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The Weapons of Mass Disinformation

How the Mind Control Technicians Influence You

[“Dad, how come everyone in the school says dinosaurs lived a lot longer than 6,000 years ago?” ~ A kid under peer influence]

How often do you realize that your reaction to something you heard or saw was completely out of character and wonder what “possessed” you to react that way? Have you ever wondered how subliminal programming bypasses your conscious “gatekeeper” to influence your behavior, or decision-making process? Should you be concerned about the extent of the mind control programming and their methods of influence?

What Is an Effective Mind Control Program?

Purportedly, an effective mind control program, (i) works for all of the population, (ii) creates automatons that mindlessly “whir” when the programmers “click,” (iii) is delivered to the population with minimum effort and, (iv) remains virtually undetectable.

Meet Your Mind Control Technicians

Have you ever wondered who the technicians that control your mind are? Do you visualize them as men in black uniforms and dark glasses who drag you to an isolated warehouse and shoot an overdose of mind control drugs in your arm to force your compliance? How about the less conspicuous operators who invariably catch you off guard and manipulate your mind as you read the latest editorials, listen to doctored news reports, or watch a favorite TV program?

The most frequent episodes of mind conditioning, or mind control programming, involve “experts,” academics, scholars, TV presenters or journalists who otherwise operate in tandem as a mind control team. They often digitize subjects of public interest into the binary format and bully their audiences into the “either you are with me, or you are against me” corner creating a psychological “war zone” to prevent anyone escaping, as they mercilessly unleash their war of words.

[Note: Although the technicians often kowtow openly to their corporate employers, big money foundations, governments or other sources, their collective integrity remains mainly unchallenged.]

Anthropogenic Global Warming AND the “Official Version” of 9/11 Events

In a recent article about the cause of Global Warming, Technician “A” passionately argues in favor of the anthropogenic evidence debunking Technician “B,” who has previously denied the cause with equal zeal, despite the scientific evidence that firmly put the onus for the looming climatic holocaust on human activity.

On the surface, it seems a perfectly ordinary exercise for the duo raving about their adversarial positions on an important subject, though they incompletely understood the issues. A twist in the article, however, sounds the alarm bells in your mind as you continue reading. You get the familiar gut instinct that something is amiss. Sure enough, the real motives behind their war of words soon become clear as the arguments begin to unravel.

What does Global Warming have to do with the “official version” of the 9/11 events? “A” begins his article by arguing in support of anthropogenic cause of Global Warming, but simultaneously attempts to discredit the large body of evidence concerning the controlled demolition of the WTC towers (the Twin Towers and Building No. 7) on 9/11.

Interestingly, both technicians reflexively support the fatally flawed “official version” of the 9/11 events. Each technician has attempted repeatedly to debunk the 9/11 evidence in support of the “official version” with unprecedented fanaticism as if an overzealous priest under oath exorcising the devil from his demon-ridden congregation. Both technicians have also ridiculed the 9/11 researchers who believe domestic terrorists were responsible for the events. Their mockery of the “truthers,” as they sarcastically refer to the 9/11 researchers, however, is yet another desperate attempt meant to deter the newcomers from gaining an informed insight into the events.

Why does “A” jumble his Global Warming message together with a completely unrelated and incongruous subject? What is he trying to achieve by promoting the anthropogenic cause of Global Warming, while at the same time debunking the evidence of controlled demolition of WTC towers on 9/11? Why is he so keen on discrediting and humiliating himself as if undergoing brutal hazing in the initiation rites of an elite fraternity? Is he seeking a reward by trying to please his “prison guards” in ultimate acts of “commitment” to the “official version” of the 9/11 events?

Was the “Punch and Judy” script narrated by the two “Professors” in fact an episode of mind-control programming targeted at their audiences? How did it work?

The Contrast Principle

Technicians “A” and “B,” are applying the “contrast principle,” a well-established principle in psychophysics, to bring the Global Warming issue to the fore [only to be debunked later by other “experts”] at the expense of relegating the 9/11 events to the back, discouraging further discussion. The contrast principle, put simply, makes the PERCEIVED difference in weight, size, age, importance and so on, between two dissimilar items more pronounced than the ACTUAL difference. If one item is “new” and the other “old,” the contrast principle makes the perception of the age difference between the two greater, making the “old” item appear older. In this episode, the contrast principle makes also the perception of the first subject [anthropogenic cause of global warming] as more germane to the discussion than the second one [evidence of controlled demolition of WTC towers on 9/11.] Thus, the perception of the second subject becomes “unimportant,” even “irrelevant” in comparison.

The “importance” of the “old” subject is further undermined when the two technicians, who otherwise oppose each other on the “new” subject, to keep the debate fresh and ongoing, doom the “old” subject to a “both-sides-agree” finality by unanimously supporting the “official version” of the 9/11 events: “Case closed!”

Another powerful weapon in the mind-control arsenal applied in the episode is the rule of reciprocation. The rule carries awesome power and wins compliance in most situations. The technicians trigger a feeling of indebtedness by doing and uninvited favor for their subjects (readers or followers). If you dislike “B” because, for example, he is debauched, degenerate and completely ignorant of the subjects he writes about, or feel strongly against his distorted views on the cause of Global Warming, then Technician “A” has obligated you by doing an uninvited favor by way of vigorously attacking and debunking “B.”

Equally, if you dislike Technician “A” because he is a supercilious, immoral plagiarist, then “B” would do an uninvited favor by debunking “A”. You pay a price, however, to your favorite technician when your sense of obligation makes you reciprocate with him. You do a favor in return by way of concurring with his views on other issues, albeit deliberate misinformation or disinformation.

Escaping the Mind Traps

It would take an ever vigilant, highly analytical mind to escape the powerful mind traps. You can, however, avoid the automatic, stereotype behavioral thinking, sidestep the arsenal of mass disinformation weapons aimed at you and reject the “click” that would otherwise make you “whirr” into reciprocating with the mind control technicians. You can identify their deceptive script and reject the subliminal message in support of the fatally flawed “official version” of the 9/11 events by simply doing your own thinking!

by S.H. Saloor,
May 2007

[Update: September 2007. For his steadfast loyalty to the establishment, dutiful dissemination of disinformation and “commitment” to the fatally-flawed official version of 9/11 events, technician “A” recently received a host of awards including honorary degrees from government-controlled universities in the UK.]

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