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Part 5. Where Is All the Money?

The Death of Homo Sapiens Sapiens (Part 5)

Who Really Benefits from Cheap Oil: Where Is All the Money Going?

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Oil is the most convenient medium for creating ‘wealth.’ Oil is cheap because a ruthless cabal of highly motivated international gangsters decides its price.

In its quest for world dominion, the cabal employs a two-step mechanism to maximize power: First, the creation of enormous amounts of wealth through a deluge of cheap oil; second, the transfer of wealth from the large majority who created it to a tiny minoritythe cabal members who desperately crave supremacy.

Step One: Creating Wealth

The US GDP (purchasing power parity) was an estimated $12.98 trillion in 2006 [GDP calculated at official exchange rate: $13.22 trillion] or about 20 percent of the world’s total. Not surprisingly, America consumed about 25 percent of the world’s oil supplies in the same year.

What happened to all that wealth? What do the average Americans have to show for so much economic activity, especially in a milieu where their activities are working directly against their total welfare? [See Human Welfare in Part 3, above.]

The answer is debt, more debt and poverty! The ratio of household debt in the US has risen from 71 percent of disposable income in 1979 to 126 percent (third quarter of 2005). The current debt is 63 times higher than the 1957 ratio.

The outstanding public debt on 28 Feb 2007 at 02:56:38 am GMT flashed past $8,776,073,155,577.10 (8.78 trillion dollars) and is rising at a rate of $1.77 billion per day. [See the U.S. National Debt Clock ]

According to Grandfather Economic Report series, ‘Total America Debt’ is now $44 trillion. Total America Debt is “the sum of all recognized debt of federal, state & local governments, international, private households, business and domestic financial sectors, including federal debt to trust funds – but excludes the huge un-funded contingent liabilities of social security, government pensions and Medicare… [about] 68% ($30 trillion) of this debt was created since 1990…”

About 40 million Americans fall below the official poverty threshold (we have ruled them out as the beneficiaries of cheap oil). An analysis on poverty published by McClatchy Newspapers on February 26, 2007 reported: “The percentage of poor Americans who are living in severe poverty has reached a 32-year high, millions of working Americans are falling closer to the poverty line and the gulf between the nation’s ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ continues to widen.” One in 18 Americans resides in dire poverty.

The poverty rate for children in the United States is the highest among the industrialized countries (with the exception of New Zealand —already declared morally bankrupt). The living standard of the bottom 10% in the US was the second lowest among all developed nations (the United Kingdom, surprise, surprise, the only permanent member of Bush’s ‘coalition of the willing,’ had the lowest standard of living for its impoverished children in 2001).

Meanwhile, the nation’s ‘haves,’ or at least the middle class segment of the ‘haves,’ are quickly loosing their foothold on the ‘privilege’ rung of the ‘wealth’ ladder. Increasingly, fewer than 2 percent of Americans wake up every morning and recite blessings like, “thank you, Lord, for not making me a slave!” This is because the cabal’s narrow interests no longer coincide with the welfare of the middle class Americans (let alone most of the rest of the world population). In fact, any real or perceived benefits enjoyed thus far by the middle-class baby-boomers may well prove to be the necessary preparations (a ‘publicity stunt’) leading to the cabal’s endgame.

So, where is all the money going?

Step Two. War: The Fastest Means of Transferring Wealth

War is the second phase of the cabal’s two-step strategy for maximizing and transferring wealth and power. The wealth from cheap oil is ultimately transferred from the majority who created it to the tiny few cabal members through waging serial (permanent) wars.

In the previous fiscal year, forced addiction to war cost the Americans more than 1.2 trillion dollars. War Resistors ( reports that in the fiscal year 2008, the military spending will cost America at least $1,228 billion, or 51% of the $2,387 billion federal funds (the federal budget for fiscal 2008 including the outlays and deficit is $2,752 billion).

[What about public health, public education, public housing and the victims of hurricanes Katrina and Rita? “Who’s Rita?”]

The cabal’s power structure extends throughout the world and includes assets such as the world’s largest banks and multinational corporations; they control the movement of monetary exchange instruments, flow of oil and other natural resources globally.

In contrast to the debt and poverty in the U-S (and throughout the globe), the assets of the world’s top 25 banks rose to about $28 trillion or 41% of the aggregate assets of the world’s top 1000 banks (total assets: $68.54 trillion) in 2006. [Source:]

The cabal manipulates the price of oil according to its perceived interests via its ‘human’ assets, which include the ruthless rulers, autocratic regimes and degenerate ‘royal’ families throughout the oil-exporting world.

The malignant subordinates, appointed to positions of authority by the cabal, are heavily protected by armed forces. They respond to their minders purely for self-serving reasons and out of primeval fear of being ousted from power, or worse, being prosecuted for their crimes against humanity. To protect their self-interest and their skin, they sell oil at prices that promote the cabal’s monetary goals. [Ultimately, the sheikhs pay back most of the money they receive to buy arms!]

Their self-interests are diagonally opposite to the interest of their populace, 98% of the Americans and the majority of others throughout the world. They have little or no understanding of the ecosystems and show no concern for the welfare of humanity. They have become a major party to the crime of ecocide and must bear most of the responsibility for the collapsing ecosystems.

The malevolent regimes in the former pumping-stations-turned-states in the Gulf share a number of common features:

  • They are all expendable (if they disobey orders, or become redundant, the cabal would eliminate them.)
  • Former British protectorates, these states were granted ‘independence’ based on perpetual oil and mineral concessions whose terms and conditions were highly favorable to their protector and its assignees.
  • The regimes are undemocratic and rule through subjugation and tyranny and exercise power of life and death over their subjects.
  • They have extremely poor human rights records, and hide behind religious traditions.
  • They arm themselves to the teeth to shield against democracy, and to protect themselves against own subjects or the less fortunate groups elsewhere in the Arab world.
  • To protect their self-interest, they bend backward (or forward, if you will) to please their minders and thus stay in power.

The cabal’s relationship with their puppet regimes in the Gulf sheikhdoms is a class of symbiosis named mutualism where, in each case, both parties seemingly benefit and neither suffers. Their mutual benefit however excludes all other parties (e.g., own populace, the average U-S Citizen, U-S servicemen and women, and just about everyone else throughout the world).

The picture of how the symbiosis between the protected and their protectors works becomes clearer when these regimes are scrutinized in the light of the Iraqi experience, especially since the 1968 Ba’athist Coup. The cabal’s appointed strongman Saddam Hussein purchased billions of dollars worth of arms, committed genocide against his own people, waged a long war against Iran, invaded Kuwait and finally paved the way for the invasion of Iraq by the ‘coalition of the willing.’ As a result of Hussein’s services to the cabal as many as 4 million people were killed or maimed [and many more victims join the statistics daily] including Iraqis, Kurds, Iranians, Kuwaitis, Americans, British… and an estimated 2 trillion dollars (and growing) have been pocketed by the cabal. [Note, we are unable to determine a price for the life of each of the millions of individuals who have lost their lives or continue to fall victim to the cabal’s monetary interests.]

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