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Business as usual


Business as usual.


Human induced catastrophes including ozone holes, global heating, large loss of carbon sinks, extreme climatic events ( severe droughts, heavy rain, flooding, hurricanes, sudden temperature changes, wildfires…), toxic pollution, waste accumulation, resources depletion ( freshwater, food, fossil fuels), heavy loss of topsoil and arable land, militarism and war, unethical behavior and virulent disease pandemics are rapidly reaching the point of no return. These factors are overwhelming and destroying our life support systems (ecosystems). As of 2005, 15 of the 24 ecosystems vital for supporting life are collapsing including fresh water, fisheries, air and water purification systems, and the systems that regulate climate, natural hazards, and pests.

As of March 2007, MSRB Index of Human Impact on Nature (HIoN), an index for calculating the full impact of human consumption and activities on Earth’s life support systems, stands at a terminally high level of 171.40. That is, the full human impact including his ecological footprint and the damage inflicted on the living environment as a result of his activities in the 12-month period ending March 2007 was 71.4 percent higher than the planet in its exponentially worsening condition can cope with.

Based on HIoN projections, by as early as 2015, our cities and population centers would become mostly unsustainable. Soon after, the collapse of the remaining ecosystems will end in omnicide.


Do you really wish to continue devouring your children, consuming the next generations and ending the future?

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