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Chinese, New Zealand contaminated milk powder kills two

Posted by msrb on September 15, 2008

Update : Sanlu Was First Banned in 2004, then Reinstated

Submitted by a Reader:

Two Dairy Giants Join Forces, Babies Start Dying

Breaking News [09:06UTC]: At least a second infant died today from consuming Sanlu-Fonterra milk powder. The casualty toll now includes at least 1,253 babies sickened, with 340 hospitalized, 53 in serious condition.

Tainted Chinese imports are of course common in the US, Japan and other countries.  Many products including dangerous toys, melamine-contaminated food, fake medicine, tainted dietary supplements, toxic cosmetics and dangerous toys leaving Chinese factories invariably find their way into the US. See Below for a selected list of the tainted imports.

New Zealand, on the other hand, has one of the poorest standards of food hygiene in the developed world. As for Fonterra, New Zealand’s dairy giant,  they have previously been caught red-handed conducting deceptive business practices.

In 2005, Fonterra Limited, a leading multinational dairy company of New Zealand bought the major share of the Australian company. From then the New Zealand Dairy Products Ltd, the local distributor of Fonterra Ltd started marketing of the Red Cow and Diploma brands of powdered-milk. But, the New Zealand Dairy Products Ltd has been marketing both the brands of powdered-milk printing the ‘Product of Australia’ on the packets, which is totally false. Due to this false claim, both buyers and consumers are being cheated by purchasing New Zealand’s [lower quality, cheaper] product in the name of [higher quality more expensive] Australian product.

New Zealand’s Fonterra is the largest marketer of dairy products in the world, exporting 90% of its total production to 120 countries. Fonterra has total revenues of NZ$12.3 billion (US$8.5 billion) in 2005.

The Facts About the Latest Tragedy:

  • The powdered milk production is a joint venture between New Zealand Fonterra and China’s Sanlu group. Fonterra is not just a minority shareholder.
  • Sanlu received complaints about the sick infants as early as March 3, 2008.
  • The FDA (and just about everyone else in the world with access to Internet) knew as early as April 2007 that food ingredients imported from China were tainted with melamine. How could Fonterra, the largest marketer of dairy products in the world, claim ignorance about melamine contamination of food products in China?
  • Fonterra claims they only found out about melamine content of their milk powder on August 2, 2008. Not withstanding the previous point, why did it take 40 days to have the product removed [and only partially] from the retail shelves?
  • New Zealand has total contempt for Asians, especially the Vietnamese, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese and Indians. New Zealand establishment considers the “yellow,” “brown,” and other “colored” races as non-human. During the Vietnam war, WMDs manufactured in New Zealand, including Agent Orange, and New Zealand soldiers were used to commit genocide against the North Vietnamese. In the past few weeks at least 4 Chinese women were killed in New Zealand, and the body of another dead Korean was discovered.
  • New Zealand’s senior SIS agent in China, “Y,” informed both the ethically-challenged New Zealand PM, Helen Clark, and its “multiple minister,” the morally-castrated Phil Goff, about the tainted baby formula incident, possibly by as early as march 5, 2008.
  • Fonterra, their directors [and New Zealand Government] have committed corporate manslaughter.

Brief History of Tainted Imports from China

June 2007. Chinese-made toothpaste found was containing diethylene glycol, a poison used in some antifreeze, in mainland US, Puerto Rico and Canada.

November 2007. Chinese-made toys sold by Australia-based Moose Enterprises contained  a powerful chemical which turned into a toxic “date rape” drug when eaten.

In the past few years there have been numerous recalls of Chinese-made toy because they contained lead paint or tiny detachable pieces that kids could swallow.

December 2007. Frozen Chinese gyoza dumplings laced with pesticide sold in Japan made a dozen people seriously ill. Japanese  government refused to disclose what it knew about source of the poisoning. Only after many people in China were taken ill from consuming the same product supplied by the same Chinese manufacture in July/August 2008 did the full facts surface. The incident may have been a major factor in forcing Japan PM Fukuda to resign.

(September 2008) Mikasa Foods Co., an Osaka-based wholesaler, which sold Chinese imported “industrial-use” rice unfit for human consumption [the rice contained excessive levels of the pesticide methamidophos] to food manufacturers, will fire its entire workforce of about 100 employees because of fallout from the scandal, Japan’s Asahi Shimbun reported.

“In four months, FDA refused 298 shipments,” Washington Post wrote in May 2007. The products included:
tainted milk powder.

  • Contaminated duck eggs, pork and seafood.
  • Dangerous children’s wear
  • Dried apples preserved with a cancer-causing chemical.
  • Frozen catfish pumped with banned antibiotics.
  • Scallops and sardines coated with putrefying bacteria.
  • Mushrooms laced with illegal pesticides.

“The Food and Drug Administration detained more than 100 food imports from China at U.S. ports in April 2007.” The FDA rejection document cited the following reasons for rejection:

  • “Filthy”  fruits, juices and extracts
  • Fruits including prunes tinted with dangerous chemical dyes
  • Frozen shrimp treated with nitrofuran, a cancer-causing antibacterial.
  • Poisonous swordfish.

Various melamine-tainted food items were also rejected because they were dangerous for human/animal consumption.

Among the tainted imports were:

Pet food ingredients spiked with a potentially dangerous” chemicals which arrived in the US including pet food, and animal feed for chicken, hogs and farmed fish. After numerous pet deaths were attributed to the chemical, the FDA called for a series of recalls and quarantines beginning in March.

Previous Milk Powder Incidents:

(BBC 20 April 2004) Dozens of Chinese babies are said to have died from malnutrition in the past year after being fed fake or inferior-quality baby milk powders. According to official media reports, up to 200 babies who were fed formula milk of little nutritional value were affected. Local media said some of the babies developed what doctors called “big head disease”, where infants’ heads appear abnormally large in comparison to their bodies.

(Medical News Today, April 2004) It is not uncommon in China for some companies to sell products such as fake rice or medicine to people.

(Xinhua, April 2004) The inspection showed 45 types of substandard milk powder were sold on the retail market in Fuyang City. They were produced by 141 factories149 brands. Heilongjiang, Zhejiang, Shandong, Hebei, Hubei and Jiangxi provinces, Beijing and Shanghai municipalities and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

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