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Demand Answers From Chinese Govt

Posted by msrb on September 26, 2008

Up to five percent of infants in Shanghai could have kidney stones after drinking tainted milk formula

“A recent citywide health check of children under three years old showed about five percent were diagnosed with symptoms of possible kidney stones after being fed contaminated powdered milk,” the China Daily reported.

China’s Health Ministry has not provided any update on the casualty figures for a week.

The World Demands to Know

1. How many infants, babies and children have died after drinking contaminated baby formula/milk/milk products?

2. What are the numbers of infants, babies, children who are sickened after being fed tainted baby formula? How many more are likely to die?

3. What is the Government of China doing to protect Chinese babies from tainted milk and other contaminated foodstuff, and prevent the export of deadly products to other countries, in the future?

4. Why hasn’t the Chinese Government prosecuted the 7 directors and other executives of Sanlu-Fonterra joint venture on the charges of corporate manslaughter, homicide?

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