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Cancun Summit Backs Argentine Falklands Claim

Posted by msrb on February 24, 2010

32  Latin American and Caribbean leaders back Argentine claim to Falkland Islands

“What is the geographic, the political or economic explanation for England to be in Las Malvinas? Could it be because England is a permanent member of the UN’s Security Council where they can do everything and the others nothing?” Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (L) waves next to her Mexican counterpart Felipe Calderon before the inauguration of Latin American leaders summit in Cancun February 22, 2010. Credit: REUTERS/Daniel Aguilar. Image may be subject to copyright.

Latin American and Caribbean leaders at the Cancun Summit in Mexico have unanimously backed Argentine claim over the Falkland Islands, condemning oil drilling operations by a British company.

Desire Petroleum, a UK firm, began drilling for oil off the Falkland Islands yesterday despite strong objection by Argentina.

Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner had earlier ruled out any possibility of military action, saying that her country would pursue talks at the UN, and negotiate sovereignty with the UK.

The Argentine foreign minister is scheduled to to meet with the UN Secretary General in New York to pursue the diplomatic line.

The leaders of 32 Latin American and Caribbean nations yesterday pledged “backing for Argentina’s legitimate rights in its sovereignty dispute with the United Kingdom relating to the ‘Malvinas Question.'”

Their statement has reportedly urged the two governments to “renew negotiations in order to find in the shortest time possible a just, peaceful and definitive solution to the dispute.

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has asked  the UN to debate Argentina’s sovereignty claim to the Falkland Islands, asking: “What is the geographic, the political or economic explanation for England to be in Las Malvinas?”

“Could it be because England is a permanent member of the UN’s Security Council [where] they can do everything and the others nothing?”

Meanwhile,  the 32 leaders of the Rio Group and the Caribbean Community (Caricom) agreed in Mexico  to set up a new regional bloc without the US and Canada,  an alternative to the Organization of American States (OAS), which has been the dominant forum for the Americas’ affairs in the past 50 years.

The OAS has often been criticized, However, for promoting US interests.

The two-day regional summit, which ended February 23, was hosted by Mexico in the beach resort of Cancun.

What the leaders said at the summit:

  • “[The proposed new bloc] must as a priority push for regional integration… and promote the regional agenda in global meetings”, Mexican President Felipe Calderon.
  • “[Cuba applauds the announcement as a historic move toward] the constitution of a purely Latin American and Caribbean regional organization.”
  • Venezuela  supports the proposal because it enables Latin America to move  away from the US “colonizing” of the region.
  • “This should not be an effort that would replace the OAS, ” A US State Department official, Arturo Valenzuela, said.
  • “It’s very important that we don’t try to replace the OAS [because] the OAS is a permanent organization that has its own functions.” Chile’s President-elect Sebastian Pinera said.
  • We propose that the new organization begin operating in July 2011, Bolivian President Evo Morales said.
  • Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner said she was “very happy” with her achievements at the Summit.

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Sadly… Obama

Posted by msrb on September 9, 2009

Quote for the Day: Hope, But No Chance!

Sadly, the arrival of Obama brought with it a lot of hope, but little change … —Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela

Chavez said in an interview with Le Figaro, a French newspaper, that he sought more transparency from the United States on its foreign policy, adding that he was disappointed by the U.S. activities in South America, including the installation of South America.

Concerning the Israeli genocide against Palestinian people, Mr Chavez said:

“The question is not whether the Israelis want to exterminate the Palestinians. They’re doing it openly.”

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Bolivia, Venezuela Break Ties with Israel

Posted by msrb on January 15, 2009

The blog Moderators salute the brave people and leaders of Bolivia and Venezuela for breaking diplomatic ties with illegitimate Jewish state


Bolivian President Evo Morales said his country is cutting diplomatic ties with Israel, describing the Israeli slaughter in Gaza “genocide.”

“Considering these grave attacks against … humanity, Bolivia will stop having diplomatic relations with Israel.” Morales said in a speech to foreign diplomats in the government palace yesterday. “The crimes committed by the Israeli government affect peace and stability in the world,” said Morales.

