Planetary Rescue Operations [Filtered & blocked by Google!]

State of Our World

Ozone Hole Watch 2007 – another record year? [see largest ozone hole 2006]
Earth Observatory

Visible Earth
Global Warming
[NOAA] [WHRC] [Wiki]
Earth View [Earth Today]
UN Systemwide Earthwatch
IEA International Energy Agency
DOE US Department of Energy
EIA Energy Information Administration
UNDP UN Development Program
The Poverty Report
Human Development Report
Forbes List The World’s Richest People
UC Atlas of Global Inequality

MSRB condemns unequivocally all organizations that conduct military research, or support militarism and war.

Caution: All technical information and scientific data provided by US Government agencies (e.g., NASA, EPA…) are subject to sudden variation because of political expediency.

This caution also extends to the fidelity of the information provided by UN organizations (e.g., FAO, WHO…).

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