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Denying the “Deniers”

Posted by msrb on May 12, 2009

submitted by Semitic reader

Benedict XVI: Pope The Irrelevant

Image of the Day: Kowtowing to the Blackmailers

pope at yadvasheem
Pope Benedict XVI is shown during a ceremony in the Hall of Remembrance at Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem May 11, 2009. Pope Benedict on Monday said at Israel’s memorial to [many] Jews killed by Nazi Germany that their suffering must never be denied. On the floor are seen names of concentration camps. (UPI Photo/Ziv Koren/Pool). Image may be subject to copyright.

From 1945 and up to 1987, about 76,000,000 people have been murdered in cold blood by one regime or another. Add another 10 -14 million people since then, to get a grand total of about 90 million killed.

Has Pope the Irrelevant, ever told any of the 90 million victims of genocide and democide “that their suffering must never be denied?”

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