These South American leaders are morally superior to their US, European, Japanese, and Arab counterparts! L to R:   Hugo Chávez, Fidel Castro and Evo Morales. [Photo credit: Wikipedia User: Salvador1248. GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or later versions.]


Venezuela broke off diplomatic relations with Israel, a week after it expelled the Israeli ambassador in Caracas and seven embassy staff members.

A Foreign Ministry statement said Wednesday that Venezuela “has decided to break off diplomatic relations with the state of Israel given the inhumane persecution of the Palestinian people.”

The Palestinian death toll in the Gaza Strip reached 1,027 with at least 4,700 others injured by Wednesday, as the Israeli offensive entered its 19th consecutive day, the Ministry of Health in Gaza said. Ten Israeli soldiers and three “civilians” have reportedly been killed.


A Kuwaiti MP called for moving Arab League headquarters from Cairo to Caracas after Venezuela expelled the Israeli ambassador because of the Jewish state’s onslaught on the Gaza Strip.

“I call for moving the Arab League from Cairo to Caracas,” MP Waleed al-Tabtabai said during a special session in parliament concerning the Israeli offensive. “[Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez] has proved that he was more Arab than some Arabs.” [Perhaps “human” or “morally superior” would have been more appropriate adjectives. Moderator]

He criticized Egypt,  which hosts the headquarters of the 22-member Arab League, for “refusing to open the Rafah” border to allow the passage of food and medical supplies to the battered Palestinian territory, AFP reported.

“Egypt, Jordan and Mauritania, the only Arab countries to have diplomatic ties with the Jewish state, have ignored public calls to expel Israeli diplomats. An Israeli trade office in Qatar also remains open.”

Another Kuwaiti MP, Ahmad Lari, urged Kuwaitis to donate one month of their salaries to the Palestinians in Gaza.


Source: BBC UK

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Fuel and Food Strikes Flare in South Korea

Posted by msrb on June 16, 2008

Fuel and Food Strikes Spreads to South Korea

About 18,000 operators of construction machinery went on strike in South Korea on Monday demanding cheaper fuel and higher pay, joining thousands of truckers who began their strike last week.

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak. Lee may be forced to resign in the coming weeks.

The strikers are also angry over the policies of the new President Lee Myung-bak, who came to office amid a landslide victory in December, but has since become increasingly unpopular because of a decision to resume imports of U.S. beef.

Protesters chant slogans at a candlelight vigil on a street leading to the U.S. embassy and the presidential Blue House in central Seoul June 10, 2008. REUTERS/Lee Jae-Won.
Image may be subject to copyright. See PRO Fair Use Notice!

There have been waves of street protest in the recent weeks demanding the government to repeal of the U.S. beef deal. The South Koreans are concerned about the threats of mad cow disease associated with the US beef.

Adding to the pressure, the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions is expected to call on its 600,000 members to stage a walkout against Lee’s privatization and pension reform plans, Reuters reported.

The strikes have so far cost Korea $3.5 billion, the commerce ministry said.

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Could Food and Fuel Riots Break Out Across the U.S.?

Posted by msrb on June 13, 2008

Update: More Fuel Strikes Flare Across Europe

Europe Fuel Protests Turn Deadly

Two truck drivers were killed in fuel protests in Spain and Portugal, while a third driver received serious burn in a suspected arson attack.

The imapct of haulers’ strike is now being felt throughout the Spanish and Portuguese economies.

In Spain the country’s 18 car factories are running out of parts and fuel. The car industry accounts for about 5 percent of Spain’s GDP.

As the blockade continues in the European nations, consumers rush to stockpile food and fuel causing severe shortages in some areas.

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Pinheads in the House: Fanning Oil Chaos

Posted by terres on May 22, 2008

Summited by a member

The pinheads in the House of Reps. make even White House look “smart!”

House passes bill to sue OPEC over oil prices

The House of Representatives voted 324-84 to approve legislation allowing the Justice Department to sue OPEC members for not pumping out enough oil. The White House has reportedly threatened to veto the bill.

