ‘colored’ immigrant communities systematically: Marginalize them, strip them of property, kill them.

We wondered how the ‘colored’ immigrant communities coped in New Zealand and tried to interview Navin Govind, an Indian who immigrated there. Unfortunately, he was beaten to death in his shop by three people wielding baseball bats before he could speak to us. His 11-year-old son, Sanjay, was seriously injured. Their crime? They were ‘colored!

We turned to Shiu Prasad who also immigrated to New Zealand from India in search of a different life, perhaps to earn a few dollars more. Unfortunately, he could not answer us either. A ‘colored’ migrant, he too was stabbed to death by a gang of racially charged youths.

Surely, Bhagubhai Vaghela, grandfather of two little girls, a qualified engineer and hard-working Indian who immigrated to New Zealand in search of his dreams could answer our questions. Alas, he was killed before we could reach him. He was shot and left bleeding to death in his place of work in Auckland because he was ‘colored.’

So were an unknown number of other non-white immigrants (and tourists) from China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea …

CASF Human Rights Team asked the NZ Ministry of Justice and several other ministries for a list of Asians who had been murdered or ‘accidentally’ killed in New Zealand in the past few years.

The New Zealand authorities declined to assist us.

We hope this is helpful!

CASF Human Rights Team
January 2007

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*** Please Endorse the Petition: Support Our Call to Boycott Westpac Banking Corporation ***

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