“This bill guarantees that oil prices will reflect supply and demand economic rules, instead of wildly speculative and perhaps illegal activities,” said Democratic Rep. Steve Kagen of Wisconsin, who sponsored the legislation.

Just exactly what are the supply and demand economic rules in a political economy, Rep. Kagen of Wisconsin? I bet you don’t have a single clue what you are talking about.

Uncle Sam: I Want You, Your Oil, ‘n Your Money!

Uncle Sam’s Drinking Habits and the OPEC Dimwits

Lo and behold, the good ol’ lynch mob [the House of Representatives] is out to get someone: The bartender [OPEC], no less!

They are desperate to hang the bartender, not because he had Uncle Sam smashed out of his tiny head by giving him too much to drink; they are lynching him because he refused to serve more of “them devil’s brew” to the usual clientèle who would never leave the bar sober: The runaway economy, the corporations from hell and the rest of the morons who are so addicted to their waste-intensive lifestyles they wouldn’t know their sustainable energy sh*t from Shinola.

Weak dollar and inflation are eating out the heart of the system; the cars are getting thirstier than ever before [and a hell of a lot more of them hit the roads each day;] Mrs Rabbit is breeding too many bunnies, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 even 9 bunnies a throw; the bunnies diets are getting more exotic, they’d no longer settle for carrots; four times as many lambs air-cruise today as they did a decade or so ago; Exxon [Valdeez] Mobil and other oil monsters broke all their previous profit records.

But all of those factors put together couldn’t possibly play more than a minor part in the overall picture. They could probably account for 5-10 percent of the price rise. That’s child’s play when compared to the wholesale fleecing of an entire flock of marsupial boneheads by Wall Street speculators. How do they do it?


The oil price is rising rapidly because of the uncertainty created by the US military presence in the Gulf. The continued occupation of Iraq, the threat of war [true or false] against Iran and Syria [fed by the frenzy created by the free media, trusted journalist prima donna and venerable “ex-CIA” political activists] and the implied warning of a US military takeover in Saudi Arabia, in case their ruling regime loses favor with its own people, are the main drivers for the rapid price rise. [The perils of a possible regional war in South America, waged by US-backed Colombia against Venezuela, and fears of supply disruptions in Nigeria also help increase the uncertainty factor.] Who created the chaos in the first place? The Prez and the Congress, of course! And who is responsible for the rapidly rising oil prices? It is the OPEC, stupid!

Gotta strike while the iron is hot!

Who else can we sue, while the proverbial iron is still hot, Rep. Kagen of Wisconsin? I know, let’s sue the pants off the National Corn Growers Association. Just look at the mess they have created. So what they are producing overcapacity? It’s not enough! Look at price of corn, $6 dollars a bushel and there isn’t nearly enough of it going around to feed the poor. [Stay clear of any absurd argument about the obscene amounts of grains wasted to produce ethanol. Why, don’t you drive a car? Start with the ethanol and you’ll end up in a feedlot looking a red heifer in the eye.]

Uncle Sam Supplying the World with Berry Brothers Hard Oil Finish, chromolithographic print c. 1880.

OPEC: Damned if they do; damned if they don’t!

It’s very difficult to sympathize with some of the OPEC members, for example, Saudi Arabia. But to blame OPEC for the inebriated Uncle Sam’s bladder mishaps goes an extra mile and a half beyond the Reps. standard milestone of hypocrisy.

In the first three months of 2008, the five companies Exxon Mobil, ConocoPhillips, Shell Oil, Chevron and BP America earned $36 billion.

Exxon [Valdeez] Mobil made a profit of $1,504 per second in the first quarter of 2008. That’s stealing an additional 43 cents a day [each and every day] from each US citizen [woman, man and child,] thanks to Wall Street speculators. But even Exxon knows that level of corporate racketeering is unsustainable. That’s the stuff riots are made of.

Do the Reps. dare upset their old paymasters, the oil monsters like Exxon? Of course not. Can they afford to point a finger at Wall Street? Not a chance. Or mess with their own future by saying something stupid like healthy economy, renewable energy, or other scary stuff like that? No way!

The ol’ lynch mob have eyed their “nigga,” and are about to unleash the bloodhounds.

With a bunch of remarkable idiots making moronic queen-of-hearts laws for the greatest flock of sheeple on Earth, is it any wonder the world is teetering precariously on the brink of catastrophe?

What Others Say

[ Updated May 24, 2008 ]

JOAN CLAYBROOK, president of Public Citizen, said: “You are paying sky-high prices at the gas pump because the barons of ‘big oil’ have bushwacked the American people. With the help of major league lobbyists and the high-ranking politicians receptive to them, oil companies are earning enormous profits through a combination of anti-competitive practices — including market manipulation — made even easier by the wave of recent oil company mergers and the government’s outrageously weak regulatory oversight.

“Every time you buy gas, you know you are being price-gouged, but did you know that, for every gallon of gas you buy, you are being charged an extra 70 cents — at least — that is related purely to market speculation and not a function of supply-and-demand? The oil barons not only get away with this, they use their considerable influence to prevent the passage of meaningful fuel economy legislation, further squeezing consumers by ensuring automakers will continue to build gas-guzzling cars.”

Steve Kretzmann, Founder, Oil Change International, said: “In their testimony about high gasoline prices, top oil executives repeatedly ducked questions about gas prices, demanded access to more drilling, and could not tell Senators how much they earn. Not a single suggestion came from the oil executives that will lower gas prices. There’s a reason for that, which is that the only answer is one they don’t want to discuss — an urgent transition to renewable energy.

“We could drill every last inch of Alaska, the Rocky Mountains, and our coasts and it would barely make a dent in supply or prices. Congress needs to stop this political theater and get serious about the transition to renewable forms of energy. So far, they’re continuing to lavish the industry with billions in subsidies, while receiving millions from the industry in campaign contributions.”

Nadine Bloch, field director with Oil Change International, said: today: “I was arrested in the Senate hearing room yesterday for demanding a Separation of Oil and State. We can’t drill our way out of this problem. We need to get Big Oil money out of our Congress.” [Source]

Jeroen van der Veer, CEO, Shell, second largest oil monster in the world, said: “What we say and what we see is there are no physical shortages […] There are no tankers waiting in the Middle East, there are no cars waiting at gasoline stations because they are out of stock. This has to do with psychology in the markets and you cannot forecast psychology.” (Source)

[Update: May 28, 2008 ]

Deborah Fineman [via Ralph Nader,] president of Mitchell Supreme Fuel Co. in Orange, New Jersey: “Energy markets have been dictated for too long by hedge funds and speculators, who artificially manipulate the numbers for their own benefit. The current market isn’t based on the sound principles of supply and demand but it is being rigged by companies and speculators who are jacking up prices for their own greed.”

Harry C. Johnson [via Ralph Nader,] former banker and oil executive said, “some industry experts, who profit greatly from the high price of crude, and have stated openly that the worldwide economic price of crude, absent speculators, would be around $50 to $60 per barrel.

Ralph Nader: “Oil was at $50 a barrel in January 2007, then $75 a barrel in August 2007. Now at $130 or so a barrel, it is clear that oil pricing is speculative activity, having very little to do with physical supply and demand. An essential product—petroleum—is set by speculators operating on rumor, greed, and fear of wild predictions. ”

“A sane government would drop all subsidies and tax loopholes for Big Oil’s huge profits and other fossil fuels and promote a national mission to solarize our economy to achieve major savings from energy conservation technology, retrofitting buildings, and upgrading efficiency standards for motor vehicles, home appliances, industrial engines and electric generating plants.

“Those are the permanent ways to achieve energy independence, reduce our trade deficit, create good jobs that can’t be exported and protect the environmental health of people and nature.

“Those are the reforms and advances that a muscular consumer, worker and small business revolt can focus on in the coming weeks.

“What say you, America?”

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